Bellevue bomb threat

BELLEVUE - Bellevue City Schools was closed this morning in connection with a bomb threat posted late Wednesday night on the Sandusky Register Web site. Bellevue High School Principal Francis Scruci declined to confirm or deny the bomb threat.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


BELLEVUE - Bellevue City Schools was closed this morning in connection with a bomb threat posted late Wednesday night on the Sandusky Register Web site.

Bellevue High School Principal Francis Scruci declined to confirm or deny the bomb threat.

"School has been canceled today," he said about the decision made about 6:45 a.m.

Bellevue Superintendent Steven Schumm said the threat "wasn't building specific" and there are no suspects at this time. It's unknown how the bomb scare affected Bellevue Immaculate Conception School.

The Bellevue Police Department is investigating the threat.

"We're referring everyone to the school system," a dispatcher said.

Special Agent Scott Wilson, of the Cleveland Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), said they assisted Bellevue police after getting a call in the Toledo office this morning. The spokesman explained that a local police department or sheriff's office typically handle bomb threats in their jurisdiction.

"If they need assistance, they'll call us," Wilson said.

A person identifying themselves as "Pancake Nips" posted the following message at 11:57 p.m. Wednesday on the Register's Web site: "Bomb.. Thursday Be ready THIS IS NOT A SIMULATION SEE U GUYS TOMORROW!!"

The Register took down the message before 6 a.m. today.

The bomb threat was posted in response to the newspaper's coverage of three area tactical squads doing a drill Tuesday in which a disgruntled woman and a male intruder who took about 30 students "hostage" at Bellevue High School. The exercise was held during a teacher/staff in-service day when there were no classes.

There was no bomb threat during the drill, but the school was locked down.

A person calling themselves "maisy" apparently responded to the bomb threat on the Register's Web site at 8:33 a.m. today.

"yeah, great idea! it was great that our school system did this because of the constant bomb threats we're receiving... what's that, mom? there's a bomb threat? no school today? well, i guess our efforts paid off," the reader wrote.

Scruci, after the drill, said authorities in Huron and Sandusky counties started planning the terrorist training exercise in response to a Bellevue school bomb threat about a year ago.

The August 2006 bomb scare happened the second week of school. Officials evacuated the high school for about two hours and brought the students to different undisclosed sites.

"What was interesting was it didn't happen on the telephone. It was a mail-in bomb scare," Schumm said in April.

Bellevue plans to have school in session Friday.

"We pooled all our services," Schumm said about the collaboration of first responders. "The safety and security of our students ... is of paramount importance."


If it was poste...

cant they get the IP address from their internet server to find out you sent in the threat?

IP Addresses (A...

Can be forged, faked, spoofed... plus what about people that post in public libraries? Easier said than done when it comes to IP tracking.

I've said for months this anonymous posting forum will be trouble, and it turned into trouble. = ( Need to make people register with a legit e-mail (not hotmail, yahoo, etc...) and this will stop (or at least slow down).

Legit (Anonymous)

I know this is off topic, but not everyone wants to pay extra to have "legit" e-mail addresses thru an ISP, so yahoo and hotmail provide people with "legit" e-mail addresses... even if there are people out there who fake their information, there are some of us left with morals!

I know this isn...

...but I got a kick out of the name 'Pancake Nips.' LOL!

John Doe (Anonymous)

Seems like the Register should be able to trace the message backwards at least to the provider? No mention of that.

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Yahoo, hotmail, gmail are all free hillbilly providers that anyone can get with government cheese. Free range e-mail for the masses helps provide what you saw today. Lunacy in anonymity. Don't defend it, I hope this forum goes that route so you have to shell out 10 bux a month for peoplepc.


Pancake Nips...lolololololol!

taylor (Anonymous)

they could get the ip address, as long as the user wasn't using a dsl or dial up because for dial up, everytime you connect to the internet, you are given a different ip address, therefore as long as they weren't using dsl or dial up, you could trace it.


Sorry if I disagree with your views on legit e-mail addresses. The people I e-mail know who I am, why should anyone know where I live, who my internet provider is ect. I have DSL and we could choose between yahoo and msn as our main provider and we picked yahoo, so does that make my e-mail addy "hillbilly"?

Yes (Anonymous)

I'm sorry to say, it does.

If forum administrators knew who you were I'm sure it would eliminate some crazy threats and other trash we read on this website.

However enjoy using your anonymous hillbilly e-mail providers, there must be some reason you're hiding. Get a real e-mail address, visit the dentist, stop dating relatives. Follow these 3 philosophies and you'll do fine.

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Did you enter your email address to type this post? No. blogs like this one and Register are unmoderated, unsecured blogs... which means anyone can post.... without being tracked. The IP can be used to track someone, this is true, but it is not a magical digital finger print... You can track someone if you are looking for it... at the moment they do it. If your not monitoring and logging the IP's, which I seriously doubt they would be because a. they aren't required too and b. it would be a gigantic massive waste of space to log random IP's, they would be wiser to move to secured system where you are required to sign up and login to post and I would they are smart enough to see that.
This setup is quick, easy, cheap... But rest assured if they could track an IP address based on a blog post o this site, they would've long since had the person in the back of a squad car...... Now i wouldn't be surprised to see a change in procedure before something like this happens again. I think a lot of people on here would welcome a bit more structure and accountability to the posting here.

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Just $10 a month to prove I'm not a hillbilly? Sign me up! You just might be a hillbilly if you pay $10 a month to prove you're not!

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