Meth user had 'scabs on her face' related to drug use

Norwalk meth lab bust yields additional arrest -- a suspected heroin dealer.
Cary Ashby
Apr 1, 2013


Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light has seen the first-hand impact of using methamphetamine. He saw a woman who admitted to using meth for the last two to three months.

"You could see the visual effects on her, with the scabs on her face," Light said.

Samantha J. Reed, 32, of 15 Fruen St., was arrested after Friday's meth lab fire on Bouscay Avenue. She was charged with trafficking in heroin in connection with a separate investigation.

"She just happened to be there," said Detective Sgt. Seth Fry, who assisted Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton with the investigation involving Reed.

"She admitted to using the meth that was cooked at the location," Fry said.

The police chief considers meth "one of the most dangerous drugs out there."

"Even more than heroin," Light said.

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Thanks for the jab, but Im a dentist if that helps clear things up.


Then you should also be aware that the decay of the "tweakers" teeth is a result of grinding and gnashing them together,the enamel goes then they rot.


That also is a factor, but most if it is from horrible, if not almost nonexistent oral hygiene and acidic sugary drinks.


I saw her at Wal-mart a month ago, and her face was so messed up, and she was acting so weird, that I actually thought I was going to have nightmares about her that night. o.O


instead of putting all of these people into CBCF's, in which most cases they bail from, they should be put into forced intensive community service. they should have to pick up trash in the parks and clean the streets and during the winter hand shovel all of the sidewalks. there's no reason we should have to pay taxes to fund this crazy notion that forcing someone into rehab will cure them. instead, we should in turn receive a service from these degenerates. let's bring back the chain gangs and have these people picking up the highways and doing work for the salvation army. its about time they got a real form of punishment. if we went along with this idea huron country would be the tidiest county in the norther hemisphere at the rate drug use is going in this area.


Wow arnmcrmn, you seem to be the expert on the subject here. Maybe you need to head up some sort if task force on the drug problem.


No expert, just have seen a dozen or so cases of what it does to your teeth.