JFS worker canned for porn, threats

A screener with the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services was fired Tuesday for threatening one of the agency's clients and using computer equipment to access pornography. Nichole "Nicki" Baker had been a screener since March 7, 2005. She was hired as a HCDJFS clerical specialist Jan. 12, 2004.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


A screener with the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services was fired Tuesday for threatening one of the agency's clients and using computer equipment to access pornography.

Nichole "Nicki" Baker had been a screener since March 7, 2005. She was hired as a HCDJFS clerical specialist Jan. 12, 2004.

Baker was fired effective immediately for acting inappropriately toward a client while on the agency's time and making "repeated remarks" and using profanity toward the client, HCDJFS Interim Director Lowell Etzler said. She reportedly used agency telephones to threaten the same woman and violated "common decency" standards by calling the client a vulgar name via text messaging, Etzler said.

Between June 8 and 22, Baker excessively used her Yahoo! e-mail account and used agency computers to access pornography, he continued. Etzler, who became the interim director June 1 to replace Erich Dumbeck, said he didn't have any knowledge of other HCDJFS employees doing similar things.

Baker's job as a screener was to make the initial contact with someone who reports a complaint to the agency, Etzler explained.

"They get the information from the individual and turn it over to a case worker," he added.

Three other HCDJFS employees were told Friday their jobs would be eliminated, effective Aug. 24.

The positions held by assistant program administrator Marla White, eligibility/referral supervisor Jon Kelley and public information officer Stacia Badovick were eliminated due to staff cuts to save about $173,000.

Only one of those people, Kelley, was offered another job to follow cvil services rules and regulations.

"She is exercising her displacement rights," HCDJFS Assistant Director Bonnie Richards said, and has decided to be an eligibility specialist. Kelley could start the case worker position as soon as Aug. 27.

Richards said earlier the agency was "looking at a lot of other avenues before cutting staff." She also had said the three cuts were part of a "reorganization for the entire agency."

Etzler wasn't sure if HCDJFS would hire someone to take over Baker's position.

"We're in the process of doing some reorganization so that (decision) will fall under that," he said.

In January, a Huron County Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) officer dismissed a employment discrimination complaint Baker filed against Dumbeck, the agency's director from May 2004 through June 1 of this year.

The EEO officer concluded that evidence didn't support Baker's "claim of adverse employment decisions." However, she said Dumbeck's conduct during various phone calls and e-mails to two administrative employees was "unwarranted and unwise."

In April, Baker filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit against Dumbeck, HCDJFS and the county commissioners, saying she had been passed over for five promotions because of "Dumbeck's infatuations with her." She accused Dumbeck of making "unwelcome physical contact" by reportedly touching her on the hips, shoulders and back and said he made an "unwelcome advance," all between January and 2004 and January of this year.

Baker and Dumbeck had a personal relationship starting in January 2004, when they were co-workers supervised by different administrators.

"There's nothing going on (now) I know of," Richards said about the lawsuit. "It's still pending."


reader (Anonymous)

I thought Dumbeck was married??

newshound (Anon...

Well, well, well. Isn't this the same little innocent woman that many were defending on this site not too long ago for her charges and a law suit against the county and the former director at HCDJFS? Excessively (that means a really large number of times) accessing filth on county computers, sending a vulgar text message to a client, and all on the agency's and taxpayers time. I can hardly wait to see what spin her friends are going to put on this one.

smalltowner (An...

to reader
He is married not that it mattered too much to him.

Lola (Anonymous)

The main topic of this article refers to Nikki Baker, not Erich Dumbeck. His marriage has nothing to do with this "late breaking" story. Nicki was never an innocent victim to say the least. Her recent actions only prove what type of a low life, bottom feeding individual she is. Too bad HCDJFS didn't have a legitimate reason to get rid of her sooner. The Dumbeck family has had to pay for Erich's inappropriate behavior & probably will for quite some time...it seems fair that Baker has to pay for her actions as well.

sick and tired ...

i'm so tired of listening to you all already that have no clue what is going on. let's see......three employees let go last week and now nicki.....are you paying attention....any pattern going on here??? sure sounds like bonnie went as low as she could to make nicki look bad since she is suing her and others including dumbeck. just when i thought they couldn't stoop any lower they do....evil, evil people work at jfs and they have plenty of evil supporters too.

kizorSozae (Ano...

RE: sick and tired: Here's a pattern for ya....for way too long the HCDJFS has been a mess with some, not all, but some employees not doing their job....some of these employees not only neglect their duties but are vicious gossip mongers and hateful witches...some employees are so bent on rising to the top that they don't care who they hurt...the last several years nothing has been done to help the clients and employees....It appears that the current administration is finally cleaning house...if some employees lose their jobs it may be for the best, give this administration time to prove themselves

This is a joke!...

Government computers are protected against accessing sexually explicit sites. So.... please tell me again how Ms. Baker was surfing sexually explicit material on a Government computer? Oh, that's right.......SHE WASN'T!

KizorSozae (Ano...

RE: This is a joke: Poor excuse, any county/city computer can access explicit sites whether or not there is site blockage, try another excuse....this one does not fly

hey (Anonymous)

bottom line.....she did it. She obviously thinks of herself as invincible. Go ahead correct my spelling. She is hiding behind the lawsuit. She needs to stop writing in this blog and start writing a resume.

This is a joke!...

Your e-mail proves your lack of intelligence on this topic Kizorsozae. These sites are blocked by a firewall and if they make it thru the firewall, the web washer catches it. Since it's obvious you work for HCDJFS, try it. Try accessing a site and you'll see, there are many safeguards, especially on a county, city or state government computer, to protect against accessing sites of this sort.

Unbelievable (A...

Women don't surf sexually explicit sites, that's a mans thang.

hey (Anonymous)

you must work there too or you wouldn't know this....thanks for the big words....impressive....do you have a job? and can you take this trash to work? are you allowed to access it at work? and don't forget about the threats.....real classy....first she sleeps with a married man...yes he knew he was married but so did she....then she is dumped, can't get her jollies off on a married man then turns her pleasure seeking to pornography.....WOW and you are defending this? Please tell your friend to stop having you write this stuff and start having you look for her a job....isn't that your job is anyways? To help those in need of a job and to help them write resumes? Please we all know who you are, it's just a matter of time...hopefully days....they got rid of three last week, let's hope they go for three this week. Stand in line....

This is a joke!...

No "hey", I don't work there but thanks for proving my point to allllllllll these readers that you CANNOT access these sites at your place of employment.

hey (Anonymous)

just anwswer the questions?

Unbelievable (A...

Hey "hey" you just blew HCDJFS's cover. Seems to me that it's true, you CAN'T access material like this thru a Government computer! Way to go!

hey (Anonymous)

i am not sure what you are talking about but i don't think you know either? Thanks for the way to go...i like cheerleaders. Answer the questions..Can you look at these sites at your place of employment or are you not employed any longer....hmmmm wonder who you are....

By-By (Anonymous)

Glad they finally caught up with her. She's been trouble from day one. Maybe she can find work at the strip club in Fitchville!!!!!

hey (Anonymous)

i don't think she is classy enough for that....however, us married men do like to go there....she definitely could get a date and perhaps alittle nudity magazine too.

outsider (Anonymous)

When it comes to surfing the web, you might not be able to access adult websites if they have filters, so that might be true. Does the county also have filters set up to screen incoming emails? She could've simply signed up with one of the millions of sites out there that will email smut to you. There are many ways to get around blocks and filters on government owned computers and it's pretty simple.

Fed up (Anonymous)

Please,don't you think there is a work around on computers? Three people in Lorain Co were removed for the very same thing. It is possible and pretty easy.

Too Bad (Anonymous)

Stories like this one are really sad because someone who was really qualified to do the job this young lady was hired to do was passed over.

hey people (Ano...

she did it. she got caught. now she is mad. i wonder if she called the reflector to get the story in paper...seems funny that the journal isn't printing this yet....or didn't you notify them either? i say clean house, take a look at all their positions and let go of who you need too.

Mr. E....you rock man!!!

Fed up (Anonymous)

What does "Bonnie" have to do with Nicki's activities on the internet? HCDJFS needs to focus on the many people that are being turned away from services. Sounds like the current administration is finally putting the clients first and demanding they be treated as people and not an interuption to some employees.

Randall Summert...

If you want to get an idea of what she does on the internet go to her myspace page. Real classy

newshound (Anon...

As I posted earlier, I could hardly wait to see the spin some people would put on this one. Un-freekin'-believable!
Baker treats a client like trash, she links onto websites (that were monitored by the ODJFS) to view trash on county time and computers. She should have been and was fired!! I applaud the administrator for taking action, and I applaud the commissioners for hiring Mr. Etzler for the position at HCDJFS.

Otto (Anonymous)

Something tells me there's more to this story than what we're reading. I'd be surprised if a girl would be surfing naughty web sites, It is a guy thing. I would hope they have a block on that on government computers. Looks like they just wanted to get rid of her and a few others for some reason. Something's fishy here. It's just going to give them more bad press.... as if they haven't had enough. You know sooner or latter they'll have to prove this in court. Didn't they just loose $40,000.00 to a former employee and $600,000.00 in the Efaw case?

horny (Anonymous)

can't see the myspace page.....

legalbeagle (An...

Won't be hard to prove, Otto, when you've got the goods lock, stock and barrel on the computer she was using and the text message she sent. And since when is surfing a naughty web site just a guy thing?

filed against D...

Why do all of the lax secretaries involved in criminal litigation with the county seem to have the "middle name" is what I'm known as, as opposed to my legal name that preceeds the "middle name" thing going on? Nichole "Nicki" Baker, and of course, Melinda "Mindy" S. Knoll. This ought to serve as an indicator for future applicant screening.

Big Buck (Anonymous)

Sounds like the kind of woman you'd want to hook-up with, Randall.