College student protests war

As you may know, the U.S. Government has declared Sept. 11 Patriot Day. What you may not realize is a group of individuals have named Sept. 11 as World Strike Day. It has been declared so by individuals such as Norwalk resident Natalie Thurston, who feel the press and others are ignoring issues they feel are of worldwide importance.
Aaron Krause
Jul 25, 2010


As you may know, the U.S. Government has declared Sept. 11 Patriot Day. What you may not realize is a group of individuals have named Sept. 11 as World Strike Day.

It has been declared so by individuals such as Norwalk resident Natalie Thurston, who feel the press and others are ignoring issues they feel are of worldwide importance.

Various Web sites such as mention the day as a time in which business should come to a screeching halt. "Every person in the world should stop working," the Web site reads. "Every U.S. military soldier should stop fighting. Every Iraqi soldier should stop fighting and agree to a cease fire. Every business, every service should stop working (with the exception of emergency and essential services.) Around the world everyone in the world should stop what they are doing and stay home or march in the streets to protest the evil Republican empire worldwide."


"Republicans in the U.S. have killed, enslaved and imprisoned and oppressed millions of people world wide."

Thurston expressed a similar sentiment on the back of her shirt, which reads "We are the terrorists."

"We're using depleted uranium in our artillery in Iraq," the Tiffin University student said.

According to the World Health Organization's Web site, "limited information from human studies" has linked depleted uranium to negative effects on kidney function, lung cancer and other health problems.

Thurston, who stood in front of the Huron County Courthouse this morning, said she also was protesting what she felt is the illegal detention of terror suspects by the U.S. government.

"In this country you're innocent until proven guilty," Thurston said.

She said people such as her were protesting today because issues that have arisen from the U.S. Patriot Act which was signed into law after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

And so, Thurston stood in front of the courthouse with signs such as "One Nation Under Control with Injustice and Lies for All," "Our Grief was Not a Call For War Crimes," "Blind Faith in Bad Leadership is not the American Way" and "We Are the Terrorists."

Thurston, who belongs to a number of peace organizations, arrived in front of the courthouse at 8 a.m. and planned to remain there until 4. She said a few people directed rude gestures at her and told her she's a traitor, and that people are dying for her rights. But, she said, she also received some encouragement.


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i see in another post u said u r a girl.well you should act like it!you should quit insulting people here on these forums.people like to carry on adult conversations on what is going on in the world around too could do that without being, when u voice your opinion, u should make it a worthy one!one that has substance!!!!!!!!

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to whomever wrote "to swiss" you need to go back to school . i don't believe that i let you into my personal life so far as to reveal if i was a male or a female, but i appresiate your sexist statement , where you said that i "should act like a girl" what does that mean exactly? how does someone act like a girl , or a boy , for that matter ?when is the next meeting by the way? plus , learn to spell . u is spelled you and r is spelled are .and as far as respondidng in an adult manner , if you read my posts , they are adult responses to someone who is attacking me in a childish manner , it might just be you ?

JEF (Anonymous)

So, does anybody have any idea which of the Democratic candidates Al-Qaeda is backing for the party's U.S. presidential nominee?

clayvin (Anonymous)

Actually, I think Al-Qaeda would like to see Bush stay in office. On his watch they've become bigger and badder and the USA has diminished greatly. Unfortunately there is no one from any party running that is worthy of holding any office anywhere. The USA that we grew up with, served and loved, is still here but the government is beyond saving. Ike warned us about the military/industrial complex but they convinced us that THEY were the USA and anyone who opposed them was a traitor. Hmmm... kinda sounds like the Third Reich at that, doesn't it?? Did you know that there is a movement out there urging Bush to declare himself president for life?

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Who needs to learn how to spell?? I appreciate (there ya go) it when YOU spell things right too.

freebird (Anonymous)

just want to say 9-11 was an inside job,wasnt al quada, was our own government. download loose change off the internet, describes in great detail how it was pulled off.
remember that the twin towers only burned 56 minutes,those buildings were a controlled demolition,those building fell in free fall speed. so i guess i can say i support the collage girl.

You are as free...

and you are a complete moron! if you remember, 2, count them, 2, jet airliners went into those towers FULLY loaded with fuel...I can't even believe that you are so stupid! You don't know squat- "al quada"????? who are they, ya moron???? You are the douchiest of douchebags.

JEF (Anonymous)

clayvin wrote: "Ike warned us about the military/industrial complex..." Yep! And the big event on Oct. 4, 1957 helped changed all those sweet thoughts. Go farther back in U.S. history. Pres. Washington warned about "entangling alliances."

JEF (Anonymous)

freebird wrote: " just want to say 9-11 was an inside job..." And FDR was prescient regarding Pearl Harbor and Pres. Lincoln knew about Fort Sumter!!! Go check it out on the web! LOL.

JEF (Anonymous)

I was looking at the photo once again. The mere fact that Ms. Thurston had the freedom to stand before the court house and share her views without government sanctioned arrest or repression spectacularly disproves her contention that this is "1 nation under control..."

WAR: What about...

Aside from humans, ants are the only other species known to exhibit such behavior (war) on a large scale.

The victims wer...

The September 11, 2001 attacks consisted of a series of coordinated terrorist suicide attacks by Islamic extremists on that date upon the United States of America.

That morning nineteen terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners. Each team of hijackers included a trained pilot. The hijackers intentionally crashed two of the airliners (United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11) into the World Trade Center in New York City, one plane into each tower (1 WTC and 2 WTC), resulting in the collapse of both buildings soon afterward and extensive damage to nearby buildings. The hijackers crashed a third airliner (American Airlines Flight 77) into the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, near Washington, D.C. Passengers and members of the flight crew on the fourth aircraft (United Airlines Flight 93) attempted to retake control of their plane from the hijackers; that plane crashed into a field near the town of Shanksville in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania. In addition to the 19 hijackers, 2,974 people died as an immediate result of the attacks, and the death of at least one person from lung disease was ruled by a medical examiner to be a result of exposure to WTC dust. Another 24 people are missing and presumed dead. The victims were predominantly civilians.

26 percent and ...

Various conspiracy theories have emerged as a reaction to the attacks suggesting that individuals outside of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda knew of, planned, or carried out the attacks. According to an August 2007 Zogby opinion poll sponsored by 9/11 Truth, 26 percent of the American public suspect the government turned a blind eye toward the attacks, and 4.6 percent suspect the government participated in the attacks. These theories are not accepted as credible by most mainstream journalists, scientists, and political leaders, who have concluded that responsibility for the attacks and the resulting destruction rests with Al Qaeda.

JEF (Anonymous)

WAR: What about uncles? wrote:" Aside from humans, ants are the only other species known to exhibit such behavior (war) on a large scale. " And ants as a species have survived on Earth for how long?

Re JEF (Anonymous)

That's because they are smarter than us...they can't talk.

JEF (Anonymous)

Re JEF wrote:" That's because they are smarter than us...they can't talk. " Ever hear of non-verbal communication (NVC)? On-the-other-hand, there are some who believe that much of human technology has largely amounted to a continual perfection of methods that allow us to kill each other more efficiently. The Twentieth Century was the bloodiest in recorded history. Perhaps humanity can top it in the Twenty-First?

Re: JEF (Anonymous)

Dude, I was was a joke. You are very smart, and it intimidates me. I'm use to the likes of swiss family, trying to decipher that mess is a job in itself. YOU make perfect sense everytime. Well done, mate.

freebird (Anonymous)

as to the 9-11 cover up, put options were 5 times there daily average the morning of sept 11th, not to mention the owner of the twin towers took out a 6 billion dollar insurance policy on the trade centers six weeks before 9-11, including acts of terrorism, jet fuel is bi product of kerosene, kerosene doesnt get hot enough to melt steel.
the twin towers were built to withstand a 100 yr storm hurricanes. bombing and even a plane hitting them, they were pulverized into dust, those building should of burned for days before they would of collapsed. think of what 9-11
did for our government, gave us the patriot act homeland security, now the goverment can spy on us anytime, not to mention an excuse to invade iraq and afganastan. get a clue and except the truth, quit watching cnn and fox news, or did they brain wash you too much already.

freebird (Anonymous)


Uh, freebird? (...

WHO is the one that's brainwashed, pal? You are pathetic.
Statements of al-Qaeda recorded after 9/11 add weight to the U.S account of who was responsible for the attacks. In a 2004 video, apparently acknowledging responsibility for the attacks, bin Laden states that he was motivated by the 1982 Lebanon War, for which he held the U.S. partially responsible. In the video, bin Laden also claims that he wants to "restore freedom to our nation," to "punish the aggressor in kind," and to inflict economic damage on America. He declared that a continuing objective of his holy war was to "bleed America to the point of bankruptcy." Bin Laden said, "We swore that America would not live in security until we live it truly in Palestine. This showed the reality of America, which puts Israel's interest above its own people's interest. America will not get out of this crisis until it gets out of the Arabian Peninsula, and until it stops its support of Israel."

Nous sommes tou...

The report concludes that the fireproofing on the Twin Towers' steel infrastructures was blown off by the initial impact of the planes and that, if this had not occurred, the towers would likely have remained standing. The fires weakened the trusses supporting the floors, making the floors sag. The sagging floors pulled on the exterior steel columns to the point where exterior columns bowed inward. With the damage to the core columns, the buckling exterior columns could no longer support the buildings, causing them to collapse. In addition, the report asserts that the towers' stairwells were not adequately reinforced to provide emergency escape for people above the impact zones. NIST stated that the final report on the collapse of 7 WTC will appear in a separate report. This was confirmed by an independent study by Purdue University.

JEF (Anonymous)

freebird, kindly consider the principle of Occam's Razor which can be simply stated as: 'All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the right one.' Or, as has been said another way - If you are in N. America and hear hoof beats, think horses not zebras.

The 19 Highjack...

all but a few were Saudi Arabian. Damn,you gotta love are allies. Hmmm, didn't we, also, support Osama Bin Laden against the Soviet Union. And I'm pretty sure the chemical weapons, Saddam used against Iran during the 80's and then again in the 90's against the Kurds were given to him by..... once again, our government. Nice.

This is our gov...

"A Pentagon group has encouraged some U.S. military snipers in Iraq to target suspected insurgents by scattering pieces of "bait," such as detonation cords, plastic explosives and ammunition, and then killing Iraqis who pick up the items, according to military court documents."

swiss family .....

hey "JEF" i don't know what i ever did to you , to have you make negative comments about me ? but all i have to say is , nice picture of you in the paper last week . aren't you a police officer in Norwalk ? or do you just both share the same initials?well. thats such a weird co- incidence ??

Another nail in...

"US Vice President Richard Cheney has considered provoking an exchange of military strikes between Iran and Israel in order to give the United States a pretext to attack Iran, Newsweek magazine reported in its Monday issue." The fact that this was even considered is scary.

How did it come...

Instead of pursuing those that had attacked us that day, we now find ourselves in the fourth year of war against a nation that had nothing to do with those attacks. While we mourn the three thousand americans killed on 9/11, Iraq now mourns over a million of their countrymen, consigned to a shallow grave by the indifferent violence of a war waged out of the blind greed of defense contractors, and the poisoned Straussian Neoconservative dream of bringing democracy to the world at the tip of a cluster bomb.

And yet, in the face of absolutely no evidence of such, a full one-third of our country believes that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Our phones are being wiretapped- habeas corpus is dead- the books we check out of libraries are still being reported to the department of homeland security-our constitution lies in tatters.

Six years after the 9/11 attacks, this is the legacy- this is the monument that stands to mark the thousands who died that day: war, ingorance, and self-betrayal.

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Tsk...Tsk...Tsk...I don't think you read that right. What you read was a reply to JEF, and I know that because I wrote it to him. I told you before, RE: means reply. Nice assumption on the guy by the way- I hope if he is a cop he gets to ticket you someday. You should apoligize to him. What goes around...

RE: How did it ...

You might want to bone up on your 9/11 history.

JEF (Anonymous)

Re: How did it come to this, In 1935 Winston Churchill advocated pre-emptive actions against an increasingly militarized Nazi Germany. In 1945, Pres. Harry Truman had to choose between the use of atomic weapons or the likely deaths of hundreds of thousands of U.S. servicemen in a conventional-style invasion of Japan. Sometimes during war, difficult choices have to be made or should be made in order to head off the potential risks of considerable sacrifices in the future. The invasion of Iraq was one such action.