Willard woman killed in crash

Daughter, 7, injured and flown to Toledo hospital.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jun 25, 2013


The Ohio State Highway Patrol is currently investigating a two-vehicle fatal crash which occurred at 11:08 a.m. Tuesday at the intersection of U.S. 224 at Ohio 587 in Loudon Township in Seneca County.

A 2011 Freightliner Commercial Semi Truck driven by Bryan K. Hughes, 34, of 32 North Leutz Road Lot 36, Oak Harbor was traveling westbound on U.S. 224.

Victoria N. McKelvey, 38, of 810 Dale Ave., Willard was traveling southbound on Ohio 587 in a 2003 Pontiac Vibe. Also in McKelvey's vehicle was the left rear passenger, Electa McKelvey, 7, of Willard.

Hughes was traveling westbound on U.S. 224 approaching the intersection of Ohio 587. McKelvey was traveling southbound on Ohio 587 when she ran the stop sign and struck the Freightliner. McKelvey was pronounced dead at the scene by Seneca County Coroner Mark J. Akers. Electa McKelvey was taken by Life Flight to St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

McKelvey was not wearing her seatbelt and was ejected from the vehicle. Her daughter was in a child booster seat but, it was not secured properly at the time of the crash.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol was assisted on scene by the Seneca County Sheriff's Department, Bascom Fire and EMS, ODOT, and Life Flight.

U.S. 224 remained closed for about three hours while emergency responders were on scene and a detour was set up by ODOT.



This is so sad and breaks my heart :(...This ladies husband was my boss and she was such a nice lady and their little girl is such a little sweetheart.


ya, but from a guy who see's it all the time.. shake my head and first guess..should have been looking up, instead of down on lap at phone..shame all the same. I constantly see people driving looking down and playing with there phone on their lap... I am not sure if this is the case?? but i am sure of one thing i really believe the no texting laws are NOT working, atleast before people would hold them up in front...maybe just maybe see alittle in front of them at same time.. people are going to continue until a blocks all signals. (but that will never work because of passenger or emergency) but now everyone keeps there phone down and hid....Are there eyes on the road at all this way?

Concerned For A...

It is really sad. But Truckin has a huge point. My husband drives truck. There have been countless times I have seen people have near death experiences with our truck because they don't pay attention. Talking or texting on a cell phone, or one of my favorites...cutting off a semi then slamming on their brakes! People putting on make up, lets not forget reading a book while on the highway. I have seen state troopers texting while doing 70 miles an hour. And this driver could lose his career because he was hit. My prayers go out to her family, especially her little girl. This is what happens people, pay attention!


so sad
praying for family and friends


There could be a different reason why Victoria didn't stop for the stop sign. Maybe she wasn't familiar with the area and didn't see it, or maybe a mechanical failure. I don't know, none of us were in the car with her. The point is instead of blaming someone that isn't here to defend herself why not focus on the fact that a good person lost her life. There is a sweet little girl that will never see her mommy again. Please let's spend our time sending thoughts and prayers to her daughter, husband, parents and the rest of her family. My thoughts and prayers are definitely with them. Victoria you will be missed.


A fatal crash that could have been prevented through the use of wearing a seat belt. Very sad indeed.


Curious as to why she was headed from Fostoria towards New Riegel? Looking at google earth there are stop signs on each side of the road and the right side has LED's with clear view in both directions.