UPDATE - Cable service to be restored this afternoon

"There is life after cable.' Many people found that out Tuesday night when a widespread outage hit Time Warner Cable.
Jul 25, 2010


“There is life after cable.”

Many people found that out Tuesday night when a widespread outage hit Time Warner Cable.

For many, the outage meant no cable television, phone or Internet.

John Schumm, 31 Newton St., Norwalk, said he spent most of the evening at a meeting but came home to no television.

“I came home and read the newspaper instead of watching TV,” Schumm said. “It was kind of nice sitting at home without the TV blaring, but I did miss Boston Legal.”

One good thing about the whole situation, Schumm said, was that the Indians weren’t playing.

Cleveland defeated the hated New York Yankees 6-4 Monday night to clinch its best-of-five American League Division Series in four games.

Game one of the ALCS against the Boston Red Sox begins Friday in Beantown.

“I would have been real mad if that was the case,” Schumm said. Of course, Schumm pointed out, we still have Tom Hamilton and the radio broadcasts of the game.

 Bill Jasso, vice president of public affairs at TWC, said a cut fiber-optic line about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday was the culprit.

“Somebody dug where they shouldn’t have,” said Jasso, who declined to say where or who cut the line, which was buried six feet under ground.

“Service will be restored by mid-afternoon today. There were about 850 customers affected by this outage in Norwalk and Monroeville.”

Norwalk City Councilman Chris Mushett said he survived, but life without television would not be his first choice.

“God, that was terrible,” he said this morning. “I’m glad there were no sports on. Last night I got home from city council and there wasn’t any so I went to bed early. This morning I got up early to ride my (stationary) bike and the only thing on was the clock on my cable box. I got to watch the minutes tick off as I rode my bike.”

Could Mushett survive without television? “I could make it if I had to, but I would prefer not to.”

“But you have to be ready for it,” he said. “I had nothing to read. If I knew it was going to be out I could have had a book or a couple of magazines on hand.”

Dick Armbrust, a columnist for the Reflector, said he had his new television hooked up Tuesday afternoon  — just in time for the cable to go out.

“I do my exercises to the T.V.,” Armbrust said. “I exercised to snow this morning and it was a blessing. I had some time to think.”

Sounds like a column.


Me (Anonymous)

Wonder if Time Warner will have to raise my cable rates...again...in order to pay for these repairs. C'mon guys, should it really take 24 hours to fix this? I'm so close to getting a dish, but I'd have to cut down a bunch of trees. Might be worth it!

NOT EASY (Anonymous)

24 Hours is not so bad... After locating the break a fiber line is not so easy to fix. It's not like you can twist the wires back together, it takes special equipment.... give them a break and read a book.

Me (Anonymous)

I read all my books yesterday :) And alot of people are already upset with TWC for raising rates, not offering the Big Ten Channel and a few other issues. It's a major inconvenience when you subscribe to them for your cable, internet and phone service and don't have access for 24 hours



missy (Anonymous)

If you call them they will give you credit on your bill. I called this morning and got credit for yesterday.

me (Anonymous)

Credit? I'm suing for punitive damages...lots of pain and suffering the last 24 hours :)

pope otomus (An...

i am so glad that i switched from cable to sattelite years ago. i love my directv.. i have never had any problems with it, and it is basically cheaper,than cable is, especially since cable rates increase every year in norwalk , it almost seems like the cable company, and the gas company think they are the only way to get their products in norwalk !! wrong, gas is cheaper in monroeville, and directv is much cheaper and better than cable.. thank goodness for choices

Chris (Anonymous)

I wonder how many people sitting at home that don't have internet access because of the outage are unable to read this article online. my cable didn't go out, it flickered once but stayed on. at the same time though, i am a bit upset with TWC for continuing to raise the rates and to have nothing to show for it. channels are eliminated, moved to digital cable (ie: ESPN Classic), or never offered at all (ie: Big Ten Network). i'm not going to get digital cable because you can still rent movies at blockbuster cheaper than having the movie channels loaded on your tv, and i'm not one that wants to put a digital receiver in every room that has a tv - no thank you! the reception lately has stunk. how many times a week does cable have to lock up?

Ticked (Anonymous)

TWC is as bad as verizon these days, all these companies have taken over our small towns and feel since their is no competition that they can charge outrageous rates. There is hardly ANYTHING on worth watching, seems like we are paying to watch advertisments! I'm seriously considering dish or direct, TWC can stick that in their juice box and suck it!

crazy (Anonymous)

the rates get hirer and the cable gets crappier...mine has been freezing for 2 months now and all they say is we know it is a wide spread problem from u all the way to youngstown...then when my phone goes out they say well we need 10 complaints in ur area to send a service tech out or u have to make an appt..talk about quailty service...if it wasnt for the long distance i would go back...i am however liking the caller id on the tv...but other than that my bill is $120 a month and for what to see dumb and dumber and water world a million times a month...

another small t...

another small town headline huh? on a day where gun fire erupts at a cleveland high school, our hometown paper runs a headline online that cable tv will be restored this afternoon...

sitting in the ...

First of all it wasn't even the cable companies fault for the outage, someone took upon themselves to dig anywhere they wanted. Hey I love my cable, high speed internet DVR box all of it. So if you don't like cable go ahead and buy the dish enjoy my goodness but if you do what then will you whine about . People you never complain when the power goes out. I feel the cable company has been singled out remember its easy just don't pay for your cable they'll unhook it for ya. But ill probably still see you on whining about something so have a nice day.

Re: sitting in...

oh they complain when the power goes out too, it means that they have to get out from in front of the computer for an hour or two. everyone seems to be making it a great travesty that cable went out for 24 hours. my cable didn't go out and i'm not exactly thrilled with time warner these days but come one people, maybe not having to turn the tv on for 24 hours would do some people a lot of good

re: another sma...

But you read the story, right? You were interested enough to click. And other news outlets are covering the bigger headlines, isn't this the info we want from our "small town" paper.

Whiners! (Anonymous)

It would do all of us good to READ a book once in a while. Geeeze, you people act like you're going to DIE without your cable. "oh, honey, look! Oprah's on! oh, wait, no she isn't." Thank God for those small outages. I didn't have to watch Oprah.

RE to Re: sitti...

I totally agree thank you but remember they'll never were always wrong and there always right but you inspire me that there are still intelligent people in this town you have a good night. Another thing the digital break up is partially due to sun spots happens every year nothing time warner can do about it.. The reason I am so agitated by you bashing the people of TWC. I know most of them at least locally they are out on the ladders, your crawl spaces when its -15 or 100 while your calling here's a tip save the call THEY KNOW YOUR CABLES OUT. So cut them a little slack. when your complaining maybe its just you like to hear yourself talk... GET A HOBBIE

Beth (Anonymous)

I'm suffering from a severe case of World of Warcraft withdrawal! Thanks a lot, Time Warner.

Pain in the Gas...

We never lost cable, but the DVR guide was off an hour last night and I almost didn't get to tape South Park. THAT would have sucked royally.

gas guzzler (An...

thank you to the gentleman who wrote to question why the price of gas was so much more expensive in Norwalk , than it was in any of the surrounding area.his editorial in the reflector, makes alot of sense to me. why do the Norwalk gas station owners feel that they can overcharge their friends, and neighbors , and patrons, for gas which they can drive to Monroevilleto buy and save about 30 cents per gallon. i will continue to drive out of town, until the local dealers realize that they must lower their prices to a more fair and competative range

swiss family......

why are people still letting Time Warner cable to push them around? they have terrible service, and every year there is a price increase. Basically, they don't care at all about their customers. I switched to dish tv years age, well actually directv, and i couldn't be happier. they are customer oriented, and they are actually cheaper than cable.. i will never go back to cable, in fact i actually had Time Warner come over and remove their cable from my house, and i couldn't be happier

avidreader (Ano...

I read a lot thank you! So automatically anyone who is interested in watching T.V is a complete and utter moron? I beg to differ with all of you on that note. Along with the trash found on cable there are a lot of interesting shows as well. I also would like to point out that if you are paying the ridiculous rates for cable it should be maintained in a timely manner. TWC took 2 months to replenish our cable after the ice storm. But anyways seeing as you all have enough time to get online and comment on such a silly story instead of having your nose in a book I should go as well. If your looking for a good ready try On Agate Hill, it's a good read.

Dear Avid Reade...

May I suggest some shows for you to watch? On F/X, 'It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia'...on Fox, there's MLB, Simpsons and Family Guy. Follow that up with a couple of new episodes of South Park, a few re-runs of Seinfeld, and my friend, you got yorself a line-up! Hail T.V.!

dish (Anonymous)

I love my DIRECTV!!

poor swiss (Ano...

she couldn't be happier without her TWC. Says a TON about your personal life, swiss. I called TWC and they said THEY couldn't be happier since YOU dropped THEM. They even had a party in your honor, the 'GOOD FOR US WE DON'T HAVE TO SERVE THE SWISS FAMILY' PARTY...REFLECTOR READERS INVITED'

WHAT?? (Anonymous)

Time W. was alerted to the problem, so instead of inconvienceing their customers to call them for a reduction in their bill, TW should call their customers, or send them a notice in the mail that would state that they will receive a reduction in their statement.I'm saying this because I have been through this in the past.Credit?lol-Because those letters Cr have been on my bills for years& I had NEVER been given any credit or reduced billing!!Suddenly after a couple of years those letters {CR} dropped from my statements, but my bill had never been reduced!They should have just reduced my next bill, but that was not the case.As a matter of fact-a guy come into an uptown business I had been working in at the time & asked me to sell some shamrocks for M.S. for him, he told me if I sold a certain amount that he would give me a free advertising spot on t.v. whenever I wanted, to use for the business I had been working in or whatever I wanted it for. Well naturally ,I was thinking about using it for my employer at the time.He told me he could do that, because he was the manager.Well it never happened!Some employees up there asked me to desribe the man, so I did & I had been told, that man would never say that!I seen him in there twice, so both times I tried to talk to him, but he ignored me & walked away.I had been duped by the cable guy!{ha!ha!}So people look close at your billing statements, to see if you do get your CR!

swiss family......

how exactly does not being happy with TWC, say alot about my personal??(poor swiss oct 15 1:10 pm) that doesn't make any sense at all. maybe you should have your meds re adjusted , or elevated or something


" how exactly does not being happy with TWC, say alot about my personal?? YOUR PERSONAL WHAT, SWISS? or can I call you pope otomus now??? Yeah, I look at the times too.

swiss family......

Directv..rules, cable is so yesterday !!!!