Rapist found guilty of all charges

Jurors deliberate for almost four hours before reaching decision.
Cary Ashby
May 2, 2013


"He picked his victims because they are young and naive."

That's what Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer DeLand told the jurors about defendant Norvell T. McIntire as part of her rebuttal in her closing argument in a rape case Thursday.

Earlier, McIntire's attorney, Huron County Public Defender David Longo said the two victims' testimony isn't plausible because one of the girls took two months to report allegations of sexual assault to authorities, didn't immediately tell her parents and there was inconsistent testimony.

"You should acquit Mr. McIntire of both charges without hesitation," Longo said, referring to one count each of rape and gross sexual imposition for an incident involving a 14-year-old girl.

But the jurors decided otherwise after almost four hours of deliberation Thursday.

McIntire, 45, of Sandusky, was convicted of all five charges on which he was being tried. In addition to the rape and gross sexual imposition charges, the former Norwalk resident was found guilty of one felony charge each of attempted gross sexual imposition and importuning plus public indecency, a second-degree misdemeanor.

All the crimes happened in August before school started at the same house where local children hang out and was the residence of McIntire's girlfriend. The court referred to the offense with the older girl as the "upstairs incident" and the one involving the younger girl as "the couch incident."

"Everything was in a week or so of each other," DeLand said.

The older girl hugged her mother and father moments after Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway read the guilty verdicts. Then she stepped around and hugged DeLand. Her family declined to comment. The younger girl and her family weren't in court for the decision.

McIntire's expression never changed as the judge read the verdicts.

"I'm happy with the outcome. I think Jennifer did a great job, too," Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton said.

The older girl was aware of the earlier couch incident, Longo said, so it makes no sense she'd go back to the same house where she knew McIntire would be -- even if she said she wanted to protect her younger sister who enjoyed playing with other children there.

"It's staggering," Longo told the jury.

The 14-year-old girl was upstairs with McIntire when nobody else was home.

DeLand said when the victim walked away from McIntire, he grabbed her arm, held both of her hands above her head and he used his other hand to put his palm on her chest and push the girl onto the couch.

"He told her, 'You like it.' He told her, 'Don't tell anybody," DeLand said, referring to McIntire fondling the girl while he held her down with his other hand.

DeLand said what started as an act of gross sexual imposition continued into a rape.

Before the couch and upstairs incidents, McIntire approached both girls, who are best friends, and asked them if he could touch their butts.

"We said no and walked away. When we walked away, he smacked our butts ... with his palm," she said.

"He was asking if he could touch our butts," the girl said. "He asked me twice. I thought he just wanted to smack it."

In the couch incident, the younger girl was sitting on a couch with McIntire when both of them were under a blanket due to the air conditioning. In the small living room were eight other children, most of whom were wrestling each other.

McIntire got up at one point, only to return to the couch. The victim testified McIntire sat down after untying his gym shorts, then pulled his pants open and she saw "blackness" out of the corner of her eye. McIntire is black and his accuser is white.

"He then grabbed her arm and tried to get her to touch his penis," DeLand said.

The girl testified she flexed her arm and pulled away from him. She said she then got off the couch and had two of her friends come to the bathroom with her and she told them what happened.

McIntire also had "nudged" the girl and said her name repeatedly to get her to see his private parts when they were on the couch, DeLand said. She explained to jurors that public indecency has less to do with where the offense happened and more to do with who could have seen it.

Longo said it doesn't make sense for McIntire to commit these offenses in a room full of people since most child molesters know they need their privacy "to get away with it."

"Maybe he didn't care," countered DeLand, who recalled McIntire laughed when he was arrested on the rape indictment.

"He was relaxed and joked with the officer," added DeLand, who asked the jurors if they thought those were the actions of an innocent man.

The prosecutor said the entire circumstances started out with McIntire soliciting the girls to touch their butts, "thought he got away with it" when he smacked their bottoms as the pair walked downstairs and then McIntire tried to have the younger girl touch his penis after having exposed himself to her. DeLand said the defendant took things even farther by sexually assaulting the older girl when she was in the house by herself.

"He told her when she was running out of the door, 'Don't tell anyone' -- the last words she heard from him," DeLand said.

McIntire, whose bond was revoked, will be sentenced June 20.



Great job Jennifer!


"saw BLACKNESS"???? -What was the poor girl expecting to see?? **horrible story.....however, @ "SPARKLING WIGGLES".....I can't STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!

Sitting In The ...

Bet he regretting turning down that plea bargain....


What was the plea offer?


I ran track against Nukie back in the mid 80's, he was a tough competitor. I thought he was kinda cool but weird, now I think he's just weird. Dude, grow up, 14 year old girls were awesome when we were 14 and 15, but now you're 45. SMH


NOT A RACE CASE; if Norwalk was full of all of these racists and racially biased juries you speak of, then tell me why it took the jury 4 HOURS not 4 minutes to decide he was guilty. And further more, guilty or not of these other crimes: HE'S THE REASON MY 11*** YEAR OLD DAUGHTER CAN NO LONGER PLAY AT MCGUAN PARK!!! He was trying to become *friendly* with her since she was going there with her friends at 10! My wife kept telling me about "this guy" at the park acting "weird" towards the younger girls. I'm glad he's off the streets now! The race card get's way over used now. I'm not racist one bit, but for reasons unbeknownst to me, I've been told that I was being racially biased. With as much as people blame things on race, I'm starting to think that we must all be racists!


As I stated earlier, if someone is calling for the "race card" then they are the racist. They are creating difference between two races, think about it. I'm white, I consider everyone equal (these Muslims are starting to scare me, but that is not a race), but if I say anything derogatory about a black man, I'm a racist and a bigot....... I think people need to start reading books and stop searching websites and watching CNN.....


Can your daughter safely go back to the park now that he is off the streets? It's a shame we are the ones that have to pay the price when our children are in danger. Hopefully she will be able to return and play with her friends, but there are others out there

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You write a comment like that and then try to insult all of us out here with it. Wow.


Trash gone for awhile. GREAT!


Trust me. He rapped these girls and hes been doing for over ten years. Glad someone spoke up!

free and clean 2 yrs

wow thank God someone got him. i was going to ask if his nick name was n00kie.. or "nukie" how you spell it. but i was only 11 or 12 infront of the norwalk library and some girl i knew was talking to him. but he was just really forward and nasty. he was riding a bike and had a bunch of kids with him! and in this article he still has a bunch of kids with him. and that was 11 yrs ago... why was he always around little kids? .... ALWAYS?


u people that think this man is guilty should go straight to hell. u guys have taken what others have told u and his record and made up ur minds that this man is guilty but if u knew him personaly u would be saying the same thing i am right now, hes not guilty of this. i know this for a fact so if u got a problem with what im saying right now come see me and ill kick your butt myself


He's guilty. He was guilty 25 years ago for all the crap he did then. He has been nothing but truoble in this town ever since I can remember him. Him, all his freinds, and all the others he hangs with are a bunch of loser scum. I'm sure your an upstanding person since you just threatened everyone. It just shows what kind of people he knows. You need to go away, too. Piece of sht

free and clean 2 yrs

im not saying he is guilty because of this. i for one was hit on by this man as a very very young girl. it doesnt suprise me thats all. he knew how young i was. that didnt stop him then either


i can't believe u all wanna blame him for what 2 sluts say so u mean any teen can say they got raped and with no evidence but hearsay the guys going down really u should put the blame on where it belongs the cops and courts of norwalk this same thing happened awhile back and finally the girl spoke up and said that the cops and her parents made her say that this is the cops of norwalk there is no justice in norwalk if u want justice u better leave this town u better not hang around any kids thats not yours cuz u probably will b considered a rapist thats what everybody says.

free and clean 2 yrs

wow you apparently have no idea who your sticking up for.. i m glad hes getting put away. he was nasty and really forward when i was about 11 or 12.. and still atleast a 11 or 12 years later doing the same things.. the only reason i couldnt say anything is.. i was sooooo young and only had the name "nukie" to go by. now being older i realize cops know nick-names. and they probably would have known him. but being that young. you dont think a nick name is going to get anyone in "trouble"


this is the second time they convicted a man that is innocent i don't remember how long but the guy parsons got accused of murdering his wife left her there so there 16 yr old could find her really they had no evidence then either they found the murder weapon in the river after 13 yrs they found evidence from something in water not a chance my daughter got raped 2 yrs ago and the cops did nothing i reported the day i didnt wait 2 months after she was 17 at the time he was black y didnt they do anything about that the same cop pigman testified against him it's a conspiracy nobody can tell me any different the cops just feel threatened by him and they wanted him gone no matter what u shouldve seen the way those girls acted on grove if u had u wouldnt think anything bad about him they were lyin all the time ther jus lyers.

free and clean 2 yrs

please tell me you dont have a 19 yr old daughter. with grammar like that and a screen handle named "hotty" talking about how other girls are hoes and trying to plead your case sounding like a teen yourself. well they are just lying McLyer pants with their lies and all. just stop. please. save your screen handle from more embarrasement defending a man .. young girls that are grown now.. that arent "Lyers" (liars) know different. He is and was a very gross man


1st of all hotty doesnt mean anything and u should talk free and clean 2yrs like u used 2 b a drug addict what does that say about u and don't b talkin about my daughter shes known him since she was in first grade and she knows hes innocent and i never said i was young u c how everybody assumes stuff 2 young girls says somethin and everybody believes them off rip they jus assume they gotta b tellin the truth like 12 and 14 never lie jus like u did assume how old i was i know those 2 girls personally u don't i known nuccii over 20 yrs hes never done that apparently u don't jus assuming again


Before you can be taken at all seriously, you need to learn how to spell and use punctuation correctly. You "sound" like an idiot the way your speaking and running everything together. I would most likely say you are an uneducated idiot by this and the way you stick up for this trash. Now see how easy it is to read and understand with correct spelling and punctuation? You can actually understand when I call you an idiot and him a piece of sht! Go back to the hoods where you belong.

free and clean 2 yrs

Im not going to argue with you anymore. just like you cant spell, you cant read apparently. HE DID THE SAME TO ME.. what the hell. and yes i was an addict who the frick cares. I manage a business, own my house up right without any mortages or loans, own two cars, and have a baby on the way. and still am, apparantly smarter than whatever age you are. by the way i am only 22. Get your head out of your butt and quit defending a man that is proven guilty and take a course in english.


im not from the hood i was born and raised in a good neighborhood. there you are assuming again. for free and clean apparently you can't read either. doggin my daughter when she got raped 2 yrs ago. the cops did nothin hes still free . it was a black man raping a white girl. the cops didnt care about that.by the the way i do know grammar and how to spell. last time i looked this isnt school.u cant call me an idiot cuz i believe what i believe if that the case ur an idiot believing hes guilty. why because the courts say so. they never lie huh. if u believe the cops and courts dont lie, u need to get your head out your butt.


1st- you still sound like an idiot.
2nd- I didn't say "the Hood"- it was "hoods", meaning hoodlums you hang with.
3rd- It may not be school but you should think about trying school again because you need more than the small amount of education you recieved. And you don't know grammar. i for I, nuthin', hes. You are a moron. Stop trying to be more smart than you are. Just makes you look even more dumb. Enough with you. Your a waste and you know it. Like I said- go back to your hoods.

free and clean 2 yrs

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"Unknown666" First, let me say that your screen name reflects , quite well, the amount of education you have had. As much as you defend poor Nook, I would have to assume you may be a "kiddie diddler" yourself. Grow up, get your G.E.D. and seek gainful employment. I'm tired of paying for your free "Cheese" and "neck tats"..LOL