Accomplices convicted in home invasion

Woman pleads guilty to being accomplice; boyfriend convicted last week.
Cary Ashby
Apr 30, 2013


The sister of a home invasion suspect pleaded guilty Monday to tampering with evidence. Her boyfriend was convicted late last week.

Treva M. Campbell, 30, faces nine months to three years in prison when she is sentenced June 19. Her conviction is for driving her brother, Jeremy M. Sax, 34, and her boyfriend, Larry Thornsberry, 35, to the site of a March 1 home invasion in Fitchville Township.

"She never entered the house," defense attorney Tom Freeman said in court Monday.

The victim "was beaten about the head" with a realistic firearm by Sax and Thornsberry, Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said. Campbell had been waiting in the car and decided to go inside the victim's house to see what was taking so long and "she may have been freaked out by what she saw," Leffler said — an allegation which Campbell, through her attorney, denied shortly after the prosecutor spoke in court.

"Witnesses indicate she was there," Leffler said in response to Campbell's attorney. "It really doesn't affect the rest of the case."

The victim, during a March 12 preliminary hearing in Norwalk Municipal Court, accused Sax of repeatedly hitting him with a black handgun while Thornsberry reportedly grabbed him from behind in a choke hold. The victim testified the assault ended "after about 10 to 15 minutes."

"I went to Fisher-Titus (Medical Center) and had staples put in my head," the man said.

After the assault, Campbell drove the two other suspects away from the scene and stopped the vehicle so Sax could throw out the weapon, Leffler said.

"She was somewhat cooperative with authorities," he said, referring to helping the Huron County Sheriff's Office deputies find the weapon later.

As part of a plea deal, the state agreed to dismiss one count of burglary.

At Leffler's request, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway reduced Campbell's bond from $25,000 to $10,000. Leffler said the recommendation was because the defendant pleaded guilty to the "more significant charge."

Detective Sgt. Josh Querin has said the situation began to develop when Sax's girlfriend — a 23-year-old New London woman — went to her ex-boyfriend's home to retrieve her laptop computer.

Sax, of Norwalk, faces charges of robbery, aggravated burglary, tampering with evidence and possession of heroin. He is scheduled to stand trial July 16.

Thornsberry, 35, of Norwalk, initially was charged with robbery, burglary and possession of heroin. On Thursday, he pleaded guilty to burglary and attempted tampering with evidence. Thornsberry will be sentenced in June.

All the defendants are prohibited from having any contact with the victim.


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So why give her any time off for anything? The information about the air soft gun wasn't even used in this case. It played no part in the conviction at all.

yogi bear

Two things confuse me; the headline says siblings convicted, brother convicted last week. The article says the womans boyfriend was convicted last week and her brother goes to trial July 16th??? Second, Leffler recommended a reduced bond because she pled to the more significant charge..shouldn't that be the other way around? More significant charge, higher chance of fleeing, higher bond?

Cary Ashby

Yes - I noticed the incorrect info in the headline and teaser. Just got it changed!


Thornsberry : that name has been trash in this county after WW2.


I feel as if both of these mugshots should be in the Reflector Hall of Fame.


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"After the assault, Campbell drove the two other suspects away from the scene and stopped the vehicle so Sax could threw out the weapon, Leffler said."

Do we mean THROW? Do you not have anyone proof-reading your articles?