Prank at cheer camp nothing to cheer about

MONROEVILLE- An incident at a July cheerleading camp attended by Monroeville High School students was hardly anything to cheer about. To that, all involved parties agree. However, they view the situation differently. According to two accounts, the following happened on July 17, the first day of the four-day camp at Denison College in Granville: Two male counselors from the organization that runs the camp, Cheer Ohio, entered the sophomore girls' dorm with some Monroeville seniors.
Aaron Krause
Jul 25, 2010


MONROEVILLE— An incident at a July cheerleading camp attended by Monroeville High School students was hardly anything to cheer about. To that, all involved parties agree. However, they view the situation differently.

According to two accounts, the following happened on July 17, the first day of the  four-day camp at Denison College in Granville: Two male counselors from the organization that runs the camp, Cheer Ohio,  entered the sophomore girls’ dorm with some Monroeville seniors.

The younger girls were told there was a “Code Yellow” in effect because there was a gunman on campus. Therefore, the sophomores were told they should follow the counselors and older students into an isolated room and remain until further notice. One of the sophomore girls asked where their advisors were, and was told they were in a meeting with Cheer Ohio officials discussing the “gunman.”

A couple of the sophomores began to cry, believing the threat to be real. Then, at one point, one of the senior girls announced it was all a prank, which was confirmed by Cheer Ohio counselors.

Some of the sophomores said they did not think the prank was funny at all.

Two parents of Monroeville High School students contacted the Reflector this week about the incident. One of them said her daughter was “really upset,” and the mother met with Monroeville Jr. High/High School Principal David Stubblebine and Superintendent Carol Girton on Monday. The mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said she was told Stubblebine placed a disciplinary letter in the file of cheerleading head coach Amanda Kreps.

Stubblebine said Kreps exercised poor judgment in that she knew the prank was transpiring, yet she allowed it to continue.

The letter of reprimand reads, in part: “Although you did not initiate or take part in the incident, you were aware and did not take steps to stop it.

“Your lack of action in this incident has caused great emotional stress among the cheerleaders and their parents, and has damaged the trust that those students and parents have in your leadership ability.

“I expect there will be no similar lapses in judgment, and that you will work to re-establish trust between yourself and the students and their parents. Should there be further incidents in which poor judgment is displayed, you will be subjected to further disciplinary action.”

“That is one of the harshest letters I’ve written to an employee,” Stubblebine said.

The parent said she and other parents felt Kreps should not have been hired because, at 22, she was too young. She said the incident at Denison College just confirms that.

Stubblebine countered that Kreps was in the Army, serving in Afghanistan from July 2003 to September 2005.

“I think that speaks to her maturity,” he said. Stubblebine added that when he met with Kreps in his office, she took responsibility for her inaction. The seniors who were in on the prank apologized as well, Stubblebine said.

Stubblebine countered that Kreps was in the Army, serving in Afghanistan from July 2003 to September 2005.

“I think that speaks to her maturity,” he said. Stubblebine added that when he met with Kreps in his office, she took responsibility for her inaction. The seniors who were in on the prank apologized as well, Stubblebine said.

Kreps said she regrets what happened.

“I made a bad judgment call on allowing the incident to occur and I’m very sorry if I upset anyone,” she said, adding that in hindsight she wouldn’t have done it. “Nothing like that will ever happen again.”

Stubblebine said no further action will be taken unless Kreps makes “similar lapses in judgment.”

“I believe in giving second chances, I think it’s the charitable thing to do,” he said.

Stubblebine said Cheer Ohio staff promised him there would be no more pranks played — regardless of how harmless they may seem. So, he will continue to send cheerleaders to their camp.

Lenee' Buchman, the person listed as a contact for Cheer Ohio camps, did not return a call seeking comment.

Stubblebine said counselors told him the prank was played in a theatrical manner. He added one student told him she could not imagine anybody would have perceived the “threat” as authentic. In fact, he said one of the girls crying was play acting because she was in on the prank. Still, Stubblebine said he is in no way condoning what happened.

“It was inappropriate,” he said. “In the days we’re living in it’s not funny, it’s inappropriate.”

Girton said she doesn’t condone the prank either. She commended Stubblebine for his handling of the matter. “I think Mr. Stubblebine handled the situation very well,” she said.


unknown (Anonymous)

get over it!!! this happened a long time ago none of you were there so how would you know what really happened? it happened the issue has been addressed! and as for the "things to think about" well you can say what you want but i dont think the cheerleading coaches are going anywhere! stop trying to get them fired and move on!

just a concerne...

you know this one goes out to the coach and those seniors who played the prank... what would you do if someone came into your school and said their was a gunman? would you be scared? would you want them to be punished for inducing a panic? since you are the ones who made this up do you think you got the punishment you deserved? Maybe you should punish yourselves and sit out a few games since the one who hands out the punishments doesn't have the balls to punish you. i hope you all know you just opened a can of worms because now all these kids who have SERIOUS thoughts about shooting up a school will think they can get away with it. they see that there was no real punishment involved and it was all "just a joke" but nobody realizes they now think it's ok and they can get away with it... so i would say all beware because this is probably not the end of what you seniors started... not to scare you but to make you think...

brown eye (Anon...

yes it was ment to be a joke and no harm was done but do you and can you honestly say this was enough punishment!
i also agree calling girton and subblebine names makes no sense we all know they are a joke already don't give them anymore attention then what they deserve! as for the overweight and tight skirts on the cheerleaders that is just plain mean..(maybe they should suit up and play defense for the eagles tonight)slam!!

tax payer (Anon...


standing by our...

Shame on all of you for demeaning the MHS Cheerleaders. I personally know all these girls, and would be proud to call any one of them my daughter! Shame on the two people who felt the need to call the press to fuel a personal vendetta against the cheer coach, an obvious attempt to try and have her removed. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!

i speak my mind...

all you people that are demeaning the MHS cheerleaders need to get a life!!!!!!.....trying to get these coaches fired wont work because they are staying no matter what!!! i know every cheerleader personally and to sit here and read all of these MEAN,TERRIBLE,CRUEL, AND HATEFUL things about the coaches and the cheerleaders is just downright in-humaine. people WAKE UP and know that THIS IS NOT YOUR ISSUE SO STOP B****ING!!!!!!!!!!!!..... ITS ENOUGH!!!! its time to put the PAST BEHIND US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MORONS (Anonymous)

Get over it, theres pranks all the time... No one was harmed, i mean yeah it was cruel. But I have seen things worse than this go un noticed. I think the parents goign to the paper was wrong because it brings up more of a controversy. Get over it DUMB PARENTS THAT NEED TO COMPLAIN...

Andy Ball (Anon...

Ok...seriously now....i think everyone here is so far removed from the situation that they are missing the point of all of this....this isn't VaTech, this isnt columbine.....this is a prank at a camp for high school cheerleaders where a couple of older girls messed with a couple of young girls.....but now in todays world of political correctness if a prank involves a gunman then automatically these girls are seen as terrible people....sure they scared the underclassmen....but seriously this is what happens in high school....sure the girls were scared....but were the upperclassmen trying to harm the girls? NO. if this would have happened ten years ago then none of this woulda been a problem....and yea its a different world....but just because past events have happened doesnt mean that we should be so sensitive about every little thing...why are we holding todays kids to a much higher standard than we used used to be where it was expected of the upperclassmen to pull pranks on the underclassmen and it was good clean fun...but now everyone on here is talking about how these girls should be punished for playing a prank on their teammates....please....i mean seriously....has becoming old made you that much of a tightwad....when you were in highschool would you feel the same way? no of course not but now that everyone on here is a much more educated and mature adult and we are looking at how something so small and insignificant relates to much larger event like VaTech or columbine....this whole thing is being blown out of was a harmless one was will not convince some kid to bring a gun to school....and if it would happen to cause that it would be because YOU not the girls gave the kid an excuse as to why they rationalized doing shut up...stay out of it...let the people who are in charge do their jobs....if you dont like for school board...start a petition....but gripeing on an internet forum under an anonymous name will do the situation no good....grow a something productive about the situation if you dont like how it is being handled

shut the H up! ...

ok seriously all you haters need a life!! the monroeville cheerleaders are f-ing amazing! this should never have been escalated into such a huge contraversy. what happens with their squad is their business no one elses! stop trying to control something that you cant let them deal with it themselves...all you b's need to stop complaining and get the H over it! as for the reflector you f'd the story up!!

but-out (Anonymous)

amen to "shut the H up!"

Don't blame the...

Let's not blame the Senior girls for their actions, they had two adult advisors not stopping them.
The Monroeville Cheerleaders are great girls and this one action does not give anyone the right to take that away from them. As adults and parents these girls need guidance not cruel remarks that degrade them. As for the advisors, I believe they are immature and not suitable for this position. Not because there are a few parents saying that, but because of their actions.

Feeling sorry f...

Comment deleted for libelous content.

unnamed (Anonymous)

Comment deleted because of profanity.

normal smart pe...

it was a stupid prank and a whinny little girl coundnt take ist and had to cry to her parents and make a huge deal about this. thank you marissa key u un funny little girl

marissa key (An...

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silent majority...

For all of you that continue to be negative, find fault, have problems, or just generally can't seem to stand Monroeville and its schools... please leave! Go now! Most of us are tired of your crap. So pack up, take your spoiled brats with you, and get out of town. Please!!

ms (Anonymous)

I believe that this situation should not be taken so lightly. You have intrusted this woman and the camp to be responsible for your childrens lives during camp and this is the out come. I am not blaming Monroeville for what happened to that boy that died on the ski trip earlier this year but after that accident don't you think that your advisor's coaches and teachers would be alittle more cautious when they have children in their care especially ones that aren't theirs. And that prank is not funny look how many kids were expelled from school last year for hit lists and bring weapons to school in just this area alone. It would have been different if it was a water balloon fight or toliet papering or juvinile stuff like that but to induce panic by saying there is a gunman come on!

what has happen...

After reading this article which I must admit I am still a little confused about why it is even in the paper I am shocked at what cheerleading has become at MHS. I am a somewhat recent grad (within the last 10 years) and I remember when cheerleading was about 6 or so girls on a squad not 10 or 12, leading the fans at the sporting events in cheers for the team. I mean that is what they are supposed to do, lead cheers right? Every year it has gotten more about how pretty can I look, how tight and short can I get my skirt and how much time can I stand on the sidelines praticing my moves instead of actually paying attention to the game, and trying to get the fans into it. Most of the football games you go to anymore it's the parents in the stands that have to get the fans going when a crucial play is taking place because the cheerleaders are practicing their next cheer. Even worse all it has become about is going to camp and worrying about competition and beating one school maybe two in a good year to become the national champs. Now this? By not punishing the seniors for this year's prank which is a lot more than a prank, you are setting a standard that now will not justify the punishment of any future pranks. For all of you who say that 10 years ago this would have been funny, I think you are wrong. Yes 10 years ago no one would have said look at Columbine or V. Tech, but guess what you are in the present and you have to live like it. Everyone else does. Using the excuse that 10 years ago they would have gotten away with it is just that an excuse. The parties involved need to step and take responsibility for it. Suspend yourselves and you prove that are more mature and responsible than your leaders. If you sit back and do nothing then you can not blame anyone for having no respect for you. Remember respect is earned not given.

Shawn C. (Anonymous)

I think the skirts could be a little tighter and shorter myself.

Onlooker (Anonymous)

I hope the Reflector shuts this whole commenting blog down. The mean spirited personal attacks on people who have no means of defending themselves is sickening. It's amazing how tough people are when they can hide behind an alias. I won't be back.

DON (Anonymous)

Comment deleted because of profanity.


The Norwalk Reflector THRIVES on gossip in any area town in this area. And I'm sure stuff like this has happened at other schools but it was just a parent that wanted attention for this. What the heck? Like Monroeville needs to be in the newspaper anymore? There are better things to talk about and post news on then this stupid thing. Monroeville will always make the front page for crappy stories and situations where St. Paul and Norwalk will make front page for hiring a stupid new teacher. Why don't you make stories about the drug use in those schools since they are such a huge problem??? Huh...sounds good to me, stupid fish and truckers.

senior cheerlea...

Well where do I start? A little over a month ago I certainly thought that this issue was resolved. The reason why I thought it was resolved is simple: it was. After the prank had taken place and the girls were mad about it, I personally, went into their dorm room and apologized and I said that I hope that it wouldn't turn into a big thing with our moms(sounds funny that I predicted that one!) and the girls said no that wouldn't happen. Problem solved right...I guess not. All the people who are commenting have no actual insight on what happened with the prank. All of the people involved, which by the way was not just the seniors, have been repremanded and HAVE stepped up to take responsiblity and say that it WAS wrong. I know that taking part in this prank was not the smartest thing I have ever done, it was a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes and I am in no way sugar coating what happened by using the word mistake. I can't even tell you how upset this has made me by how far a resolved issue has been taken. The person who is doing this is after Amanda Kreps and does not want her to be cheerleading advisor, despite the fact that she is not a bad one. People who read this article and make these comments do not understand how much they have hurt me. We are all normally terrific students who would have never done anything like this if the CHERR OHIO STAFF hadn't approved of it. Everyone is being punished for this Amanda is threatned to be fired, the Cheer Ohio staff has to take a sensitivity course, and us seniors are having our names dragged through the mud. I can't tell you how it feels to be out in public and have people all around me those girls are so mean they need to apologize, well WE DID! I still am sorry from the bottom of my heart, but I do not think as a 17 teen year old I should have to worry about this everyday, because I do. The sophomore girls just said the other day how they think this whole thing needs to stop. The people who are scarred most from this are ironically not the sophomores, it us seniors. I cannot tell you how it feels to have to come onto this website and see that people are judging me who don't even know me it is truly painful for me, but whatever I guess this makes for a good news story ad no one here cares about what hell this is making my life.....

Humanoid (Anonymous)

over-reaction you are part of the problem. I don't go to Monroeville, never have. Just an outsider that picked up on this bunch of garbage immediately. Silly prank that some of you wackos are latching on to in order to whine about a cheerleader advisor, or even for some reason tax levies.

Attention cheer advisor and senior members of the team, you are learning a lesson early in life. The normal mass of 90% of the public stay silent and don't let little things bother them. However there's a loony 10% of the public that live their life like an audition for the Jerry Springer show that LIVE for little controversial stories like this. Ignore them, they simply hate their lives and hate themselves.

Don't let them get you down, the good thing about this 10% is that they have short attention spans. In 3 weeks they will be calling the cops or writing letters to the editor complaining about the school logo or about some kid that wore a SUPERBAD t-shirt to school.

Re: Senior Chee...

I'm sorry to tell you this, but you are sugarcoating.
Even in your apology you say that you said you hoped the moms would make into a big thing. That does not sound like you are really sorry about what you did.
Why in this day and time would you think that telling people that they have to hide from a gunman is funny?
Of course they should take sensitivity training. Everyone involved, including you seniors and your coach, shoud have to take the course.
As for the scarring, I would think that the poor girls that were told that they may be shot and killed would be way more scarred than you people that thought it was funny.
I don't think you should get off as easy as you think you should.
You have never even said why you thought this would be a funny prank.

resident (Anonymous)

Carol Girton; leave and watch us get a new school. Hire someone who isn't retired. Watch them grow with our community.

Does it matter?...

Comment deleted for profanity.

swiss family .....

i am appalled that people would take this prank so lightly ! we have all seen the devestation from Colinbine , and Virginia Tech , and how anyone could think that this kind of action is humorous is beyond my comprehension ! it is alot like screaming out " fire" at a crowded movie theatre !!maybe this type of prank could have been slightly humorous , in some small way , 15 years ago , but in light of the severe tragedies that have occured in this scary world that we live in , it takes someone with a really sick sense of humor to find anything about this funny in any way ..

Prankster (Anon...


sophomore cheer...

Comment deleted for profanity.