Pilots remain opposed to closure of airport for raceway events

Huron County airport board discusses closure plan
Aaron Krause
May 27, 2013


Huron County Airport Authority Secretary/treasurer and airport manager Doug Arnold said the recent airport closure to accommodate a raceway event went smoothly.

Regardless, several pilots expressed their opposition to closing the airport for an event unrelated to the airport. At the Federal Aviation Administration's request, those pilots spoke at a special airport board meeting, which was attended by Summit Motorsports Park President Bill Bader Jr.

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It's a Jeep thing

Let Billy have the property. The airport is a junk hole. I never see anyone there unless its to buy jet fuel for racecars, which I like to see. How much money does that rundown runway bring to Norwalk?


Jeep, You might want to educate yourself before commenting.
Any racer who tries to run their engine on jet fuel would be watching their opponent leaving them at the line.
Jet fuel is a form of kerosene and will not work in a gasoline engine.


That closing is probably their biggest income.What did Air Force
Three want to come in?

citizenof hc

It's apparent, Jeep thing has been sniffing to much carbon from his own exhaust pipe or sits too close to the start at Billy's events. If he fails to see aircraft or the benefits of the airport, especially in the past few days it is because he's uneducated, or can't look up. The Aerial Agricultual business currently basing at the airport services about 30,000 Acres of local farmland annually. Add up the money spent on chems (About 3/4 million annually), the additional yields and profits, and the businesses that reap the benefits from purchases made with farm profits, and that will give you ONE, yes just 1 benefit the local airport provides Norwalk and our region. Before you make a bigger fool of yourself on this site, do a little digging for the facts!!!

And jackel, the airport is a piece of infrastructure. Didn't know we were counting how much money our transoportation system were required to provide, so maybe Bader should be paying additional fees to the county/state as a result of his customers who block traffic flow on Hwy's 18, 20 and 601 during his major events, so a few can enjoy the boy toys from Billy's car club.


Don't know what you've been sniffing but more people enjoy the raceway in one weekend than have enjoyed the airport in its entire history.


How many have "enjoyed" the rt.13/rt20 overpass
Or better yet rd.58 south west of Willard


Has anyone noticed how the paper has not posted articles online about the airport recently?
That is because they have been getting to much truthful comments supporting the airport for them to fight with their lies.
Will time to share what has really been going on since the new board members joined.

The company the took out the trees (but not the stumps) payed $15,190 for the wood. Money that by law is to be put into the airport board's fund but was placed by the commissioners into the general fund in march and then only at the last board meeting was the board even informed of that payment. It is still in the County's general fund account.
Essex volunteered his time and others also according to Essex did also for the removal of the stumps. When asked who was paying for the fuel and maintenance of the equipment Essex stated the commissioners were covering the cost. That means the taxpayers though Essex has continued to deny it.
Now the commissioners have asked the county engineers office to submit a bill for that expense to the board. So much for "volunteer labor and the commissioner's covering the cost as clearly stated by Essex at the board meeting.
The apron (aircraft parking area)in front of the big hanger was going to be resurfaced using ODOT grant funds (at either 10% or 40% matching funds from the county). Let alone what road project the funds for that were taken from.
Then someone (not the full board or even a quarium) rented area on that apron for the concrete company to store prefabbed bridge slabs.That was not a bad idea till you see how the very heavily loaded trucks have reduced sections of the apron to gravel that will cost much more to repair when the apron is resurfaced then the rent that will come in.

For the last two years the commissioners refused to sign for grant money that due to the support of local companies and individuals (that use the airport) would have cost the county nothing to do all that work and much more. Money that would have been payed to local businesses and then to local employees.
Funds that would have brought in over $750,000 to the local economy.

Such great leadership from the commissioners is what has Huron County as the 5th highest county in the state for unemployment.

Fibber Mcgee

So last week, when Mr. Essex and another county employee were out there and Mr Essex was cutting grass, is the county paying them or the airport?


Good question, but Essex has volunteered his time to do that in the past and only did it once.
I wouldn't count on Essex finishing anything.


Hello propman,

I don't normally read the comments or post comments on the Norwalk Reflector newspaper online site. I sometimes post some comments on the Sandusky Register online site.

You stated "Such great leadership from the commissioners is what has Huron County as the 5th highest county in the state for unemployment."

Ohio in general is a very corrupt state. I wish that I could make contact with you as I have with others before the SR and NR sites were re-organized. I can no longer make contact with others and they with me. Perhaps the powers that be have the upper hand with wealth and political influence. Sometimes I feel so alone to expose the truth. Be strong and continue with your comments.

chicken noodle

When is a good time to go to the airport to watch planes land and take off? Weekdays, weekends?

Fibber Mcgee

Things you can do while waiting for planes to land or takeoff.
A. Read... like the entire collection of Tom Clancy.
B. Learn a new language.
C. Count the number of runway lights, hangers, trees, stumps ect.
D. On weekends you an listen to the sounds from the raceway.


Or one can go listen to the crickets chirping most weekends at the track.

It's a Jeep thing

Hahaaaaa! All local airports are dumps...let Bader have airport...and move all business for planes to wakeman airstrip! Haha. Huron co. will look like that place before long.


FACT: Huron County missed the boat when they didn't get on board with NASA & Erie County wanting a new airport!
FACT: The income that would be generated from selling the airport is more then it has ever brought in!
If you don't just want to hand it over to "Billy's Car Club" then break it into lots and let the highest bidder win!!! Isn't that called INCOME!???! Hotel? Restuarants? Racing specialty shops? ALL generate income!The puddle jumpers can go to Wakeman! Spruce the place up with your mighty income!


FACT: Once the Huron County Commissioners (including Gary Bauer) put their signatures on the 2007 FAA grant (which included the purchase of land) they gave up the right to EVER be able to sell that land to ANYONE. That airport must now remain an airport IN PERPETUITY (forever). The only option is to relocate it. That will take 10-15 years and cost millions of dollars.

FACT: Go out to the airport this week and watch the crop duster reload his plane with chemicals purchased from SUNRISE in NORWALK. That is hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of local economic impact IN JUST ONE WEEK.

FACT: The airport is a piece of infrastructure, just like roads. Roads, in and of themselves, do not make money either.

FACT: Former Ohio Governor James Rhodes was instrumental in placing an airport in EVERY Ohio county. His foresight earned him the nickname "The Jobs Governor" as his policies resulted in adding 50,000 jobs during his first two terms.


Isn't the Willard airport big enough to support all of Huron County?


Runway is too short and has no room for extending it.
Nor is there enough land there to build enough hangers to match Huron County airport.
Finaly the runway and buildings that are there would require more to fix them before adding the rest then taking proper care of Huron County.


Let's see....free enterprise or subsidized efforts. I'm too American, make the few pull their weight.


The few ARE pulling their weight. They pay hangar rent and they purchase fuel at the airport which keeps the airport running in the black, allowing the 100+ documented businesses to use it for their benefit.

The airport IS making money for the county since the Huron County Commissioners have put the money from the sale of the airport's trees and from the rental of the airport's farmland into the county's GENERAL fund instead of into the airport's fund. The Commissioners have also refused to sign the waiver, so the county has been receiving tax money from the airport land. I wonder if the land/building that houses the county's Sheriff's department or the county's courthouse has to pay taxes . . . . I wonder how many other counties in Ohio require their county-owned entities to PAY TAXES?


How about Bader pulling his own weight by getting the roads serving "his" track widened so they can handle the traffic on the few times a year there is a big event there.
Exiting through the airport only gets the cars off Bader's property faster, when the cars get on 20 they are just as tied up there as if the airport wasn't closed.
It takes as long to get out of the area whether they have an extra exit or not.

citizenof hc

There is $600,000 waiting for Huron county to use to improve the airport. It is money from a fund supported in part by pilots who buy aviation fuel, the rest from exise taxes on air cargo, and taxes on airline ticket sales. That money can come back to improve our airport, just like state funds come back to our area for county highways improvements. The few you speak of as well as some of our local businesses have been offering money/donations to get a substantial portion of the available funding to improve the facility, so I'd say the few have offered to pull their weight for the benefit of all. Unfortunately, we have ignorant self serving politicians, who choose to accept other federal grant money, but mistakenly believe they can get out of their airport obligations by not taking further federal funding. Just a stupid scheme on their part, that will end up backfiring in their face, penalizing the county. A good example is they failed to take grant money the last 2 years which would have removed trees, cleared stumps, cleared land, completed taxiway repairs, and drainage issues, and all at no cost to the local countyh taxpayer. They refused to take the moeny so now to relieve themselves of liability issues the highway department is using county fuel and labor to remove stumps, clear land, and use DOT road funds and county taxpayer money to repave portions of the airport. Stupid move on the part of our local politicians. That's the moronic mindset of Bauer and Hintz. The airport is here for the benefit of all, and it isn't going anywhere.


Just wait till the cost that they will have in that work gets out.
Of coarse the commissioners will be spinning their position on the grants and donated matching funds as "they can not expose the county to the strings attached". Even though the strings they are saying they do not want are already tied to them for the grant funds used in 2007 to buy more land.
The commissioners have been lying for years already. Here is a quote to fit them

"It is a just observation that the people commonly intend the Public Good. This often applies to their very errors. But their good sense would despise the adulator who should pretend they always reason right about the means of promoting it."
Alexander Hamilton: Federalist No. 71, March 18, 1788


Now you guys have traffic envy too? If only the "airport" had that dilemma. Maybe then the voters would consider you people.

Brock Lee

then voters complane planes make to much noise aint no body ever happy


Kurtj, Even if Huron County airport became th busiest airport in the Country you'd still be cliaming it never helps the local economy.
You are willfully blind.