TSC to open Willard store

Company offers job opportunities.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 20, 2013


Construction is under way on a new Tractor Supply Company store in Willard, the company's 82nd Ohio location.

Tractor Supply Company is the largest retail farm and ranch supply store chain in the United States and has been operating in Ohio since 1948.

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Good news for Willard.

Mr. Touchdown

Good news for Willard...Bad news for Willard Ace Hardware!


I said the same thing, but you know ACE has had free reign in Willard for years and competition isn't a bad thing. I like ACE's staff, as they have alway been friendly each and every time I have been there but their prices (not set by employees) are extremely high on many items. However, because of the convenience factor and not wanting to drop a lot of money on gas to drive out of town, many people have and will continue to shop there.

TSC won't put ACE out of business......not by a long shot. I think it will however make their prices a bit more competitive.


If Willard can somehow support 300 different auto parts stores, they can support another tool / supply store. Nice to see that an empty building won't be the first things folks coming from the west will get to enjoy.

Now if they can just vaporize the old gas station building just east of TSC.

Cliff Cannon

Here's hoping both do well. Congrats Willard


I like the new Ace Hardware Ad on tv for Willard, they will match any TSC price.
Which chain can go lower in prices? I'm betting Ace.(I don't work at or own Ace)


Thats cool....haven't seen the commercial yet, but there will be a bit of a price war and the winner is the consumer.


Inman will have to work harder.

Mr. Touchdown

Nothing against employees at Ace Hardware...but this new TSC store is gonna be great! Bigger selection, better prices , convenient , & I will no longer be dropping cash in Billy Inmon's pocket! Maybe he will pitch a tent at TSC & stage another hunger strike! Be pretty ironic if Ace closes after what happened to Action Lumber. Karma at it's best!


In Tiffin ACE and TSC operate on the same street and have for years. As long as they focus on a different niche of the market both can prosper.


I don't know if anyone in Willard even knows what a "niche" is


Will an Aldi be in Willard's future, too?


didn't there used to be a tsc right when you got into willard on 224?