Men arrested for stealing road signs

Peterson pair jailed after Foster Street theft.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 16, 2013


A pair of Norwalk men were arrested late Thursday after allegedly stealing construction signs from a North Foster Street location.

Kyle W. Peterson, 22, and Jesse M. Peterson, 24, both of 35 Franklin St., were charged with theft and transferred to the Huron County Jail.

The alleged theft occurred at 10:34 p.m.




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I agree.

chicken noodle

Is that what is tattooed on his neck?


There should be a minim maximum 1 year imprisonment for stealing STOP Signs to protect people on the roads. Idiots wouldn't think it is so funny!

believe it

Is that seriously his hair?


These aren't Melvin's kids are they?


The bad apples don't fall far from the tree. Daddy won't get a job....nor will they.


Nice to see that the family tree isn't gonna branch out into somthing productive. Not. It's hard to understand how someone can look up to a low life father and see how he is, then do the same things like it makes everyone proud. If he follows in family footprints, just lock them up now or bury them below the jail.

swiss family

I am not sure which one is Jesse Peterson.... but isn't his name ALWAYS on the fugitives list that you keep printing????


When I grow up, I'm getting a neck tattoo that way I definitely can't get a real job!!! Nothing says "There ain't a job I can do" like a badass neck tattoo!

hor mone

I caint tell if I'm stupid or just brain dead.


Jessie is the one on the left and u r right the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!


22/24... with nothing to do but steal signs from down the street??.. and probably got caught by bragging.. Wonder if anyone was impressed?