New pizza place opens

Huron County residents have new option when it comes to eating.
Aaron Krause
May 20, 2013


If you think a slice of pizza is nice once in a while, as opposed to a whole pie, a Willard eatery that can accommodate you has opened.

Pauly's By The Slice Pizzeria, which also offers sandwiches and Italian food, is open for business at 101 S. Myrtle Ave., Willard.


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Best of luck to you! You can never have enough Pizza Places! Does anyone recommend a good pizza place in Norwalk? I'm from NY so I know good Pizza. When I lived in Sandusky a few years ago, we would order a Chicken and Broccoli pizza, Pizza House east made it the best but they all have it on the menu. They use a white garlic sauce. I cant find one place in Norwalk that even knows what a Chicken and Broccoli pizza is! I also miss good Hot garlic and Parm wings, or any flavor for that matter. I cant find one place around here that makes them right. I know one thing, Little Caesars is going to put them all out of business if they don't shape up. Lately, we only pick up a "hot n ready" pizza for 5 bucks. Cant beat it and tastes great. I tried ordering from pizza post the other day, love there pizza most times, but it cost me around 25 bucks for a family size and an order of wings. Not only expensive but it was cold, sucky, and took over an hour to be delivered!


If you are from New York and you say Little Czars is good pizza then your're not from New York and you really don't know what good pizza is. That is two different worlds and to compare them you abviously don't know what a good pizza is. The best pizza I ever ate was actually at the Cheesecake Factory. Try Pean's in Monroeville (Ithink that's the name). It's almost on the square and is one of the better places around here. All around here they are pretty much the same. You get average pizza that each person will say is best. But Little Czar's? Get real. My opinion.


Little Czars is good pizza for 5 bucks, for real!


My kid loves the Deep Dish pizza from Little Caesars..for 8 bucks. Personally, I've never had pizza I didn't like:)


Right on! We got the Deep Dish today. Very filling. Kids and wife all loved it. It wasn't "hot n ready" though, haha. They were backed up so I had to wait ten minutes but it was definitely hot n tasty, and worth it!


Once upon a time there was a saying....."Pizza is like sex, even when it is kinda bad it is still kinda good!" LOL.


@ thereader:

There ain't no good pizza in Norwalk. Use-ta-be Joseppi's, but that's LONG GONE.

Outsida Chicago where I lived for 25 yrs., its all just ketchup on a cracker.

Here in Norwalk, you're better off makin' your own (I make my own deep dish) or buying a frozen Digiorno's.


Do you deliver? haha.


Give it a try:

The Pillsbury pizza dough in the dairy case is a good short-cut.

If you can find it, just buy the ground sausage.

We seldom eat out because we hate paying for what we can usually do better.

LOVE Cajun! Having shrimp jambalaya tonight!


Thanks man, we'll try it! Funny you mentioned jambalaya, we had it last nigh with diced up smoked beef sausage. It was awesome!

swiss family

call New London Pizza House...419-929-8179... take your insulated bag from Sam's club, and get their great pizza and is worth the drive...mmmmmmmmmm and good luck and welcome to Pauly's... I am anxious to try your Pizza and subs...


Pizza Explosion in new london is also good and fairly can get hand tossed thin crust or deep pan crust.419-929-5000


LOL I buy 2$ frozen pizzas better then pizza explosion. o wait thats because theirs are only 1$ frozen pizzas. ooops....let the cat out of the bag. pizza house in new London is good but not good enough for a 30min drive from Norwalk. and youre also going to spend 20-30$ for a family


actually its hand made dough made every day.and all fresh toppings.



Dont Worry Be Happy

Try Chucks Pizza Pen out on 61, always thought they had the best pizza in the area.


will try, thanks.


This place is a joke....nasty, greasy, tasteless, soggy, pizza. When they tell you 20 minutes for delivery expect 45 minutes at least. And this guy says he is going to start a franchise and put Mamas out of business....yeah right. Good luck....


Pizza Brothers in Norwalk is always a great choice. They always have reasonable prices and now have the VIP text service that offers even more savings.


Try the Huron Pizza House. Located on Rt 13. Not a far drive from Norwalk, They have a nice dining area. Same menu as the Sandusky Pizza House. (But much better) Worth the drive.


Ahh, nice! will try them soon. Thanks.


Predictable. Every yahoo pizza owner in the county gets on a new pizza place story under an anonymous name and suggests people eat their own garbage.

Chuck's is good, Pean's in Monroeville is good, Up Town Cafe not bad. I'll try this Willard place out soon and report.


Glad you like Pean's. It was , and still is one of the Pizza Houses. And why wouldn't a pizza owner recommend their establishment to a seeker??? Good pizza is where it is. Alot of not so good product out there.


Peans in Monroeville is really good and there buffet is pretty good too (all you can eat wings :) ) but again they are really expensive.

believe it

I haven't tried this new place yet but would like to soon.

A very good place to try for everyone reading this is Baker's in Bucyrus. A little south of probably most readers on here but it may be the best pizza I've had in this area. Another very good place is Chet and Matt's in Sandusky.


Barker's is really good CVS Pharmacy had there meetings there


Will check this guy out. Remember the Pizza Shack? Philly & New York spoiled me. Haven't had a pie like that around here. Heard you can order & have shipped from Pizza Uno. Talked to a friend and asked why there aren't any good pies here. He said people wouldn't pay for a good pie. Think he might be right.


So what's the price of a "good pie"? I'm sure I've payed the same price, if not more for a lot of "bad pies" around here.


With Huron County's unemployment skyrocketing past 12%, it is nice to know that we can keep all of these pizza places in business.