Dad gets 15 years for role in murder of baby found in freezer

Tiny corpse discovered when landlord was cleaning house after couple moved out.
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Apr 23, 2013


The father of a newborn baby who was submerged in water, strangled with a shoestring then left in a freezer in an East Toledo home, was sentenced today to 15 years in prison.

Antonio Cervantes, 19, of 5324 Rector Dr., pleaded guilty last month before Lucas County Common Pleas Judge Myron Duhart to involuntary manslaughter, endangering children, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse for his part in the infant’s January, 2012, death.

The child’s mother, Kenisha Pruitt, 21, of 2631 Scottwood Ave., pleaded guilty to aggravated murder Feb. 22 and was sentenced to life in prison with parole eligibility after 20 years.

At her sentencing, Pruitt admitted to the court that after giving birth at the Paine Avenue home she shared with Cervantes at the time, she held the baby underwater in the bathtub then tied a shoelace around its neck that Cervantes gave her.

The baby’s tiny corpse was discovered April 13, 2012, in a freezer when the property’s landlord was cleaning the house after the couple moved out.


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B*&c! needs to have her uterus ripped OUT!!!


that's sick. someone should hold them under water then strangle them with a shoestring.


Totally agree! Fifteen years is not enough for what was done. Takes a sick person.


thats all they get? death to both of them... they murdered a newborn and thats all they get? wow!


As bad as this crime is, I don't understand why doctor's can get away with doing "partial birth" abortions and this "murder" is a crime. In a partial birth abortion, the baby is partially outside the mother, then stabbed in the back of the skull,the brains sucked out and then the fetus is taken from the mother. The only difference is that this baby wasn't killed by a doctor.


You do realize that the procedure you described was banned by federal law in 2003, and the law was upheld by the Supreme Court? That federal law is complemented by many other state laws against it as well.

jack langhals

I just checked with and chatted with Mary.If the baby is at full term it is given an injection and killed first.Kind of like these two should get !


thats it, i'm done reading this crap rag paper. why the f*ck would you put this story up here? its not local, between this, and the woman who had her kids throat slit... wtf man... sick f*cking world we live in. I dont need the highlights anymore.


No doubt. The comment section is edited better than the paper. your comment made me laugh though. Thank GOD for the WIRE.


Sad for the baby and sick of worthless parents!
It's not bad enough what the sick f**ks did...
but then to leave the poor little soul there too?
God that's sad!


I can NOT believe they "forgot" there was a dead baby in the freezer when they moved out. Did they not think the landlord would check/clean the appliances?

Brock Lee

i vote both the chair


Its a shame that the inncent child is no longer here and the people responsable are breathing and being taken care of through tax payers expense . what kind of Justice do you call this ?


Take a life (specially a baby's life) should = Electric chair!! Point blank!! Sick fu*ks need their a*ses kicked! #Sorry this p*sses me off!! Didnt mean to offend anyone with the lang'o!