VIDEO: Fire at 150 N. Hester St. (UPDATED)

Damage to house extensive
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Apr 3, 2013


A fire this morning at 150 N. Hester St. in Norwalk caused extensive damage to the house.

(NOTE - To see photos of the fire, click HERE.)

Firefighters at the scene suspect the blaze started in between the first and second floors and then spread to the attic. While Capt. Mike Alexander said the fire isn't suspicious, the cause was unknown as of this morning.

Look for more details in the full story in Thursday's Reflector.




I hope that nobody was injured


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It was innocent humor in regards to a previous articles comment section. I was hoping those that were involved with that comment would smile. There was absolutely no wrong intent. It was a cute comment when it was posted before and it made me smile. We all need a little humor in our lives once in a while.


Can somebody do a follow up story and let us know what they need please. From my understanding she was pregnant and due next month.


Best wishes to Belinda and Chuck.

former local

My grandma lived in that house when I was a kid. I remember it well.