Burglar released early from prison into CBCF

Husband and wife burglarized partygoer's residence and stole safe.
Cary Ashby
Apr 20, 2013


A former Norwalk man who was serving 3 1/2 years in prison for several local felonies has been released early.

Zachary R. Chaffee, 27, had been at the Belmont Correctional Institution since Jan. 18, 2011. Prison records indicate he wasn't scheduled to be released from prison until May 26, 2014 for one count each of theft, burglary and trafficking in oxycodone.

At Monday's hearing in Huron County Common Court, Judge Jim Conway granted Chaffee early release. The judge ordered the defendant be held at the Huron County Jail until he is transferred to a community-based corrections facility, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

Chaffee and his wife, Kayla, 25, were sentenced to prison in mid-December 2010 for a number of criminal activities during the previous several months. Kayla Chaffee received 17 months in prison for safecracking.

On June 20, 2010, the husband and wife burglarized a partygoer's residence and stole a safe. Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler earlier said the Chaffees were at a party and decided to break into a woman's home while she was at the same party.

The pair took various credit cards from the safe, which they used at the Toys-R-Us in Perkins Township. While using one of the victim's credit cards, Kayla Chaffee signed up for a shopping points program and used her own name on the application, Leffler said.

Now, Zachary Chaffee will be on three years of probation. He must pay about $984 in restitution to Hy-Miler.

If Chaffee violates the terms of his community control, he faces the remainder of his prison term.


swiss family

seriously???one of the Chaffees????? these guys have a record as long as the VFW's giant flag... they started when they were kids, and kept getting their hands slapped and let loose... and so now the "system" and the Judges , who created these monsters.. are setting the free early??????? I am sure when his plea was made originally.. it was a plea deal, so this guy, who has basically robbed every home or car in town , made a plea deal, and is now getting his sentence reduced???????? Please someone .. show him where the soft hearted Judge lives, so he can move in close to him, and vandalize him and his family , then ask the judge if he made the right decision

Mr. Touchdown

"Please someone .. show him where the soft hearted Judge lives, so he can move in close to him, and vandalize him and his family , then ask the judge if he made the right decision"...Good one Swiss Family!Hopefully that will be in Norwalk. We got enough trash in Willard.


Let him out of jail early and transfer him to CBCF? Please, someone tell me this is a typo!


Looks like a great candidate for early release.Why are the all the comments so cynical on this blog.Its not like all the dope using scum get early release and re offend,just most of them.At least he got prison most
just get released.C.O.N.W.A.Y.


First off everyone that has been so strong on their comments I just thought I would inform you he only had a three year sentence and he sat 2 years. And you know what four sounds like your a blooming idiot yourself. You don't even know him first off and second off who are you to call him a dope using scum? Why don't all you adults grow the hell up and actually get a life and mind your own damn business. Until this involves you stay the hell out of it. Thanks ad have a fantastic day!


@Buddysmom, are you kidding me? you are actually going to defend this trash. ok so he had a 3 yr sentence for stealing, from innocent people, and he is getting out early, what a joke, not to mention an idiot, for letting the dumb girl fill out a rewards application, how can someone be that stupid?


looks different without his eyeshadow and mascara


You kno wat all of u need to get a life except for this site. When u guys r family then come talk to me and sounds like ur the trash hole. Grow the hell up and like I said mind ur own god damn business. You are all immature and need a life. And for the girl the norwalk reflector lies that's not tru so until u kno the truth back off. U guys are gunna listen to the media yea they lie everyday so learn ur facts . All of u go to hell! Thanks

swiss family

first off..Buddysmom.... "hooked on phonics worked for me" secondly you make it sound like this scum has served his time, and repaid society for all of his crimes... he has not..

You know that he, and his brothers have had a life of crime.. stealing, lying, selling drugs, breaking and entering etc.. all the way back to thee years that they were minors, he actually should be in Prison for about 20 years for Justice to be served, and you know it. He was sentenced to 3 years... after a plea deal was made.. so he already had his sentence reduced.. it is unthinkable to see anyone who has had a life filled with crime, to have his sentence reduced any further.

You say it is not OUR business... you would be right if it were NOT our cars he broke into.. if it was NOT our homes he broke into, NOT our children he was selling drugs to... unfortunately he is a part of OUR community.. I wish he weren't, but he has the right to live wherever he wants, and we have the right to make sure everyone here knows what kind of special scum he and his family is, and to never trust any of them, and never turn your back on any of you....Oh and you wish for us to go to Hell.. when I had to read your comments , with all of the misspellings, anf the wrong punctuation, and especially for standing behind a well know criminal, and liar... I felt like I already was in Hell


U kno wat u just made your self look stupid u just said and I quote it was your kids he was selling drugs to so your in the wrong to and good you probably deserved everything he did to u and ur family. And u kno wat I'm not arguing with any of u stupid people anymore. I kno the truth and I'm going to leave it that way so all of u get a life k thanks

swiss family

just to quickly clear up your statement.."Buddysmom"... it is our kids he is dealing drugs to.. If you were any kind of parent, you would realize the all kids are curious.. that is what they are made of... all kids wonder what smoking cigarettes is like, they wonder what drinking alcohol is like, and they also wonder what doing drugs is like.. It is not a happy fact, but still a fact non the less... Hopefully these kids will live through their experimental times, and out grow their bad habits.... BUT to be the scum who is supplying them with the illegal cigarettes, or booze or drugs, is a whole different situation altogether....

You see, when the police are called because a store clerk has sold cigarettes to a minor, or called to a situation where someone has supplied alcohol to minors etc... it is the "seller" or "supplier" who is fined and busted, because they, as adults should know better... Now you have your scum sucking little darlings.. they are selling drugs to our curious kids... it is one thing to try every available outlet, out there, and hopefully the kids will make it through that stage and learn o fulfill their curiosity with more challenging en devours... But the "pusher" has to live with the fact that he tried successfully to get them on the wrong track and did it for the money... that makes him scum... I think it was a "Steppenwolf" song that says...."God damn the pusher"...and that is who you are supporting.... get some serious help...