Barrett's child responsible for topless photo in PowerPoint presentation

A child in the home of State Rep. Matt Barrett (D-Amherst) is responsible for the photo of topless woman that appeared during a PowerPoint presentation on Tuesday. "Right now I'd like to keep this a family matter," Barrett said this morning when reached by cell phone. "It's a time for me to just be a dad."
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


A child in the home of State Rep. Matt Barrett (D-Amherst) is responsible for the photo of topless woman that appeared during a PowerPoint presentation on Tuesday.

"Right now I'd like to keep this a family matter," Barrett said this morning when reached by cell phone. "It's a time for me to just be a dad."

He declined further comment, saying he wanted to "stick with" his prepared statement from the Ohio House Democratic Caucus.

"We want to put this behind us. From what we have learned thus far, this is an internal family matter. We would appreciate respect for our privacy as we deal with this situation," said communications director Phil Saken, while reading Barrett's statement.

Caucus sources were prohibited from disclosing the gender or age of the child responsible for the photos.

Barrett was explaining how a bill becomes law to one of three Norwalk High School senior social studies classes when the images unexpectedly appeared. The state lawmaker quickly unplugged the system, pulled out the memory stick and apologized to teacher Derek Pigman's students.

He did his presentation, but used the paperwork that was to be supplemented with the PowerPoint.

After Tuesday's incident, school officials contacted the Norwalk Police Department, which notified the state Highway Patrol because Barrett is a state representative. The politician said earlier he voluntarily handed the computer over to troopers and said he was "very concerned" about what happened.

Patrol spokesman Lt. Tony Bradshaw said authorities are analyzing the data stick and Barrett's computer. Troopers also had seized two school computers. As of Wednesday afternoon, Bradshaw didn't know what the timeline would be for results of the testing.

"None of that is state's property, so it's being handed back to Norwalk (police)," he said.

Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Todd Temple couldn't be reached for comment this morning.

Barrett has said it was the first time he had done his presentation on PowerPoint and decided to use it when he realized the equipment was available. Two school officials said Barrett didn't check the thumb drive beforehand.

He told the Associated Press he rarely used the stick, a gift he received about three weeks ago from a legislative liaison from the state library of Ohio.

NHS Principal Bob Duncan contacted all the parents after the incident. School officials plan to have future guest speakers' information previewed before they do a presentation.


I call BS (Anon...

Point is there is no place for it in the schools. More so since he is an elected official he is held to a higher standard. You may settle for less and expect less but that is your low standard, not mine.

JEF (Anonymous)

And another thing wrote: 'HE WAS INVESTIGATED BY THE STATE PATROL...OK?????' And you know for a fact that the individual family members were interviewed regarding Rep. Barrett's allegation against his child? Rep. Barrett is saying that his family life is none of the public's business. What's he hiding if he's perfectly innocent?

To JEF (Anonymous)

Why lie? His kid did it, it's a normal thing, and why would he lie about that? If he would have copped the blame, then he would be in trouble for lying, right?

JEF (Anonymous)

To JEF, I'll re-phrase - who has interviewed the family to confirm Rep. Barrett's assertion? He says it's no one's business. According to him, he has an underage child at home downloading sexually oriented material. Will he allow authorities to interview the child and the other members of the family in order to corroborate his statement? Reads like he's saying, 'No.' It reads as though the authorities have only interviewed him. IMO a more thorough examination is well warranted.

newshound (Anon...

If you'd check with the patrol (not the local post), and not just read what's in the paper, you might find that family members were questioned.

to newshound......

thank you. To I call B.S., did you go to a private or public school? It makes no difference, everyone has a curious sexual nature at that age. Are you different than most normal people? Were you not the same age as this mans young son and not just a little bit curious when your body started to change, and you noticed the opposite sex was a little more 'attractive' to you, but you couldn't figure out why? Why are there low standards in being normal? The kid is normal, he downloaded something he should have deleted or erased-and BY MISTAKE it showed up for 3 seconds, mind you, to a handful of probably just as horny teenagers who were probably hoping they could watch it again. Nobody came in and danced on anyones lap, it was an HONEST mistake, and you should just get over it. Prude.

swiss family......

I think that it was just a simple accident, i do however, become alittle concerned when Mr. Barret, says that this is a family matter, and wants to be left alone. This accident involved alot of other people's kids, and i think that since it affected their lives, it should be a public matter.Mr. Barret, i have lost some trust and respect for you, not because of the accident, but in the way that you have held it in secrecy

trust? (Anonymous)

No problem, swiss family. People on this site have lost somw trust and respect for you, too.

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