Greenwich officials working out festival agreement

Police, firefighters at odds over charge.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 16, 2013


There will be no charge for the softball tournaments at this year's firemen's festival and, consequently, no payouts either.

Eliminating the fee will exempt the softball tournaments from having to pay for security and allow the game to go on, according to the tournament's director Travis Wilson.

Due to new legislation recently passed by village council, the police have the authority to charge $20 per hour per officer who is policing all pay-to-enter events, prompting changes and an outcry from some residents and the fire department.

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This sounds a little fishy to me. It sounds to me like someone on council was trying to hook up the police department and someone got wind of it. Resulting in the softball tournament changes and no security. Why doesn't Greenwich look into hiring armed security guards for a fraction of the price? Just have them to do its events if this is becoming an issue. What was wrong with the way it was done before? What was the reason behind the $20 pay grade? Why not $15 or $10. Even if the pay per hour was lowered the pay would still be recovered to a $15+ an hour rate since most of the officers would more than likely be working overtime during the event. Bringing $10 to $15 an hour once time and a half is applied. $15 turns into $22.50. At $20 an hour the officers on overtime would be getting paid $30 an hour. Like I said, it sounds a little fishy to me and like a solution probably could have been reached. Greed and power are dangerous combos in small towns.


There's nothing fishy going on, really. The officers in Greenwich make 16 or so an hour. The Chief, certain council members and Mayor told council and the public for 4 meetings and over a month that the Greenwich budget is tight because the state took away like 100k from Greenwich general fund, as it did in other municipalities. The chief was looking for a way to not burden the tax payer further. At these softball tournaments and fireman festival, there is always drunken fights, drugs and people acting up. For 30 plus years Greenwich taxpayer has had to foot the bill to have extra officers on duty during these times( Greenwich usually has one officer per shift due to budget restraints). So if an officer had to come in on his day off or past his regular duties, it would cost the village like 25-26 bucks
an hour in overtime cost. The Chief of Police thought it wasn't right that the tax payer always had to foot the bill and drain the general fund further, and asked the organizers of the paid events to foot the bill instead of the of taxpayer. The S.O. and other police departments pay officers upwards of 30 an hour and event organizers pay it, not the tax payer. And as far as armed security? That's not a viable solution. They have zero arrest powers, and if something goes down, the police will have to respond anyway, thus taking them away from their patrol duties leaving the village without police protection while the officer deals with whatever is going on. And you, like a lot of people who did not attend the council meetings are misinformed. The 20 an hour means 20 and hour. It's not a raise. Even if an officer comes in on his days off to work an event for one hour, it is 20 bucks an hour straight fee. Not 20 bucks at overtime or 20 bucks plus overtime. People need to be more informed and get all the facts. I did, and I thank the Chief, Mayor and council for not charging the tax payer. Not to mention, all the years past fireman's festivals and softball tournaments were using Greenwich lights and water and not being charged for it, the residence of Greenwich were footing that bill.


Thanks for more insight into this and yes I was misinformed. I wish you would have wrote the article since you provided more in depth facts about the situation. It sounds like a better solution for how the festival is ran needs to be looked at. There's no reason for the tax payers to pay for all of it. Someone does need to be patrolling the event for the simple reason that there will be fighting. What a mess this whole situation sounds like.


There will b fighting? I have been playing in that tourney for 15 or better years and don't recall any fights there except at the bar in town and that is normal police work.




Drunks and fights in Greenwich,say it ain't so.When these fights occur they are going to call the cops anyway so why pay for them? Stop loaning the cops out to Willard.Help the Fireman out.