Regina Hicks is gone, but not forgotten

Nearly 12 years after local woman's death, Huron County sheriff says "we are very close to solving this case."
Scott Seitz
Jun 13, 2013


Not a day goes by that Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard doesn't reflect on the case involving Regina (Rowe) Hicks.

Hicks, a former Willard resident, died in October 2001. Her body was discovered in the passenger's seat of her white Camaro, which was found submerged in a pond near Section Line Road 30 in rural Willard.

The official ruling on the cause of Hicks' death was drowning.

"The manner of death is pending," Huron County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Harwood said this week.

Howard, then a detective, investigated the Hicks case. Now the county sheriff, Howard is still the lead investigator on that case. Howard now says authorities "are very close to solving this case."

He and other officials, as well as the victim's mother and friends, spoke to the Reflector about the case for a front-page story in Thursday's paper. It's the first installment of a three-part series about unsolved deaths in Huron County. So you don't miss stories such as these, sign up for home delivery by calling 419-668-3771 or subscribe to the e-paper (a complete digital replica of each issue) for less than $1 per week and read the full-version of the stories online.





Yall Make Me Sick



I agree with everyone claiming it was P.H. Who commited this horrible crime. Funny thing is i lived in the same neighborhood as them on 99 in Willard. I was only a young girl at the time of all these events taking place but i could never forget them.... I guess it was just to funny to me how after the house burnt down he had the mess cleaned up within just a few days. Then what?... Weeks later her death. Fishy!! If you ask me. Not to mention he was abusive an drank all the time.
Just a few years later i recall sitting in the Willard Police Dept. taking care of some paper work, when a woman had came in to press charges on him for DV with a black eye an many bruises. Guess nothing was done about that either. I could go on about all the other crimes i have heard he has committed, but then that would be hear say NOT that there is any doubt in my mind they aren't true . He is a joke!


I watch a lot of shows on ID and I wish they would do a story on her!! Maybe some pressure from the national media would get some new leads brought forward.... Same for the other murders mentioned here. Bambi was such a sweet guy thAt I knew as a child but it still breaks my heart to know he was murdered. Someone also mentioned Danny and although he and Bambi were both probably involved in drug activity activity that doesn't make their murders any less of a crime or negate the need for a conviction!