Pair arrested after heroin sale in Norwalk

3-year-old girl in car when drug transaction took place; confidential informant used by police to catch pair.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 22, 2013


A pair of area men were arrested Saturday night after selling heroin to a confidential informant at a Norwalk location.

Luis M. Lopez, 25, of Lorain, and Salvador Rodriguez, 40, of Elyria, are facing trafficking in drugs charges after selling heroin in the parking lot of a north-side Norwalk restaurant, Norwalk police said.

The vehicle Lopez was driving, a 2001 Ford Escape, was stopped by the state Highway Patrol in Milan a short time after the controlled buy. Troopers assisted in the investigation. The buy money ($180) was recovered. A small amount of suspected marijuana and other drug paraphernalia were seized. The vehicle is subject to forfeiture, Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton said.

Lopez's girlfriend, a 27-year-old Lorain resident who owns the vehicle, and their 3-year-old daughter, were both present in the vehicle at the time of the controlled buy, Fulton added.

Luis Lopez and Salvador Rodriguez both have drug-related convictions, police said.

Lopez also sold heroin to a confidential informant in Norwalk on Wednesday, that time at the Walmart parking lot, police added.

Luis Lopez and Salvador Rodriguez were taken to the Huron County Jail to await a bond hearing.

"This is yet another continuing example of what can be accomplished when law-enforcement agencies cooperate and work together," Fulton said. "It is a pleasure to be able to work closely with a professional and well-trained agency like the Ohio State Highway Patrol. I would like to thank them for their assistance in this investigation."


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With them sitting in jail, who is going to train the 3-year-old to take over the family's drug selling business?


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Well then. I thought we were all talking about crime and punishment. I thought they were quite serious with the sentences the judge hands out around here. I'm sorry if I offended your or I wasn't politically correct for you. And by the way- get a sense of humor. You could use one.


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Sounds like a lot of wasted time and money on individuals that live in lorain and probably are not supplying this area with heroin. Wish my tax dollars would go towards the focus of catching residents from Huron county. Now if they would take down a major supplier from Columbus, Detroit, Toledo or Cleveland I would be all for it, but I do not believe this is the case here. Maybe they should follow in the footsteps of the Sheriff's department when it comes to catching our LOCAL residents.


Didn't the article say these men supplied a Norwalk man two times in the past week? Or am I reading that wrong? It appears that its controlling a issue we have LOCALLY. Sounds to me that the Sheriff's dept holds a special place in your heart.


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