New taxi service seeks permission from Norwalk

Terry's Taxi and Tijuana Taxi would get more competition, if city council OKs ordinance.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 9, 2013


Norwalk city council will consider a number of new items at tonight's work session, including an ordinance that would grant a taxicab franchise to Gabriela Hernandez and Alex Hernandez doing business as Paco's Taxi.

This legislation, if ultimately adopted, would also authorize the mayor to enter into a franchise and license agreement.

Norwalk already allows two taxi services to operate -- Terry's Taxi and Tijuana Taxi.

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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc..


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc..


Hispanics are on the verge of becoming the majority in America. Here is a link with more information if you really care -

Why does it matter anyways? They are people just like you and I and just trying to make a living.


This is true entrepreneurship. Seeing a need and creating a business to meet that need.


Kudos to the ones who made positive comments. At least they're attempting to make a life for themselves and as for the racist comment cjbell- I welcome diversity in all it's forms. I was told years ago while attending college in Texas, that the main reason people are racist is pure ignorance- the better educated you are, the artificial sense of superiority and insecurity take a nosedive. Noone is better than anyone else,as far as I'm concerned. Oh, by the way I was married to a Cuban American whose family immigrated here after Castro came into power-my father in law was imprisoned and tortured for 3 years before coming here to America and both my kids are Hispanic and proud of it, as they should be.

Brock Lee

my grandparents lerned english when they got here but lota spanish doent want to


Too bad they didn't pass the English language part down to you, Brock. It seems that you've destroyed your heritage.


Actually, I've worked with alot of Hispanics and thought the same until I realized and had it explained to me that it isn't that they're unwilling but in alot of other countries school isn't mandatory like it is here. The majority go to work at a very young age(6-12 y.o.) to help their parents support the younger children in the family. As a result, a high percentage are illiterate in their native language, which makes it extremely difficult to learn English. Another drawback is the lack of programs for ESL. The Migrant Council and St. Paul's Church are two of the agencies that had classes available but unfortunately the hours of the classes and the free times alot of the workers had available weren't the same. Working 6 days a week and over 40 hrs. doesn't leave alot of free time and what time they do have is spent grocery shopping, laundry and quality family time.. Also again, if you are not literate in your native language,how can you expect to be literate in another language?


That's funny. They deleted my comment because I pointed out the previous comment was racist. Typical Norwalk Rejector.


What would anyone need an ok from the city to start a Taxi service? If Burger "Barn" wanted to open a store in town they wouldn't have to get approval from the city. Why would a Taxi service? Can someone explain this?


When you own a business you have to get the proper permits and yes be approved by the city council or mayor or whatever form of government they have.

jack langhals

Good for them.They are mostly hard working people.The ones I have problem with is the SOB's burning the flag and giving us the finger.I spent 8 years of my youth to protect that flag.


Thank You


Good luck to them. We all came to America for a better life.