Bond set at $1,025,000 in baby slaying

Norwalk baby was 11 weeks old.
Scott Seitz
May 20, 2013


Bond was set at $1,025,000 this morning for the suspect in a baby slaying that took place late last week in Sandusky.

Denzel Castile, 19, of Sandusky, appeared this morning in Sandusky Municipal Court, where he entered a "not guilty" pleas to aggravated murder, felony assault and assault on an officer.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for 11:30 a.m. May 29, also in Sandusky Municipal Court.

Castile is accused of fatally stabbing the baby Thursday during a skirmish that resulted in police being called to the home in Sandusky. He also became combative with police following his arrest, leading to additional charges.

The 11-week-old victim, Athena Castile, died early Friday morning at Firelands Regional Medical Center. She was born Feb. 27, in Norwalk, daughter of Jenisa Meishon Castile of Norwalk and James G. Williams of Erie, Pa. She lived in Norwalk with her mom and maternal grandparents, Katia Castile and Mike Stewart. That was the first time she had been to Sandusky, her grandmother said.

A funeral is set for Wednesday. To read Athena's obituary, click HERE.

Click HERE to read more about the tragedy and the events leading up to it.

Castile, who is a cousin of the victim, is being held at the Erie County Jail.



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I got a laugh out of your comment ..... Chances are you said the truth ....


My tax dollar has already paid to much to keep him alive. If he doesn't get the death penalty in this case then there is no justice in the system. Tired of seeing child killers left alive while some crackhead kills another crackhead and gets death. System is just fkd up.


Sorry to disappoint you wasp71 but killing a baby does not meet the requirements for the death penalty in Ohio.


My last sentence in my last statement pretty much sums it up.


Rumor has it, drugs were involved with this psychotic homicide. Sure, it is no excuse. He is now a threat to society and has to be caged and evaluated. But, whose innocent life will be taken next? This is not the end people. It is an epidemic happening all across America! Drugs, including psych meds and opiates, cause violent side effects including aggression, mania, violence, psychosis, suicidal and homicidal ideation. There will be more senseless violence until people wake up and investigate the real cause of this psychotic behavior. The chemicals in these drugs are the devil's candy. It is not a demon. It is a chemical altering the brain! It does not discriminate and it is taking over America. Other countrys are investigating these circumstances. Why are we not looking into it ourselves? Mental health and drugs are being ignored by our society. I can assure you, all of the school shootings across America involved a chemical altering the brain and mistreated mental condition! We are being mislead. We do not have room in the courts, prisons or graveyards to keep this epidemic silent! It has become the norm to treat depression and mental conditions with a quick drug, whether it is prescribed or off the street! SAY NO TO ALL DRUGS! STOP BEING A LAB RAT FOR DRUG DEALERS AND PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES TRYING TO MAKE AN EASY DOLLAR! GO TO H*LL DRUG DEALERS. YOU ARE MASS MURDERERS!


Anyone with any sense at all will listen to you and heed your words Righteousness. Think about this people ...... if you are cured, who makes money then?


Wow, now try to tell us how you really feel!


It's a vicious cycle ladies and gents. Take the drugs to treat the decease. Take more drugs to counteract the side effects of the original drugs. Then take a third drug to...... Vicious cycle and yes, we are the willing lab rats falling into this vortex of epidemic proportions. Look at the horrific come back heroin has made. Back in school, even the pot heads would stay away from heroin because "it was wack". Origin of the problem: pill-mill doctors that are too eager to prescribe Vicodin and oxicodone to anyone complaining of pain. These highly addictive drugs become a habit, and when the scrips run out, you turn to street sellers of said meds. As you realize the pills are too expensive and you can get the same basic result with a hit or two or heroin, at half the cost, you go for it. Then you try to clean yourself up and they put you on a little patch that you put under your tongue to "relieve the effects". What they don't tell you is that the side effects and detox from that patch are worse than the heroin detox. So back to heroin!!!


You know I've been reading the comments that everyone has posted these past few days, the condemnation of this boy's actions in murdering this baby and nothing can excuse his actions etc. and everytime something like this occurs it's the same comments and people that post for whatever self centered reasons you have. I am just as disgusted that this has happened. Have any of you given thought to what the mother,grandmother or this baby's siblings are going through? Or even Denzel's mom and their family. I don't know these people personally but my thoughts are with them. This was a good kid, so it seems-can you even imagine as a mother what all of them are going through right now? All the mothers that are on here- can you even imagine the pain and horror his parents or Athena's mom are in right now? A few of you have mentioned in passing your thoughts and prayers are with Jenisa, but I really don't believe that. I believe that your thoughts are with yourselves. The majority of people on here spout so much hate and bitterness no matter what the subject is and well frankly I believe all of you have condemned yourselves and even though you haven't killed anyone physically, you are really no better than some of those you condemn. As for whatever comments that will be posted after I post this- none of it matters to me because you see my actions speak louder than words. My actions are to leave this poor family alone, give them all the support I can by respect their privacy and the pain they are suffering through and donate $$ to help bury this poor baby.


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Well said happyfeet!


Exactly right, Onemanforce.


Drugs are the cause and judges sending all users/dealers to CBCF is the problem. The ways our laws are written, it's a no-win situation. I fear it will only get worse.


@Windy - it will only get worse before it begins to even dream of starting to get better. The problem is not necessarily that the judges are not doing their jobs. It's that they don't have adequate room in our already-overcrowded jails (Huron and Erie county alike) to house these "people". Hence, having to go with alternatives for some hope of rehabilitation. I know some of these judges, and can tell you: they are not happy with some of the decisions they have to make. And on our dime - might I add-. It's a loose - loose situation with which, sadly, we're stuck. @happyfeet64 - it's not that we (or at least I) are not thinking of the parents and families of both victim and suspect. It is that when these kind of atrocities take place, you can't help but to vent and rant your frustrations at people doing this to each other. I am not a religious person, but I do believe in "do onto others as you would have done onto you". It is a way to relieve the anger and frustration one feels, when nothing else can be done at that particular time. Don't take it to heart, even though that is exactly from where my comments come. I applaud your helping Athena's family with your donations. Let us all do the same.

Brock Lee

hope he meet bubba in jail


Don't solicit donations ii, should be against guildlines. if they can afford tatts and booze and smokes and drugs they can afford a cremation. simple and cheap.