Husband, wife arrested after gun-related burglary, assault

Wife accused of punching female occupant on side of face.
Cary Ashby
Apr 24, 2013


A husband and wife were arrested this week after a suspected altercation with an occupant of a Plymouth apartment. The husband is accused of making "threatening statements" while holding a gun at his side.

Jessie R. Gonzalez, 26, of 319 Park St., Plymouth, is charged with burglary, a fourth-degree felony, in connection with an incident Monday. Samantha L. (Barnett) Gonzalez, also 26, of the same address, faces a misdemeanor count of assault.

The couple drove to the victim's resident.

"He (Jessie Gonzalez) was looking for the occupant of the Park Avenue residence," Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel said. "He was not invited.

"He forced his way into the apartment while the occupants were present," the prosecutor said. "It's alleged he was holding a handgun at his side. ... He made threatening statements while holding the gun."

Witnesses could see the weapon, Christophel said.

"The definition of brandishing covers someone seeing it," he added.

Gonzalez's wife is accused of punching a female occupant on the side of the face, Christophel said. The suspect reportedly was behind the victim.

"The complainant alleged she was attacked," Christophel said. "I think there was at least one minor child present."

It's unknown how the suspects know the victim or if she required medical attention.

"They fled the scene. They were taken into custody later," Christophel said. "I don't believe a gun has been recovered."

The incident remains under investigation by the Plymouth Police Department.

Gonzalez has been prohibited from being on the premises of the victim's home and isn't allowed to contact her. Norwalk Municipal Judge John Ridge set the defendant's bond at $40,000.

The suspects were in custody at the Huron County Jail as of late Wednesday afternoon.



Another responsible gun owner?


nobody was shot or killed so I would say yes.

swiss family

I will admit.. I have not read the story yet... but by my first opinion.. I am really tired of these mug shots with punks smiling, and the reason being is they know that they will get away with any crime they choose.... We Need Some New Judges and Prosecutors... and we need to start a system where the Judge and Prosecutor are paid their salary, but they are cut 1% for each plea deal they strike.... that is how the criminals are getting away with "murder"...


Look like we'll have out choice of 3 in the May election. I'd link of like to see a town hall meeting with all 3 to get there views on this


well, they didn't ruin two couples with that pairing did they? Yikes! and Eeeewwwww.


Do neck tats make one look like a badasss or a dumbasss?


Samantha Barnett in the news again? Lock her a$$ up


The chick is smiling because in "HER" world.. after a few days in lock up, MAYBE a $100 fine, she will be referred as a cool, badchick who don't take no crap.. So really she is "now" on a pedistal. If always cracks me up how 1 quick sucker punch to an unsuspected person, makes on tough.. But put in a ring or even givin' a few minutes of hand to hand....most fall flat of that title. As far as the dude, he obviously has insecurity issues to think holding a gun, neck tatoo and mean look is going to intimidate..

finally free

"Given a few minutes of hand on hand" would mean her and her entire family vs. like 1 other person.

free and clean 2 yrs

the c.o. s in county think its funny to make them laugh and the take the picture... southerland looooooves to do that.. right before she says "the reflector will love this picture" they like to taughnt the people going in there for a good giggle of their own. been there done that.. just becuase they smile now doesnt mean they think its funny.

Brock Lee





He must workout

proud mother of 3

She is smiling because she knows she will be getting out in a few after she snitches! None of the Barnett clan goes to jail for long, yet they all make their living with stealing, dealing drugs, and welfare funds. This was a vacation for her, she has 5 children to help Huron County raise! I will bet my life that she walks away from this with nothing and we will not see it in the paper again? The only people that get charged in this county are the ones that will not coporate, remember that as you are reading all the bull they put in this paper!


This article reads like stereo instructions.

enough of the bs

Wasn't he just in the last round of Grand Jury indictments? He is really working that resume up, Felony Possession, Felony Recieving Stolen Property, and now the latest Felony of Burglary. I would think the firearm should not get forgotten during the charging and sentencing phase. Hopefully he'll get plenty if time in the gym at jail to work on his figure!!


If everyone remembers last summer his uncle ED was busted in Willard on South Main Str. HIs uncle only got 2 or 3 years and he was a convicted felon found with pills and a shotgun that was stolen. It runs in the family. In this case it runs ON BOTH SIDES OF THE FAMILY.


Hope these ***** read this & "feel the love." Chubs up!


Here we go again slandering the BARNETT name....Proud mother of 3 clearly you know nothing about Barnett's i am one and have never stole from anyone, done a drug, or sold a drug so before you start slandering and running your "CLEARLY DON'T HAVE A LIFE OF HER OWN NOSEY MOUTH" i think you need to check your facts!!! And i can almost guarantee you or your children are not perfect so you need to come off that pedestal your own and realize your not a PRINCESS!!! It is just simply ridiculous that every time Samantha is in the paper you high society wanna be perfect rednecks always slander the whole dang name of Barnett's, i mean come on snap in to reality and keep your mouth's shut about people....You want to say fact's that you know about the person that's in trouble by all means everyone is entitled to thier own opinion but don't slander our name it's getting sickening!