State investigators determine which officer shot bystander, dog

Bullets fired during Willard drug bust; woman shot in foot.
Cary Ashby
Apr 24, 2013


State crime-scene investigators have determined the bullets that hit a bystander and a pitbull dog during a Willard drug bust match the weapon fired by a Greenwich police officer.

Officer Sean P. Nolen was one of three officers who discharged their guns during a Dec. 19 search warrant-related incident at 631 Pleasant St. in Willard. He was there with eight Willard police officers and Huron County Dog Warden Gary Ousley.

Two agents with the Ohio Bureau of Identification (BCI) interviewed Nolen in connection with assisting the Willard Police Department with a drug trafficking investigation.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler's office released the massive BCI report Monday.

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swiss family

it is awful that anyone got shot in the foot...but the really terrible part is that this crime fighting man will be in worse trouble for trying his best to make it safe for everyone, than most of the Junkies, and drug dealers that we have the pleasure of looking at on a daily basis


I call BS, sf. There is nothing worse than a loose cannon with a loaded weapon. Why do you think they only gave Barney Fife one bullet to keep in his shirt pocket?


maybe because it was a TV show.....a family comedy TV show when drugs were not running towns? Maybe just maybe.


he isn't in any trouble. they already ruled it a good shoot 9 months ago. I don't know why this is still news.


9 months ago? Dec 19 was 4 months ago.

Edwin Ison

How can bullets hitting bystanders be a "good shoot"?

Gotta love the cops can do no wrong crowd.


I wonder if the investigation will deliver some kind of detail as to why Nolen (over the last 9 years) has served the Berlin Heights PD, Castalia PD, and now Greenwich. Maybe a loose cannon?


I personally know several officers from different agencies who worked at different places throughout their careers. Mostly because places like Berlin Heights, Castalia and Greenwich pay their officers crap. While some agencies pay police 20 an hour and upward, there are agencies who think it's okay to pay their officer $8.50-$12.oo an hour. Most I spoke to said they left for better pay and benefits.



believe it

If he is going to miss at a drug house, he should have at least "missed" in the head and not the foot. Maybe that would help get rid of some of these druggies.


When you are fighting the drug battles in this town and surrounding towns, it doesn't always go as planned. If there were no druggies, this wouldn't of happened. Wasn't like this guy unloaded his weapon pumping gas and hit a bystander. Gotta love the druggies can do no wrong crowd.


Actually she was a bystander

believe it

A bystander at a drug house = druggie



finally free

She shouldn't have been at a well known drug house and she wouldn't have gotten shot!

believe it

100% correct

Brock Lee

arm chair cops now it all


What is a now it all?


Round up all the local druggies, put them in a room with an unlimited supply of all the drugs that have been seized over time. That would eliminate the risk of misfiring at any of them!


Ban druggies.

proud mother of 3

He should be reprimended, he was trained safety procedures and accidently shooting a civilian(regardless who or what she is) does not fit the safety procedure protocol. If that would have been a civilian accidently shooting an officer they would not have ruled it a good shot!Just another fine example of corruption in Huron County in the Refector again! And I do not know the people who got raided nor do I know the officer, just commenting as I see it!


You don't know the officer or the drug dealers, yet you say he went against safety procedure protocol. Do tell how you have a copy of Greenwich Police safety Policies on shootings. Now, as far as the shoot, what I read was the dogs charged, so the officer(s) shot. The female was hit by a ricochet. How is this any type of corruption?


Proud mother.... You are a trained officer? You know all about protocol? Bet you haven't even shot a handgun before. Lol.

Kottage Kat

I thought 2 Willard L E officers were placed on desk jobs because they ere alleged to be the culprits
Maybe I am wrong and if so I a apologize.