Award to foster girl's estate cut

From $600,000 to $100,000. Visiting Common Pleas Judge Judith Cross has ruled to reduce the amount of money the estate of a deceased 11-year-old foster girl will get by half a million dollars.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


From $600,000 to $100,000.

Visiting Common Pleas Judge Judith Cross has ruled to reduce the amount of money the estate of a deceased 11-year-old foster girl will get by half a million dollars.

Former Monroeville foster father Paul Efaw is serving three years in prison for Connre Dixon's Oct. 18, 2004 stabbing death. Attorneys originally named Efaw as a defendant in a subsequent civil lawsuit, but he was dismissed without explanation before jury selection began in the March trial.

On March 23, a jury determined the other defendants, Huron County Department of Job & Family Services (HCDJFS) and Huron County Commissioners, should pay $600,000 to Dixon's estate.

Cross, in her ruling filed Tuesday, wrote that the $600,000 verdict was "excessive and is against the manifest weight of the evidence ... that Connre Dixon was conscious from the time she was first stabbed until she died.

"While the coroner could and did testify that Connre may have lived five or six minutes; she did not testify to any degree of medical certainty that Connre was conscious and able to feel pain and suffering," the judge continued. "No one else testified on this matter. Therefore, the award of damages for and suffering is not justifiable under the law."

Toledo attorney Joan Szuberla represented the county in the civil trial.

"We're pleased the jury lost its way, because we believe that's what happened," Szuberla said. "I can't speak for the judge, but that's some of the language she used."

The Toledo attorney explained Cross' ruling by saying there had to be evidence someone witnessed Dixon's "conscious" pain and suffering.

"The key word is conscious," Szuberla said. "You can't speculate. There has to be evidence."

Current commissioner Mike Adelman was a defendant in the lawsuit, as were former commissioners Terry Boose and Ardeth Chupps.

Adelman called Cross' ruling "a favorable decision" in respect to the county and its insurance company, County Risk Sharing Authority (CORSA), but declined further comment. CORSA is expected to pay for the lawsuit. Adelman explained that CORSA is administered through the County Commissioners' Association of Ohio and is part of a consortium with about 60 other Ohio counties.

"They handle legal matters for counties," he added.

Attorney Jim Martin, who represented Dixon's estate, argued that HCDJFS violated the girl's right to safety by improperly placing her in Efaw's home. Efaw, during the trial, denied allegations of what Martin called "bizarre" behavior, such as telling another child to "play with his thing" after Efaw put his finger through his zipper.

After the jury came back with the $600,000 verdict, Martin said he was "completely elated," calling it "an indictment on what's been going on" with HCDJFS. He was unavailable for comment this morning.

Martin has 21 days to tell the court if he agrees with Cross' decision. "In the event the Plaintiff does not agree, (the) Defendants are awarded a new trial on the issue of damages," the judge wrote.


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it would be nice if the employees at the HCDJFS had to pay the fines out of their own wages.Maybe then they would actually do the job that they are being paid to do.that should get them to do their jobs,and finally treat their cases like they were other people's lives that they have control over,instead of just some toy that they can experiment with

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This story is no longer news, it's days old.

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unfortunately, this type of story,and the ultimate outcome will probably not be the last time that we are hearing about cases like this.the only way to avoid this from reaccuring,is to have the HCDJFS employees do a better job of screening these prespective foster parents. right now it is way too easy for any sicko to adopt these foster children , and do anything that they want to them. Ihave even heard that Michael Jackson has heard how easy it is to get these kids in huron county!! and seems very interested! come on HCDJFS employees... do your job!!!!!

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I met this little girl within days of her birth. Her grandparents were loving devoted people. No one is perfect but this poor little life was wasted by people making bad choices. She has brothers out there in the
world. Her mother truly wanted the best for her children
and chose the person who has them now. I hope it was the right choice.

I do not think the money should be "given" to anyone with any type of drug abuse history....not that my opinion counts but there are still 2 very little boys out there
who need love and understanding and lots of conselling, I am sure.

The maternal grandfather was absolutely devastated as I am sure other family members were. I know there happens to be an Aunt Kay also with an aching heart. These people were punished horrendously by the loss of this little girl.

I am also aware of other family members who just see dollar signs. I hope this money is just not arbitarily turned over without supervision.

Jim Martin is a good man with fair and honest convictions maybe the court can appoint him to structure a trust.

This is so very sad. This poor child had a very hard life and even harder death. My heart goes out to all involved.
I know how it hurts my heart to think of it.....I can only imagine how her family feels. I know if there is an afterlife Donnah is holding her close.

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i still stand by my statements about the 2 little arsonists that set the Newton Terrace apt's on fire!! they should be taught a lesson, and the other kids their age should realize that there are consequences to their actions!! all of you that want to give them hugs and security, i hope that they move in next to you , so you have to live with the fear of what they will do next , to your property this time,all of the time

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We OWE our children a decent life filled with love and respect.

I hope I am not reading another horror story of death and destruction in the Reflector soon because someone else failed a child.

I am ready to take responsibility....I will do anything I can to help a child, love a child. Not just b**ch and whine about other people. There are lots of people like me willing to help anyway we can....we just don't know what direction to take and all we hear is "give us some money and we will make things better" from public agencies and formums.

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