Deputy crashes cruiser

Sergeant and prisoner taken to hospitals after wreck.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 26, 2013


A Huron County sheriff's deputy and prisoner were injured early Wednesday in a one-vehicle crash on Ohio 162 near Mill Road in Greenfield Township.

Sgt. Todd Corbin was transporting Telisha M. Washington, 24, of Berlin Heights, from the scene of a traffic stop at Ohio 99 and Greenfield Road when Corbin's cruiser exited the roadway to avoid striking a deer and crashed.

"We don't have many other details about the crash," Sheriff Dane Howard said. "The state Highway Patrol is handling the incident. Chief Deputy Ted Patrick has been assigned the internal investigation."

The crash took place about 1:55 a.m.

The Highway Patrol reported Wednesday Corbin was traveling eastbound on Ohio 162 when his cruiser swerved to avoid striking a deer. The cruiser traveled off the right side of the road, came back on to the roadway, went off the left side of the roadway, coming to rest in a field.

Charges are pending, according to Trooper Bryan Dail's report.

Corbin was transported from the scene by troopers to Fisher-Titus Medical Center where he was treated and released.

Washington was taken to Mercy Willard Hospital by Willard EMS where she was reportedly treated and released.

"They had bumps and bruises," Patrick said.

Washington was originally a passenger in a vehicle driven by Jeremiah D. Brogan, 24, of Collins, which was stopped by Deputy Shannon Lyons at Ohio 99 and Greenfield Road.

During that traffic stop, Brogan pulled his vehicle into a residential driveway and he and Washington attempted to flee on foot, Patrick said.

"The male subject, Brogan, was ordered to the ground and did not comply," Patrick said. "So, he was taken to the ground and apprehended.

"Washington fled as well and was found about 20 yards away," Patrick said.

Corbin arrived to assist with prisoner transport.

Brogan was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, speeding, failure to comply with the orders of a police officer and obstructing official business. Lyons transported him to the county jail.

"We're having the damage evaluated to the cruiser to see if it can be repaired," Howard said. "Overall, we're thankful. This could have been a whole lot worse."

Washington was charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication.



soooo... this officer is going to get charged with failure to control his vehicle just like any other citizen would have correct?


Yeah, really...hit the deer instead and let it come through the windshield and decapitate ya. The car still wrecks.


yes, really. when a person skids on black ice that they had no physical way of seeing or predict and end up in a ditch they get cited for failure to control. so it's only right for a cop to get cited for the same shenanigans.

p.s. if you're going to hit a deer, speed up. it'll roll up the hood and off the windshield instead of flying through it... gotta love physics and myth-busters. upward force of the roll up the hood.


I have been in a pick-up/deer collision. They come from nowhere. Like you have time to speed up or hit the brakes?

I want to see the person who has that split second thinking ability.




Sgt. Corbin probably will receive a citation/ticket as he is not one of the chosen few of the administration. Others at the S.O. have been in similar incidents and no report or citation was ever issued.


My daddy always told me not to swerve...... Ya might end up wreck'n!


I hope that the Sheriff's Office and State Patrol do not try and brush this under the table. Corbin has been a loose cannon since he has returned from the war and is always driving like a maniac. Something needs to be done ASAP with this guy before he hurts someone else...


You obviously have no idea who you are speaking of....With Sgt. Corbin what you see is what you get: an exceptional deputy and, even more, an exceptional human being. Apparently, you are one of two things, 1) A jealous wannabe with no life of your own, or 2) A convenient post from the administration who has added Sgt. Corbin to the target list.

Corbin is above board. Next time instead of trying to slander him behind a screen, take your comments directly to him, in person :)

Yall Make Me Sick

Could not agree with you more VerbalKint! Jumparound 77 PLEASE get your facts straight before you go throwing someone who is a great officer person husband & father under the bus or by disrespecting their name! He's NOT like the other officers at the HCSO!! The war did not jack him up either. If you've done something and got arrested by him suck it up & don't do it again & you stop being the "loose cannon"! Idiotic people I swear!!!!

Everyone is fam...

You never swerve to miss an animal. How many decapitations by deer do you hear about versus loss of control and serious injury by swerving? Not only can you injure yourself far worse, but swerving can involve other vehicles in the accident. Swerving especially at a high rate of speed makes the steering wheel of the vehicle react a lot quicker and causes loss of control very quickly.

Fibber Mcgee

Avoiding a deer? yep! I believe that one...


Until you have been in that situation .... Really need to keep quiet. Everything tells you in your head not to swerve but instincts and reflexes take over. Glad everyone is ok

Everyone is fam...

Easy there Tiger. I have been in that situation. Instinct or not, it's a simple fact. Yes, people swerve all the time...I get that. My point is, it's not the safe thing to do and you're safer to hit the animal. In no way am I faulting anyone. Someone above said something about being decapitated by a deer. I'm sure somewhere in history that has happened, but not as often as people being injured by swerving. And just like you, everyone else can state their thoughts.


I know not to swerve but when 3 doe ran out in front of me in less than a second, I swerved to miss them.

Lay off Corbin, he is a great deputy.

Accidents happen.


I love how everybody in this town is so perfect. "Oh, if it were me, I'd hit the deer because you're not supposed to swerve." B.S.! I know what I've been TOLD...not to swerve, just hit the thing. Well, I'm pretty sure human instinct would take over and I'd probably swerve. Get over yourselves all you perfect people who never make mistakes.

Everyone is fam...

Like I said above. It's a simple fact. Heck yeah I've swerved. We all have. My point was being decapitated by a deer is far less likely than killing yourself or someone else when you swerve. It seems like there is an epidemic of someone sh@&ing in cornflakes this morning. Everyone's knickers are in a pucker. Breathe. It'll be ok!


I'll be okay tomorrow at 5:00 lol!


I agree with Swiftshot-You can say all you want but unless you're in that situation, you just don't know what you will do. It might have been worse for him to hit the deer...who really knows?

Mrs. Jones

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Mrs jones u r a idiot for saying that Corbin was called to a scene to transport a person cause that person obviously done something wrong and u say good job and they should sue what a dumb idiot!!!!!!


They sure do destroy a lot of cruisers in the Sheriffs department! Let's ask the County for more cash!
Oh yea, ... then spend it on something else.


I have to agree with you. Seems there isn't much continuing education on defensive/safe driving especially in light of the last few years.


I'd like to know what kind of insurance they keep on these cars. I'd like to think the keep some kind of replacment cost on them or something like that.


This guy has been a disaster since he returned from the war. I knew Todd before he went and without a doubt is not the same human being. Guy needs to be evaluated before something BAD happens!


He was evaluated awhile back and was cleared for duty. Your going to have to come up with something else.


Dusty I'm thinking this "person" is a sign of what's to come: So many of the S.O.'s finest have been pushed out, left or want to leave. Now that Sgt. Corbin is in the path of the bus I think these type of false accusations are what the admin will try to use to get rid of him.


I agree, it the old "Paper Trail" trick. This will just be another blemish in his file whan they think they got enough they will get rid of him. Kinda sad he's one of the few I have any respect for.


77: You provide nothing relevant or cite specific facts but only sling have no credibility whatsoever. Dozens of coworkers and hundreds of friends and family will disagree with you. Were you busted by the Sgt., a jealous wannabe or part of the admin? Either way, get over it and yourself and try to do something good today, just one little itty bitty bit of good, think you can handle that?


Why was he evaluated? Obviously somebody else thought something was wrong with this loose cannon....