86-year-old graduate feels she's floating on a cloud

Norwalk woman left school after the eighth grade to work in an airplane factory as part of the war effort.
Aaron Krause
Apr 22, 2013


For several years, Violet Wagner has been studying to obtain her general education degree (GED). Late former St. Mary's fifth-grade teacher Janice Stoneham and good friend Anne Daugherty have tutored Wagner.

She had left school after the eighth grade to work in an airplane factory in Shelby as part of the war effort.

Wagner raised a family and entered the civilian workforce, but she wanted to complete her education.

A graduation ceremony for the 86-year-old Wagner took place Wednesday afternoon at Gaymont Nursing Center.

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Kottage Kat

Mrs. Wagner
So proud of you
What an inspiration you are


Yeah so proud!! Now take that certificate and go get a job so you aren't suckin up all the social security funds

Kottage Kat

I grew up around this family, they all worked hard and at 86 this lady is awesome
Your coomment was inappropriate and uncalled for
If you were trying to be funny, you failed miserably.
She deserves our admiratiion and respect for this accomplishment
Please be more thoughtful in the future
Thank you


jack langhals

I am with you Kat !Slim ,I am surprised you must have family that earned their SS that Johnson robbed !


Violet Wagner, YOU are one terrific woman! What a great example you set for your own family....you are most certainly a great example for all ages, especially our youth, of today! It would be an honor to know you, for sure. Janice Stoneham and Anne Daugherty are certainly in the same league with you.

Kottage Kat

Go to gaymont and meet her
She will inspire you
just a great lady who deserves the accolades she is receiving
I am sure Jan will be missed
She also was an inspiration to those who knew and loved her


i am so proud of Violet i have seen her working hard for this.Janice was very proud of her progress and i wish she could have been there!

Kottage Kat

Violet has been a hard worker all her life.
Overcoming obstacles that would have defeated some folks.
She has a special angel watching over her and Jan is smiling as only Jan could