No more second-chances - Drug dealer sent to prison after blowing probation

Defendant tells judge: "I want to get better for myself and my children. They need me."
Cary Ashby
May 15, 2013


"When I was sentenced last year, I had a difficult time admitting I had a drug addiction."

That's what convicted drug dealer Chelsey M. McCullough said before Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway sentenced her to 23 months in prison Wednesday. The term includes six months for a new possession of heroin conviction and 17 months for a series of probation violations.

"We certainly hope this is a wake-up call," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said.

McCullough, 24, most recently of New London, said she struggled with sobriety after serving 30 days in the Huron County Jail. In September, a jury -- after two full days of testimony and nearly 2 1/2 hours of deliberation -- found her guilty of two counts each of selling heroin and morphine to a confidential informant whom she contacted by texting.

"I want to get better for myself and my children. They need me," McCullough said.

At Wednesday's hearing, she pleaded guilty to a bill of information, which waives her right to a grand jury indictment, to possession of heroin. The conviction is for a March 30 traffic stop when Trooper Thomas Halko, of the state Highway Patrol, stopped McCullough for a lane violation when she was eastbound on Ohio 18.

"The drug dog was run around the vehicle," Leffler said.

At first, McCullough claimed a friend who is addicted to drugs gave her the hypodermic needles found in the car, but she "eventually cooperated" and admitted to shooting up heroin, Leffler said.

"Ms. McCullough gave a lengthy explanation of her problem with heroin," he said.

A lab test later confirmed a spoon also found in the car had heroin on it. McCullough, whose driver's license is suspended for six months, must reimburse the patrol $35 to cover the cost of drug testing.

Also Wednesday, McCullough admitted to committing several probation violations, which included the heroin-related traffic stop. She tested positive for opiates March 31. Since Jan. 8, the defendant failed to keep her probation officer updated on her whereabouts, hadn't performed 25 hours of community service by mid-February and hadn't made any payments on her fines, restitution or court costs.

"She (also) had been associating with a known convicted felon," probation officer Andrea Cooke told the court.

Leffler said the state wouldn't oppose McCullough applying for early release from prison and being transferred into a community-based corrections facility (CBCF). Defendants spend four to six months in a CBCF, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.


BlueAngel brainer lady...your kids come FIRST... not you... if you loved your kids then you would have stopped... to be should have your kids taken form you permanently and never get them already proved they dont matter to you.... its so sad when drugs come before kids!!


how about that judge sent someone to jail for blowing probtion omg//////////


As a mother I will never be able to understand how this woman and women like her just throw there kids away! Grow up and get your act together!


Some people are just Stupid.


I would hope the known felon is also now under investigation, for drug activity & associating a convicted drug dealer !


That settles that question. Stupid is why they are on drugs or deal in the first place. Yep, Stupid is as Stupid does.


No your kids need to be taken from you and you should never get them back , they should go to someone that is going to take care of them first and that dont have a drug addiction . Cause there is no wany even after you get out, you are going to stay off that crap .I know If I was the judge I would have to be a fool to even let you see your kids , You dont care about your kids , if you did , you would have never started on them drugs . Plain and simple
And I think its a shame and a scam that women use their children as an excuse why they shouldnt pay the same price that anyone {THAT INCLUDES MEN } have to pay
Your kids are not to be used as your get out of jail free card
If you cant do the time , dont do the crime and leave your kids out of it


No kid needs a parent like this. Please sterilize her and test the kids for anything and everything they could have contracted just by being inside her. thank you.


She is a horrible mother. P.O.S


You didn't really just throw that rock, right?


Was that you who threw the rope with a noose over the tree limb? Whose horse is that?


And hopefully they wont give her kids to her parents to raise... after all... they raised HER!


Her parents already have custody of them.


I must apologize. But in all honesty, reading the Norwalk news and the comments in here is like watching a silent movie with Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton. Then add a dose of the "lil Rascals" and maybe some Keystone Cops.


lol :)


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Why bother? you make it funny enough the way it is already. ;)


Apple didnt fall far from the tree. Grandpa, father . . .


No doubt! And they are giving HER kids to HER parents? Just another up and coming generation of junkies. If anyone truly cared about the welfare of her kids... and its not HER... they should be adopted out or else they wont stand a chance...just like SHE didn't..

Yall Make Me Sick

If you wanted to get better for your children you would have a long time ago.... You always want to be or do better once your busted.


Even though I don't agree with the sterilization idea(you can get clean at some point) I do understand the frustration that ALL of us go through seeing these women reciting the same script over and over. I do agree that if you do have children and you're an addict, you should not have custody, you should jump through so many hoops just to get visitation and well if you can't get clean within a certain amount of time then you are SOL. After 6 1/2 years of pure hell, I got clean for ME! And, I stayed clean for ME!3 months after I became clean, I became pregnant with my 16 year old then my 15 year old. Having that 2nd chance and realizing how blessed and how much of a gift they are- well, I have never looked back. There is nothing absolutely nothing that can ever come close to what I've been allowed to have, being a part of their lives is a gift that I will always cherish! And to throw it away like it's a piece of trash is unforgivable!


thats awesome! you got clean.for yourself and stayed.clean for your children! I wish others had the same outcome, sadly most people will not :/


Sad example of how messed up this county is. America's future is in trouble because %$#@! like this.