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SEPT. 18, 1921 The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 87 years ago today:
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Jul 25, 2010


SEPT. 18, 1921

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 87 years ago today:

Fisher body plant starts in operation

The big Fisher body plant at Cleveland last week started the production of passenger automobile bodies and will reach approximately normal capacity of output about the first of the year, E.F. Fisher, resident manager and former Norwalk man, announced Saturday. About 1,000 men will be employed by the first of the year, Mr. Fisher stated.

Mrs. Guynn badly hurt by baseball

Mrs. G.L. Guynn was severely injured in the head by a foul ball while witnessing a base ball game during the Moose Band picnic at Ruggles Grove Sunday afternoon.

The ball struck Mrs. Guynn about half an inch above the temple on the right side of the head. The victim of the accident was dazed for a time.

Mrs. Guynn was brought to her home here at 51 Jefferson Street in the automobile of C. Coy of the firm of Coy & Miller of Cleveland. Mr. Miller, a former resident of Norwalk, made the trip here in Mr. Coys' machine.

Continued survey by Norwalk Retail Merchants

In the last six years much has been said of the co-operative movement of the merchants of this city who were willing to take a chance in the support of the Retail Merchants Protective & Collection Agency. Some of the merchants and professional men have thought it a good scheme but have been perfectly contented to sit back and wait for their neighbors to bear the burden of making something worthwhile. Those who have experienced and used the services of the Retail Merchants Protective & Collection Agency feel well repaid.

The Association has been re-organized with a mighty membership as follows: J. Kahn Co., L. Oppenheimer & Co., Henry Bremser, Jos. Frey, F.A. Jenkins, Smith Monumental Works, J.H. Billimeyer, C.F. Jackson Co., J.R. Gfell & Sons, E.D. Cline, Ed Cook, D.P. Eastman, I.D. Heffner, J.P. Link Sons, C.W. Martin, Orr & Suhr, F.R. Sipp, Ed. M. Thomas, Jefferson Hardware Co., Mullin-Daugherty Hardware Col, J.C. Park & Son, E.J. Mayle, Dillingham & Humiston, Hexon Lumber Co., Conklin & Hardt, Wm. D. Lang, E.J Lenz, Est., O.J. Leiber, Jos. Stoll, H.C. Stentz, E.O. Friend & Son, General Tire Shop.

Six new entries into Hermit Club

Six new entries have been made in the already long list of Norwalk High School athletes who make up the well known Hermit Club. The candidates started their public initiation last Wednesday and will finish their trying frolics next Wednesday when the hard, grueling private initiation will take place. In less than a month four or five more will be voted in thereby raising the active membership to its proper number.

The new members are John Schlacter, George Laible, Maynard Sheldon, Louis Stillwell, Eugene Craig and Dale Trescott.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok