Electricity price could shut down local grocery store

Store owner takes plight to council.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jun 21, 2013


Greenwich's grocery store could close down if the owner and the village can't agree on a price for electricity.

Rick Patel has owned and operated Greenwich Grocery at 30 Main St. for the last year and a half. "This is too much money to charge me. I will have to shut down," Patel said.

Since opening the store, his electric bill has averaged more than $2,000 expect once, when it was about $1,400, he said.

This month, Patel's bill is $2,604, according to documents he provided at a regular council meeting Tuesday evening.


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It's a Jeep thing

Looks like dollar general better add more food


That used to be a successful little store until he took over. You can't even buy a pound of ground beef in there anymore. No products=no customers. No customers=no income. No income=can't pay the overhead.

swiss family

it shouldn't be too hard to go back and check what the electric bill averaged when the past owner ran things, and if the bills run about the same, then I think it would be easy to determine where the problem is


The problem with the current owner is not the electric bill, the problem is with him. He destroyed that well established business all by himself. If I want a fresh head of cabbage (for example) for my cooking I have to drive 12 miles to get one. He ruined that little business all by himself. Period!


I hate to see Greenwich lose this store, but I have to say it has gone down hill at an amazing pace since the current owner took over.
Outdated products, produce that is WAAAAAY passed it's prime(if there is any produce at all) and everything is over priced.
I would rather shop at dollar general then go into this store...I would say the current owner and his business practices are the problem, not the electric bill.


Yep! You live here, too, eh? He killed himself, PERIOD.


Firelands Electric ditribution charges are what driving the price of electric up. $31.00 per month before you pay for the first KWH of electric X 3000 meters is $93,000 times that by 12 months its $1,116,000.00 and they been collecting this for over 3 years now.If you got 3 phase its $71.00 every month Im sure he's got 3 phase you can do the math on that.


The village of Greenwich does not get it's electricity from firelands electric


"More than $2,000 expect once." Reflector staff er.......


Make the man happy. Give him a 1 cent per kilowatt hour cut on his bill. Or better yet, if he is not getting the customers like the past owners, maybe cutting a few lights off in the store would save him some $$ and his bill would not be too much to pay. I wonder if the gas stations are charging him too much for gas in his car!!