Single woman working way into a home

National Women Build Week celebrated at the future Norwalk home.
Joe Centers
May 14, 2013


EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is an excerpt from Joe Centers' column that was published in Tuesday's Norwalk Reflector.

Turning tragedy into triumph.

That’s what is happening at 85 Milan Ave. in Norwalk. On Sept. 25, a fire destroyed a home at that location. A child playing with a lighter was the cause.

Fast forward to Saturday as dozens of volunteers gathered at the same spot for a wall raising and site blessing. The event, sponsored by Firelands Habitat for Humanity, was celebrating National Women Build Week at the future home of Sarah Farr.

(NOTE - To see photos of the event, click HERE.)

Farr, who is single, wore a yellow hard hat and a huge smile as she helped lift the first wall up into place.

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Let me say something and risk getting everyone irate. When Habitat initially started, I considered it to be a worthwhile cause. Not so much anymore and let me explain why.The current guidelines are for 2 people $18,000 a year + sweat equity hours to purchase a home. I understand that taxes and insurance are the primary reasons for this amount BUT a 2 person family with an income of this size equals $1500 monthly.And at the state minimum wage with only an average of 40 hours(hopeful since this area generally only provides seasonal employment,even factories, how is someone supposed to qualify? A 3 person family is $24,000- that's not realistic! These homes were initially for FAMILIES whose incomes were low and housing that was substandard.I realize that the issue of discrimination raises it's ugly head but still....


I never understood why they just didn't rehab older vacant homes instead of building new.