Welfare agency cuts 3 jobs

Three positions have been eliminated at Huron County Department of Job and Family Services in order to "do more with less and being more efficient." Eliminated will be one administrator and one eligibility/referral supervisor position. Also eliminated was the public information officer Stacia Badovic. Marla White, Jon Kelley and Badovic were told Friday their jobs would be eliminated, effective Aug. 24.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Three positions have been eliminated at Huron County Department of Job and Family Services in order to "do more with less and being more efficient."

Eliminated will be one administrator and one eligibility/referral supervisor position. Also eliminated was the public information officer Stacia Badovic. Marla White, Jon Kelley and Badovic were told Friday their jobs would be eliminated, effective Aug. 24.

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Mike M. (Anonymous)

How many more lawsuits will it take before our county commissioners get a clue? I don’t work out there but do know many who do, plus as a business owner I’ve always supported the special events these 3 people have put on with the help of the entire team, to help benefit the county!

I would love to have the reflector interview Ms. White, Ms. Kelly, and Ms. Badovic, just to hear their side of the story. Can we expect that from you?

Let’s summarize now, fire 3 long term Huron County residence, and hire one out of county employee, when all 3 of the fired one’s could do the job with their eyes closed!

All I have to say is - you go Bonnie Richards look at you following in the footsteps of your mentor – Eric! Plus, at the rate, you will triple the lawsuits filled against the county residents!

I hope you’re proud of what you have done to Huron County, what took these 3 good people 20 years to build you torn down in one afternoon! You go girl!

Just looking forward the next action you and your commissioners are going to surprise us with!

Danielle (Anonymous)

Children Services had a truck load of problems.I will always say because there was no direction.The head of Children Services is permitted to stay until he reaches age 60 to retire while the Director takes all the blame is is fired.Plainly there is more to that story.Marla White was good enough to bail the county out and take over Children Services during the Baby Charlie days.She made the Jobs Unit and Jobs Store one of the best in Ohio.It has been used as a model for other counties.Richards does not like her and wants her out.How odd to dismantle an entire Unit that gets people off foodstamps and working BEFORE a new director comes in. Yep, could it be Richards will be the new director? Ms.Kelley is a key person in the Jobs Unit.She has 19 years in and now as a supervisor outside of the protection of the union she is gone. One duty of Ms.Badovick's was to plan the agnecy's fair involvement. Show off the agency for the commissioners. On Friday she is fired with the fair opening on Monday. This week she takes care of all the fair activities. Next week she cleans up and is gone. All of the people out there are being paid $3-$4/hr less than surrounding counties pay their entry people. The turn over is staggering. All this happened on Friday.What powers the commissioners have to keep it out of the Reflector till Tuesday. Sick games played by sick, fat, aging people.

newshound (Anon...

Three people lost jobs. Let's throw a pity party! I've got friends and relatives that all had 20 or more years in jobs that were lost because of down-sizing or cutbacks. Why should government jobs be immune to that? If they're not needed then so be it.

agree (Anonymous)

Amen, newshound.

To agree and Ne...

This is not down-sizing and cutbacks. This is vindictive and personal.

neshound (Anonymous)

Gee, one of the employees has already been offered another position complete with all the benefits. Doesn't sound to vindictive or personal to me.

to Newshound (A...

That offer is not as it sounds in the newspaper.

newshound (Anon...

Hey, is it a job with good medical and retirement benefits? So what if it may pay a little less (Morning Journal story).. it's still a job. I have friends that went from $26 per hour to $14 plus a reduction of health benefits earlier this year. Again, why should government jobs be immune to down-sizing or cutbacks?

ged (Anonymous)

i do believe that this should only be the begining of eliminating the excess waste in the government !!i swear that if you work for the government , you don't have enough to do to fill an entire day , and they give you a week and an assistant to do it !! if that were any business , those jobs would have been gone , years ago ... and although i don't know any of these women , personally , i am sure that if they need a new job , they are more than qualified for a job at the dept. of motor vehicles ..i think that personal nastiness , and rudeness , is a quality that they appreciate , when looking over prespective applicants !! and from what i have heard , everyone at the HCDJFS, has an over abundance of these qualities... just a thought

gas guzzler (An...

i would like to thank all of the Norwalk gas station owners for lowering their gas prices this past week !!! it is nice to know that now we are only paying about 20 cents more per gallon , instead of the 30 cents more per gallon that we were paying a few weeks back , compared to any of the gas stations in the surrounding areas..i will continue to buy my gas outside of Norwalk , though , until you decide that you will compete for my money , by lowering your prices , to a more competetive range , compared to any other prices , in any other surrounding towns !! i thank everyone who is also boycotting them as well ... hang in there , we are making a difference

ged (Anonymous)

i am glad to see that the new administrator is coming in and making some major changes .. but i hope that she gets to the real problem , as we have experienced in the past , there isn't sufficient background checks of potential foster parents ..and this has led to abuse , and even deaths.. these guidlines neew to be changed , and they need to be changed now , before another child is hurt ..back when the Dixon family was suing the county , and the Efaw family because of their daughters death , Mr. Dumbeck , who was the HCDJFS director at the time said that concerning the background checks of foster parents , "the HCDJFS does NOT REQUIRE the following :checking the potential foster parents criminal records, an interview with their employer, checking court records for cival cases, requiring law enforcement agencies to check for incidents of applicants previous bizzare bahavior,or interviewing victims of suspected abuse by the applicant " this is a major problem , and shame on the system to allow this to continue .. this is a policy that must be changed , or every pedophile and pervert will be in our back yards looking to adopt our children .. i hope and i demand that the new director pays particular attention to this policy , and change it to a more acceptable standard , because if we keep thinngs as they are now , we will be burying more of our children

joemamma (Anonymous)

If they would have done the cuts like a company normally does (based on seniority, experience, etc...) then perhaps they should have taken a look at cutting back on positions such as Lenora Minor's, HR Assistant. Her main job seems to be cutting and pasting pretty pictures on the information boards and going around once per year to get all set up for the Public Employee Recognition Week. Wow, good way to use Huron County taxpayers money!! Or even perhaps, Chris Robertson who at last count BEFORE the other cuts had a total of 3 employees to supervise. I'm sure those 3 employees could have been placed under some other supervisor. Ever since Judy Fegen left that Agency...it has gone down the tubes fast and will continue on that downward spiral until the Huron County Commissioners wake up and look at hiring people based on experience...not based on who makes larger donations to their fund and the "good ole boy" system.

hey (Anonymous)

careful you are about to give yourself; must be an employee? Get busy or let's hope your next.

joemamma (Anonymous)

"Give yourself" what...a prize? Proof read before you hit submit next time. And no, I'm definitely not an employee. You couldn't pay me enough to work there.

hey (Anonymous)


dear joemamma (...

that's original....as far as paying you enough to work there...i must say they don't want you....thanks for doing the taxpayers a favor....

As far as Ms. White, Mr. Kelley, and Ms. Badovic go...start looking, afterall you said you are the only qualified people that know the programs....certainly then you can find yourself a job within the next two weeks....

hey (Anonymous)

i think chris robertson is hot

yes (Anonymous)

is that you Nicki?

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what is your favorite color?

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hey (Anonymous)

this is boring....did you hear about the sheriff's office....seems there is stuff going on there? I think deputy dog caught the kitty mixin with cook and now supper is take out

Sherri R. (Anon...

Chris Robertson is hot, I don't care if he only supervises himself in the mirror. I go out there just to see him.

newshound (Anon...

To whover wrote " That offer is not as it sounds in the newspaper." If you read the Journal it says Jon was offered a position that paid $1 or $2 less per hour. That guy should shut his mouth and take the position. At least he still gets insurance.

hey (Anonymous)

Hey, Chris, are you naked while your doing that?

hey (Anonymous)

Nicki is that you?

green eyes (Ano...

Jon Kelley is a woman..not a mister

hey (Anonymous)

now now that is yet to be seen....unless of course that's you nicki...cause you would know...you would have hit on that by now....

green eyes (Ano...

lol...not nicki. i appreciate the humor though

hey (Anonymous)

anyone know where i can get a good cold beer?

understanding (...

let's set the record straight....Jon Kelley is supposely a woman does that mean Marla White is a man? What about Stacia Badovic? I will say that I visited the fair and the fair booth looks wonderful Stacia, perhaps they should keep you.