15 arrested on secret indictments

Sheriff: 'Drug problem is far worse than the average citizen realizes.'
Scott Seitz2
Apr 18, 2013


Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard called Wednesday's operation, "Crystal Clear," a huge success.

Deputies, along with a number of other law-enforcement officials, combed three counties looking to arrest 18 individuals on secret indictments. Assisting agencies included deputies from Richland, Sandusky and Erie counties, along with the Bellevue, Clyde, Fremont, Monroeville, New London, Plymouth and Willard police departments.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: To see pictures of suspects being arrested, click HERE.)

"I'm very pleased by the success of this operation," Howard said.

"Having the help of all the different agencies makes all the difference in the world. I think the drug problem is far worse than the average citizen realizes. I'm very proud of the effort today."

When the dust settled, 15 people were taken into custody -- all on some form of drug-related charges related to the seven-month investigation.

The operation was called "Crystal Clear" because law enforcement wanted to send a clear message that the battle to stamp out the drug problem locally will continue.

"Today, was great to see everyone working together," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said. "We will continue to step up the efforts in drug enforcement in this county."

The following people were arrested. (NOTE: Pictures of most of these suspects accompanied the story published in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.)

n Roberta Bisel, 36, of 25 1/2 Woodlawn Ave., on three counts of trafficking in alprazolam.

n John Cory, 45, of 39 W. Seminary St., Apt. B, on one count of trafficking in oxycodone.

n Shauna Greaves, 32, of Old State Road, on one count of possession of heroin.

n Lavanna Harmon, 46, of 12613 Berlin Road, Berlin Heights, on two counts of trafficking in alprazolam and one count of trafficking in buprenophine.

n Dustin Howell, 27, of 3764 U.S. 224, Lot 11, Greenwich, on illegal conveyance of drugs into a detention facility.

n James E. Kirk, 32, of 557 W. Pearl St., Willard, on one count of trafficking in heroin.

n Danny Klein Jr., 29, of 171 N. Buckeye St., Bellevue, on one count of trafficking in cocaine and three counts of trafficking in oxycodone.

n Roger James, 24, of 52 S. Old State Road, on two counts of trafficking in heroin.

n Jake Marsillett, 64, of 975 Monroe St., Apt. 132, Bellevue, on three counts of trafficking in hydrocodone. Other drugs were seized at Marsillett's residence along with $340 in cash and a loaded firearm.

n Justin Palumbo, 19, of 233 Hartland Drive, Bellevue, on three counts of trafficking prescription pills.

n Andrea Panfalone, 26, of 10906 Potter Road, Bellevue, on one count each of trafficking in oxycodone and trafficking in buprenophine.

n Tara Rhodes, 39, of 1115 County Road 260, Clyde, on two counts of trafficking in oxycodone.

n Troy Snezek, 26, of 975 Monroe St., Apt. 123, Bellevue, on one count of trafficking in oxycodone.

n Susan Sokolowski, 28, of 3764 U.S. 224, Lot 76, Greenwich, on two counts of trafficking in heroin.

n Russell Willard, 27, of 25 1/2 Woodlawn Ave., on one count each of trafficking amphetamines and trafficking diazepam.

The investigation, which was conducted by Querin, covered about seven months. He and Chief Deputy Ted Patrick organized Wednesday's operation.

Howard praised Querin's work.

"Josh Querin deserves a lot of credit on this operation," he said. "He is dedicated to his profession and the public. He is top-shelf."

Patrick also said Wednesday went well.

"If you find half the people you are looking for, you're doing well," he said. "We've exceeded that."



Lillie Chaos

Great job.....we need more of these confidence boosting feel good stories.
I know...I know with every arrest is a tale of woe but at least the element of danger has been lessened, the public made aware, and law enforcement is encouraged. Hope they get to enjoy their incarceration for a good long time.


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well i am glad to see that they actually made arrests of people with serious drugs, not weed, but it's too bad they all will get a slap on the wrist or sent to a CBCF.


Great job sheriff's dept. ! Too bad we will soon see a picture of each of these people as the judge sentences them to summer camp or community based programs that don't work. They'll be back on the streets in no time at all. Very few jury trials in Huron County - you get off much easier if you go before the judge!! It is also too easy to get narcotics from the doctors, but the government encourages it because " all pain is real". This was enacted by the government so people with true pain could get relief, but it morphed into an explosion of prescribed narcotics being sold on the street!!


Your the man Querin!!!

hor mone

I caint wear no silly sheriffs hat...No wait...Yes I cain.

free and clean 2 yrs

what people really dont get about the "Big Fish" is that he/she is out of huron county or the METRICH s jurisdiction. they get the big fish of our counties who travel the 60-100+ miles to the " Big Fish" and bring back their 300 balloons. when these snitches would tell on them .. they cant do anything about the "big fish" its a state marshall or FBI investigation that would have to bring them down. NPD got one big fish out of the way when they busted a mexican at the burger king by k-mart. they try not everything is posted on what they can and cannot do. ALSO hopefully some realize the chance they have been given by getting "caught". get clean.. and if your such a hard a$$.. stay clean. its much easier to give up n run the streets than it is to say no every day


Nice Headlines some of these guys are already home watching T.V. and laughing.U guys keep up the front Conway's got a different plan.Yep released on O.R.bond,Conway trust em.


All trash ,parasites , move away we dont want you here.......The female living at gr.ma's apartment in Bellevue, move away ,we think your trash . leave our community , we despise you...... your living off your grandmothers asistance,girl go away....please..................................leave ,our town is not your druggie playpen..........


LIKE...they all need to leave. I went to school with one of them and you would think after 30 years you would get a life. Nope. Piece of crap then, piece of crap now. Get out. Now you all have felonies and can't get a job so I will have to pay for you. Pieces of s**t. Hope they bury you under the jail.


Did I say move away? there are children here, we dont need your druggy friends come calling on you in our neighborhood.....Children come first here , not druggies.....


These arrest dont solve anything. TO solve the issue shut down Weirs and Buurma Farms in Celeryville. They are the ones who hire the illegal mexicans who bring the drugs to this part of Ohio. Every once in awhile you see the cops do a big bust. I guess to show us they are sorta doing their job. Alot ppl are prob on the payroll...truth be known


How many Mexicans were arrested ? Racist ? you know little about this subject,just a misguided ignorant soul looking to blame.The catch and release program the judge runs, would make you believe junkies are endangered. Pick-in produce 10 hours a day and heroin don't mix. Blame some one else for the hillbillies trouble.


mexicans just bring the drugs to sell for a price.. then whoever buys sells to their customers for a price... this isnt nothing new... been going on since the early 80's


Plus a lot of them just wanna get away from the drug lords. That is why a lot of them cross, to have a better life. Can not really say anything cause most of us did the same.

free and clean 2 yrs

apparently..you guys dont read comments posted above.. especially the other one i posted on the other page.. OhioState.. they are doing their job. inside the legal limits. todd temple has a federal case against him becuase he felt the pressures to get all druggies off the streets.. but he did it illegaly. now you have seth fry and jim fulton. who also do a good job. along with querin.. no matter how big a mess up he was in high school.. he pulls through for that town. (former norwalk resident) theres only 7-10 narcotics officers in NPD and maybe 10 in the sherrifs office with 2000 + plus druggies in all surrounding areas. they are doing their best and still protect the a$$holes that dont believe in them. so OhioState.. sorry they havent got your druggie neighbor or what have you.. but its coming. give it time!!!


***I hope someone at the Huron County Sheriff Dept. actually reads our comments, we may actually be helping them to further their work & success??!! Great job to everyone involved with these arrests, I honor your great efforts with the following. I'm sick & tired of certain female members of the Wakeman Community & Wakeman Eagles who choose to sell their drugs in the ladies restroom and from their cars in the parking lot. "If it's boat load or a truck load you need, I just have to drive one minute home to pick the rest of it up." I would hope that someone from the HCSO pays these people a visit, they're located on the SW Corner of Pearl St & Depot St. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding their "boat load" in their home, in their RV and their barn. Don't forget to stop by and see "sis" on rt. 20 (just past western corp. limit), she might have a truck load out there as well?! Once again, thank you for your efforts and continued dedication. I hope to read about these "wonderful" ladies tomorrow morning and hope the NR posts pictures of the "boat & truck loads" you capture them with. O_C


I see Curly is holding the 21 while Larry looks on. Where's Moe? Yuck Yuck Yuck


Out of curiosity has anyone heard of methadone maintenance or Suboxone? Although I was against methadone initially when I lived in LA, I actually found that the maintenance program turned quite a large number of lives around. There were very strict rules(drug testing) for an addict to participate but it took away the craving and helped the addict in not having to go thru withdrawal and committing crimes to prevent withdrawal symptoms. Because contrary to popular belief, once an addict becomes strung out, they are not stealing to "get high" per se, they are trying to prevent withdrawal symptoms from happening. I know a few people that are taking Suboxone and they have gotten their lives back. Unfortunately,they have to travel to Akron or Cleveland to recieve their medication and the cost is not always covered by insurance. To me, if you consider the cost of incarcerating and paying for housing etc. at CBCF and what the cost of running and maintaining a clinic in this area would be, I think the clinic would be more cost effective. Add to this a mentoring program of ex-addicts similar to what they have in other counties, this might be a solution. Just a thought.


I think suboxone is covered even by med cards these days. There is also local drug testing by specific doctors so travelling not always necessary. I have not needed that service but know a couple of people who got off opiates using it. Some regular insurance carriers and public assistance will pick up most of expense. Suboxone is not cheap but is cheaper than buying drugs. Pretty sure there are at least two doctors in this area that offer drug treatment.

free and clean 2 yrs

methadone is worse to come off of than heroin and just as bad as heroin in the way it makes you high! not a good thing


Screen name ( 2008HD ) is that worthless county mechanic lon burton just so everyone knows


WOW! Don't you think calling someone out is kind of dangerous? I agree we should be encouraging law enforcement on this issue not degrading them but using names could really be creating hard feelings.