Teen Challenge facility in Willard?

Former Willard Healthcare Center could become home to drug treatment facility.
Aaron Krause
Apr 5, 2013


The former Willard Healthcare Center could become home to a Teen Challenge drug treatment facility if a plan of several area residents' comes to fruition.

Ron and Jeri Miller, as well as The Rev. Doug Winner, are board members of the Huron Countybased Starfish Project, which raises money to send people to Teen Challenge, which is a Christian-based, year-long substance abuse treatment program. The Millers and Winner are part of the effort to bring a facility to Willard.

On Monday, Willard City Council voted 5-1 in support of a center. Council member David Sattig voted no.

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The drug users must be cured and free of addiction or they will just continue to commit crimes and steal. No tax money = good. Even in Jail we still pay to feed and house them. I think the Lord can help solve this problem. Good luck to those that are brave enough to tackle this issue.




At least when they break out they will be running as fast and far away from Willard as they can instead of TOWARDS Willard!

Estrella Damm

Where is the two week and check yourself out program I keep reading about?

Mr. Touchdown

Screw this idea! We got enough druggies & trash in Willard...No need for more! Put the facility in Norwalk!

Scranton Tibbs

waste of time. Put them in jail.

Scranton Tibbs

waste of time. Put them in jail.

Scranton Tibbs

oh, my bad. Just apologize and the jail time is waived. Forgot what county this was.