Teen girl accuses boy of rape

Edison High School student reportedly drove to his parents' house and made fellow student perform sexual acts on him.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jun 21, 2013


Prosecutors will review the rape allegation of an Edison High School student.

Detectives with the Erie County Sheriff's Office have interviewed a 16-year-old boy accused of raping a teenage girl multiple times at his family's Milan Township home, Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said. The girl's mother reported the allegations Monday.

"This matter has been investigated and has been referred to the prosecutor's office to see if criminal charges are warranted," Oliver said.

The girl reported getting a ride with the boy in May while under the impression they were going out to eat. Instead, the suspect reportedly drove them to his parents' house while they were away and made her perform sexual acts on him in his parked car near the residence, according to a deputy's report.

Oliver said the suspected incidents happened over the course of about the last six months.

"They are high-school age. They both are students in the Edison school district," the sheriff's spokesman said.

The girl said she didn't report the alleged rapes because she was afraid and didn't want the suspect's friends to harass her, according to a deputy's report.



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in my opinion, I'm thinking the girl was telling her friend what she did with the boy and mom probably overheard it and blew it out of proportion. I SERIOUSLY doubt she was raped. apparently they were sitting in a car outside the house.. whats he gonna do, reach over and push her head down on him? yeah, this story is bull. sorry, but I don't believe she was raped. its not like he was holding a gun to her head or anything. if she had a problem she could've just gotten out of the car. don't ruin a young mans life over stupid drama!!


I don't know the facts of this case. But I was falsely accused of rape (never charged). From experience, I can say this kid is hosed. First, if you plea bargain rape, it will still be sexual assault...which means you get to register as a sex offender. It's easy to get a good job with that on your record! Automatically, the kid should get an attorney. Mine was $3,500 for a retainer. If you get charged and go to trial...minimum $25,000 for a defense. If you go to trial, your family and friends get to hear about your sexual history. Plus, being charged with rape is like a scarlet letter...even if you are found not guilty, everyone will still think you are guilty. Then of course, there is the worst possible thing...conviction.

So hopefully, this girl is telling the truth. If not she is going to cost this kid a boatload of money, plus ruin his life. I've been there, luckily it only cost me $3,500 and 30 days of panic attacks.


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Guess what you were all right!!!! No charges filed, case closed!!!!!! Boy, wrongly accused!!! Girl, need mental help!!! Now maybe The "NORWALK REFLECTOR STAFF" could print a retraction!!! It really sucks that there is girls out there like this, it gives us good honest ones a bad name!!!!Shame on you Berlin Heights girl!!!!! You will answer on judgement day!!!