'I'm listening'

Tkach tells commissioners to develop a plan for Shady Lane
Scott Seitz2
Mar 29, 2013


The Huron County commissioners took their board meeting outside Thursday as they continue to try and work out a solution for the best location of the license bureau.

Auditor Roland Tkach oversees the license bureau. With changes on the way involving Safe ID and license plates, Tkach said he needs more room than the Shady Lane location currently offers -- a lot more room.

Tkach has proposed moving the license bureau to Cleveland Road in a facility to be built by Maple City Builders. This move is not supported by Commissioners Joe Hintz or Gary Bauer.

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swiss family

unless there is way more to this story than is written here, I am shocked, saddened, and angered by my Tkach's attitude.. OK I get it, you feel like you do not have enough room to operate where you are now, but how long has that spot been sufficient? Then to make i seems as you are saying.."these are my needs..... now what are you going to do for me??" seems pretty aggressive in my opinion.

I would like to remind Mr Tkach, that his office staff uses the same number of people, and electricity and power, regardless if they have one transaction that day, or 101 transactions... so maybe instead of being staffed on the chance that they might get the 101, we might just look at it like , we could cut some of his staff, to help pay for his "needs" and if they get too busy for the new "slashed" staff, well the people will just have to stand in line and wait... I can't help but wonder why everyone puts the Sheriff's dept budget under the microscope, looking for ways for him to stay inside his budget, and yet his is one of the only departments with so many variables in it, like the price of gas, if a jail, tenant harms themselves, paying to make sure that his staff and community are completely covered in case of an emergency etc.. whereas, there is not too many variables at the license bureau..except if it is busy or not, and then it is basically only a mater of how long of a wait their is, or trying to find something for his staff to do while waiting...I just think if Roland strolled in to their meeting with the chip on his shoulder , like it appears in this article, I would just tell him that there are always changes that could be made, and some not too generous to a squeaky , crying and demanding wheel


Auditor Tkach is one of the best public servants in Huron County. I have never seen him with a chip on his shoulder ever and I have known him most of his life. We are of opposite politics but that has never prevented him from being the friendly person he is and cordial to others of opposite politics. I have never known him to exaggerate a need and I am sure he is not doing so this time. Washington DC has put many new requirements on the issuance of drivers licenses so that they can be used as federal ID's, and most of those requirements are unknown because there has been very little publicity about them.
Also his Auditor's website is well maintained in a superior way to those of our adjoining counties. To any citizen interested in Real Estate information, Auditor Tkach runs his office like the true professional he is.

swiss family

like I said... there must be more to this story, and maybe by the quotes made in the paper needed to be heard to determine if it is a "chip" or not

In the written article Tkack said "the commissioners have 3 choices, they can either add on to an existing building, or build a new building, or do nothing" then he added..."I'm listening".... that sounds a lot like a chip on his shoulder, like he holds all the cards here and he will sit back and wait ti see what they decide to do, and it sure better be agreeable to him.... well, that is the way that I read it.. I have never seen anyone go into a compromise or an attempt at making a deal, by saying here are your options... I am listening...It also sounds like, if what is written is true, that Commissioner Bauer, sees that they are being challenged as well.. he does say "I think we're wasting our time,It seems every option we explore is a dead end"to me that sounds like someone who feels they are being backed into a corner, and that the other negotiating party refuses to budge....

I have never said anything about Mr Tkach being a good public servant or not..you also seem to stress that he does not discriminate against you because you belong to the different party...Where is that coming from.. no one said anything about his personal relationships.. I am referring to and questioning the way that his demeanor, and attitude seems to be displayed in the written article..

Cliff Cannon

@ Swiss Family : Roland is a soul mate type of friend to me. So obviously, my opinion is going to slant towards him virtually every time. Which means of course,I should not comment in articles like these.

However,I just wanted to say the " I'm listening " headline sounds so Roland to me. The man gets to the 'facts' quicker than Sgt. Joe Friday.

So having been on the end of countless " I'm listening " retorts. I for one do not think he said it with malice. Still, having the 'bloggers curse' ( lack of information) I could be wrong

P.S. Happy Easter to you and yours. As well as thanks for the nice comment when my Dad passed. I did not know obits could be commented on till last week, so please forgive my tardiness in thanking you

chicken noodle

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swiss family

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