Search nets 139 pot plants

Authorities found 139 marijuana plants Thursday during a Huron County eradication operation arranged by the Ohio Bureau of Identification and Investigation. Officers found 58 plants during a similar engagement Aug. 30. Huron County Sheriff's Capt. Bob McLaughlin said the Marion County helicopter's mechanical problems cut short the late August search, so BCI&I contacted him about another opportunity.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


Authorities found 139 marijuana plants Thursday during a Huron County eradication operation arranged by the Ohio Bureau of Identification and Investigation. Officers found 58 plants during a similar engagement Aug. 30.

Huron County Sheriff's Capt. Bob McLaughlin said the Marion County helicopter's mechanical problems cut short the late August search, so BCI&I contacted him about another opportunity.

"They're the ones that set the dates," he added.

Most of the plants found Thursday, between 4 1/2 and 5 feet tall, had not matured. Full maturity depends on the water the plants get plus weather and the type of soil.

"I'd imagine they'd be in the ground for another month," McLaughlin said. "Some of them started to bud."

Authorities found the plants at eight different fields in Fairfield, Greenwich, Hartland New Haven and Ripley townships. Nineteen of the 139 plants were discovered in Willard and another 20 on Plymouth East Road.

McLaughlin said there are two suspects wanted in connection with Thursday's search, but there haven't been any arrests made. The suspects aren't being named because they haven't been charged.

Before any charges can be filed, the lab at the Mansfield Police Department needs to test the plants and authorities need to "get the case together," McLaughlin explained.

The Drug Enforcement Agency suggests one 6-foot tall plant yields about 1 pound of pot.

If the seized plants end up weighing more than 200 grams resulting in felony charges, the case will be turned over to Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler's office. If the plants weigh less than that, authorities would turn the matter over to the respective law director overseeing the jurisdiction where the plants were found.

Cpl. Jeff Kerber, who organized last month's operation, has said arrests often are difficult to make because it's a challenge to determine who planted the marijuana in a rural corn fields far from any homes. Kerber also said officers have been known to find plants in someone's garden or at a home while doing an unrelated investigation.

McLaughlin attributed the difference in the amount of plants found between Thursday and Aug. 30 to working an eight-hour day last week instead of a half-day.

"If you have more flight time, you can find more marijuana plants," McLaughlin added, noting that helicopters have to stop every two hours to refuel.

The same two pilots from the Marion County Sheriff's Office involved in the previous operation also assisted the ground crew Thursday. Last week's ground crew consisted of two BCI&I agents, McLaughlin, Kerber, Special Deputy Lon Burton and Wakeman Police Sgt. Josh Milchen.

McLaughlin was asked if the 139-plant haul was as large as he expected to find.

"It's about par. I'd like to find more," he said.

Capt. Jim VanHentenryck, involved in last month's search, said authorities typically get information about where the plants are growing from anonymous callers, snitches and farmers or residents who have seen suspicious activity.


JEF (Anonymous)

Hemp has the potential to be a fantastic cash crop for the state of Ohio. Restricted cultivation is legal in Canada. Its fiber can be used as a low-cost substitute for woodpulp when manufacturing paper. It also has the potential for use in bio-fuels.

not to mention....

the hand lotions and fine

Cheech (Anonymous)

Who needs bio-fuel. Smoke enough and you can fly where you want to go. No plane needed.

JEF (Anonymous)

For us hayfever sufferers, it's unfortunate that the bureaucrats can't uproot ragweed with such vehemence. Perhaps we should start a rumor that ragweed has psychoactive properties? Hey Cheech, try it and let us know.

serious (Anonymous)

We have unsolved murders, arsons and other serious crimes in the county and they are spending our money on this stuff.

Awesome... (Ano...

Only took 5 comments to get the obligatory "better things to do" comment out of the way.

Excuse me, seri...

We have unsolved murders??? Do tell!

what's a little...

You cops are worried about a few pot plants with all the heroin there is in this county, espically willard??? How much did the gas cost us taxpayers for the copter?? I think we , from willard anyways, would agree the heroin problem is 110% worse than the pot. Be real cops, quit picking on the little weed smokers, go get the real druggies off the street. And fyi, I am not a drug user of any kind.

donut (Anonymous)

Well, this is easier and makes for a better photo op.

you're right (A...

if we can't find all these heroin pushers, screw it, don't arrest anyone or do anything.

what's a little...

their affraid of the heroin dealers, they only go after the runners and users. Then they use them to try and get the dealers only to have their drug money buy them a good lawyer and get out of it scott free. And on and on and on it's never gonna stop till you get some of the big boy's that run our nice little city of heroin, and I don't mean the dealers either, the "business" men!!

speaking of her...

what ever happened with the Holly Snyder and boyfriend drug bust a few weeks back... how are they not sitting in jail still? Oh thats this town all you have to do is NARK and never have to face the music of being a junkie and drug dealer ( which is funny that Holly busted her own boyfriend, and set him up w/ herion) Why are the police chasing after weed. Big deal! find the real losers in this town and actually make them server their time!!!!

what's a little...

you got that right, "speaking of heroin"!! I hear the cops are even paying people $100 per every 4 they nark out. Isn't that pitiful!!! Come on Willard police, earn your wages!!! Most of it in this town is who u r. I heard Blanton and holly got busted first and then went back to the motel and did a buy bust on rowe. Rowe was released from jail because he has such a bad staff infection in his arms from shooting up, and it is very contagious. Thats how Dalton got out of his trafficing is because he has such a bad staff infection in his legs. The jails and prisons don't want them so they walk and anyone else involved gets scr*wed!

$100 per every ...

$100 per every 4 they nark out. that's only 25 bucks a pop. then they in turn go out and buy dope with that's just drug money and they (the cops) are the enablers when they do that! I can't imagine walking (or in his case, hobbling) around not worried whether or not my staff infection was going to go away ewwww! this dope is kicking the crap these young kids, mentally and physically. There's a site called "my death space" that has just a ton of dead kids, it's where you go if you die and you have a my space account...if the drugs don't get 'em, the car accidents will.

unsolved murder...

we have unsolved murders, that have been written off as suicide, even though it is obvious that these people did not commit suicide, but yet pot is more serious than leaving the killers run free....

sounds like... ...

something that went down in D.C. when the Clinton's were in office...

Maybe (Anonymous)

Some of you should try being Police Officers, since you seem to have the job down pat already, we'll all be living in Pleasantville in no time.

Maybe NOT (Anon...

I hate guns. Guess that leaves me out.

swiss family......

i am glad to see that the police are trying o cut into alot of the illegal drugs in this area .. i wonder if they ever thought about the possibility of someone running illegal cars down to Mexico , and bringing drugs back on their return trip , to sell locally ? just a thought

Swiss is a tool...

swiss- shut up you tool! nobody cares because it isn't true you tool! If I don't answer you, nobody will you tool! GO CHOKE ON SOME PIZZA IN NEW LONDON YOU TOOL! WHY DON'T YOU GET YOUR 'POLICING LICENSE' AND BUST THESE PEOPLE IF THEY DID SOMETHING WRONG YOU TOOL! Otherwise, I'm going to assume one of them broke your heart and this is why you are so bitter, you tool!

has the Swiss f...


SLS (Anonymous)

I'm glad that they are taking the steps to find the pot in the area. Research shows that pot is a stepping stone to using harder drugs. As a parent I applaud everything that the police/drug enforcement do in order to try to control the drug situation. I do realize that heroin is a very big issue in the Huron County area and I know that they are trying everything they can to try to get it under control -- BUT -- a drug dealer does not care who they sell to or who's life they ruin. Most of the people that are getting caught with heroin are people that have no hope left and do they really care if the dealer gets caught? They are more worried about their next high and want to make sure that the substance is there for them when they get out - so why report them. I feel that we as a community need to support our local enforcement and help them get the situation under control. If you know someone who has drugs report them's not that hard. Stop sitting back and complaining about what you feel the law enforcement is not doing.

swiss family .....

to "swiss is a tool" im sorry , i forgot what kind of childish name you were calling me , what was it again ?? oh yeah ! a "tool" what kind of a tool would that be ? just curious ? do i have cooties too ?lolololololol

RE: swiss faiml...

you are STILL a tool, sally boniva! It's hard for me to come on here and dog you-seriously! I don't want you to go to Mexico, who would I poke fun at? I look forward to your comments everyday. You make me laugh, at least you got that going for ya. Sometimes you do say the wrong thing, like when you needlessly bring up the Brants, they're ok people and I doubt they ever did anything to you personally...and I don't like it when you dog them for no reason. So I, in turn, dog you. I don't even know the Brants personally, I have met a few, and they were nice people. So, as your lady friend would say...'tit for tat'.

LOL! (Anonymous)

sally boniva

NARC (Anonymous)

I don't know, SLS, I'm afraid to NARC anyone out for fear of retaliation...they don't stay in jail forever.

what's a little...

they don't stay in jail at all unless their from the wrong side of the tracks. I keep up on every one of them and it is ridiculas how the judicial system is in this county. The same ones keep going to prison for near nothing and some sap who gets busted with 25, 50 and on up balloons of heroin walk. Go figure??? If you have the wrong last name you are scr*wed. Don't believe it just go to the clerk of courts page and read for yourselves. Guess its because they have more drug money to spread around to whomever they need to walk.

RE: NARC from S...

Well if you don't want to be a "narc" then maybe you have a drug issue also. I cannot understand why anyone who knows that someone has a drug issue (regardless of any drug) would not say something to the law enforcement.........unless they themselves are a drug addict. So enjoy you next high because the first of the month is coming and my tax dollars are paying for your habit! Speaking of which.....why doesn't the goverment drug test the people that are receiving assistance from the state? I feel if you want to receive benefits and ACTUALLY DESERVE THEM......then there should be no issue with a drug test......HOW DOES EVERYONE ELSE FEEL ABOUT THIS?

Re:RE: NARC fro...

Why is everybody on here a douche but me?????? If you say something 'nice' about JFS, then you work there and you are typing on company time. I come to this story, tell YOU what I feel about retaliation, and now I'm a drug addict. I suppose if I comment on the stolen car parts, I'm part of that conspiracy too. Remind me not to talk to any of you douchebags ever again! GET REAL! YOU DOUCHE!

to the post bel...

Wow maybe someone has some anger issues or nothing else to do in life but call other people names. Personally I don't think any of us douchebags would like to talk to you.