Monroeville going back to the voters

School district to re-request levy renewal in November.
Aaron Krause
Jun 27, 2013


Monroeville Local Schools will ask voters again in November to renew its permanent improvement levy.

Unofficial election results on election night in May indicated the renewal had passed. But after elections officials counted provisional ballots, they discovered voters had defeated the ballot measure.

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And again, I will vote no. Stop trying to put the burden of all on the few. Increase the income tax I'll vote for it. Increase my property taxes I'll vote it down every time.


DUH! Either way you will end up paying . . . well, unless you are on welfare.


DUH! One way I pay and so does everyone else. The property tax way the burden is placed soley on those who are responsible, work hard, save their money, and invest in a home for their future. I pay far more in income tax than I ever did in property tax but I don't mind because everyone is paying not just those who own property.


Attention M. District. Want your levy passed? Make it fair for all the citizenry. That means retired & landed gentry must pay too. They can afford more than the working poor.


The retired SS People paid for their children.If those crooks like LBJ hadn't robbed the treasury and replaced with worthless bonds, we could afford to pay !


We gave you the income tax. first time it failed and you began a $25 pay to play fee. No big deal I suppose, but when it passed the next time, with my help, you kept the $25 pay to play fee. you stated that some, three, levies would expire. since, you actually added another one, and like the income tax levy, it is for the roof and other things. I need to see the 3 levies that came off. The school is going got be messed up, to say the least. Teachers retiring, 5 I think this year, one next year. 3 of them stated that they are sick of teaching with the government junk thrown down our throats. More programs and test that even this new super loves to promote. Cafeteria head leaving. Bus garage mechanic quitting. Hate to give up the job where he only goes 100 yards to work, but the way the heads are, he probably hates the hades out of his job. Need 5 teachers, one who turned down the job, considered it an unfair junk job. A bus mechanic. A cafeteria head. No rec director (pays $10 an hour). And a new super. All this change. Many years ago I fought the one big new school levy with a 5 page letter and a can of veggies in a Wal-Mart bag in your driveway. this time, I'm fighting it with all my might. Giver me back my $25 and my income tax levy. You've ruined the school and the town. Come on new super...I'm ready for a fight. And by the way, no promoting or teaching my kids it's cool to be gay with gender discovery books or whatever. It'll be a different sort of fight then. It's time the majority took back this country.