BREAKING NEWS - Jones gets three years

Plymouth resident Janet L. Jones was sentenced this afternoon to three years in prison for scamming area elderly people.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


Plymouth resident Janet L. Jones was sentenced this afternoon to three years in prison for scamming area elderly people.

On March 13, Jones, 58, of 226 W. Broadway St., pleaded no contest to one count each of attempted aggravated theft and tampering with records. Visiting Common Pleas Judge Richard Markus said prosecutors agreed to “remain silent at the time of sentencing” and dismissed 35 other charges as part of the plea deal.

Jones attempted to defraud an elderly woman of “the bulk of her estate,” or more than $100,000, without her consent, Markus said. She tampered with records by filing a last will and testament as well as other documents with the Richland County Auditor’s office “knowing those writings were false,” the judge said while reading court documents.

Markus declined to impose any fines because he said there would be a “substantial” amount of restitution.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said 17.75 percent of the sale of various property would go through the Huron County Clerk of Courts to be dispersed to the victims. He noted the amount would not exceed $400,000.

“All of this is subject to the decision of the probate courts,” Leffler added, while explaining the restitution to the court. Attorneys made a written agreement on restitution during a May 8 hearing.

Eleven individuals and “at least four government entities” were listed as victims in the original 37-count indictment filed March 13, 2006, Markus said. Jones was indicted on allegations she created a business to perform legal work for people and then wrote herself into their wills between 1989 and 2003.

Prosecutors had accused Jones of scamming $1.4 million from the Huron and Richland county victims.

“I did not commit a crime,” she told the Adult Parole Authority, according to a document read by Markus. After the presentence interview, the Adult Parole Authority recommended Jones be sentenced to prison.

The defendant declined to speak on her own behalf during this afternoon’s hearing.

“I will not consider (early release) at all until I see some genuine remorse,” Markus said.



I never thought she would get jail time. All she had to do was show remorse but she could not do that, such a shame for everyone involved.


3 years just isn't enough personally for me, shes a wicked woman! I really hope she keeps her mouth shut and doesn't show remorse she doesn't deserve probation, she should serve every single day!!!

Remember Your D...

Anyone who passes judgement, on one another without hearing both sides of the story is apt to belief the person that told the tale. Is the story teller really telling the whole truth or did they put their own personal twist on it? The moral of the story as my grandpa would say "Theirs Two Sides To EVERY Story."
As for those who pretend to know the whole truth and deem it necessary to make mean rude suggestive comments. I personally feel sorry for you. It is our duty to be kind and generous to all. God knows the real truth and he will ultimately find justice by judging us on our everyday activity. Please be careful. "Jealousy and greed often breed hate in those who wish they had what others do"

just wondering ...

"jealousy and greed" are the two exact things mrs. jones suffered from...she did a plea bargin, she knows whats she did and she needs to pay for her mistakes. She can be a teacher to us all then, of what not to do.

sick of her sob...

Being the thief she is, 3 years taken from her life is nothing compared to the years she took away from her victims. I hope she never reaps any benefits from what she
stole from her victims and I think her family should be
investigated cause they also benefited from her thievery. It would be poetic justice if was left penniless and all her possessions taken from her.

interest stand ...

thats an interesting comment. how does money equate to years. Maybe you are the one who lost the years wishing you inherited money instead of someone else? Is that the real story? Jealousy often plays tricks on the brain and you my friend are one lost sole. Good luck, finding what you really need in life. Here is a hint: "look up"

hello to all (A...

dear, sick of her sob stories
i just want to point out that i am related to Jan and to say that my family and i should be investigated just because i am related to her is just plain stupid. We are all just as disapointed and sickened by her actions and you should not say things that you have no idea about. I also want to point out to anyone who gets on here to insult or say rude things that it is pathetic. And to those who do get on and try not to say rude or insulting things thank you.

remember (Anonymous)

remember when janet worked for old attorney akers--eric's father. she learned the workings of the law from him--he would be the attorney for estates and he would make janet the executor, she had a good teacher and she learned well.
what she did is not new--akers and she were doing it way back when. in 1973 my neighbor died and had no heirs===they got a good chunk of the estate thru fees, etc.
janet might have been good--but she learned from a pro and fine tuned it over the years---she knew the law better then lawyers---i had a document drawn up in the 80,s. she said eric akers let her use him if she needed a lawyers signature on anything--she said a lot of people made her the executor of their estates--she manipulated vera sourwines estate---it's sad the money and property she ended up with instead of the true heirs--but she knew how to do the paperwork and work with probate court----all too well.

RE: Remember Yo...

There are three sides to every story......your side, their side.....and the truth. Jones had her day and court and when both sides rested Jones wound up getting three years in prison. A bit of a light sentence for the dirt she did.

Karma (Anonymous)

My goodness...People in Plymouth just don't know when to give up do they? She will NEVER show remorse for what she did....because people with cold hearts don't know how to. She makes me SICK!!! I don't bother asking anymore how? or why? THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST PLAIN SICK!! THREE YEARS ISN'T ENOUGH FOR WHAT SHE DID TO ALL THESE PEOPLE!!