Edison presents wish list of projects over three years

Money would come from permanent improvement funds
Aaron Krause
Mar 25, 2013


The Edison Local School District is considering using $1.7 million in permanent improvement money over the next three years for a variety of projects.

They include upgrading the baseball and softball fields and replacing the 58-year-old elementary school boiler.

A story about this subject was published in Saturday's Norwalk Reflector. To read the story, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper (a complete digital replica of each issue) for less than $1 per week and read it now.



They might as well call it a "Dream List" instead because they are dreaming if they think they will pass the levy


OMG!! complaining about money and they want to use it to upgrade ball fields... whatever dude!


I can see wanting to replace the boiler, but why not leave the upkeep of the fields to the Athletic Boosters-that is what they are around for.

tell it how it is

It's funds that are there for them to use for THIS purpose only.

Everyone really needs to stop attacking Edison. Stop being ignorant, look at the facts, and make a good, educated decision.


true, this money is for capital improvements but I am sure that there are vital areas in the school district that rank as a higher priority than the athletic fields.

Truth or Fiction

Permanent improvement money by law must be kept separate from operation money. Think of it as a brick wall or a force field. On one side are funds for day-to-day operations - salaries, etc. On the other side are funds for capital projects such as building and property improvements. The two are separate and cannot be used for the other side.


Well if its a brick wall or a force field its time to take it down and use the money for things that are really needed. Why dont they just set up a money making machine as one of their wishes and just start printing.
Vote NO


you simply cannot just take out capital improvements out of a budget and allocate it toward something else. That would require voting of the general public (if Im not mistaken) and most cities require a 2/3 vote to change stuff like this. Good luck trying to get 2/3 of people out to vote. Anyhow, capital improvement MUST have a fund because things are always needed upgraded/fixed.
They do this so they do not have to go to the voter on every ballot and as for more money for small upgrades. Some of you could really take a finance class or two or get some information before you post.


Not true. Isn't this the exact thing Perkins Schools did in order to get around voters so that they could get the ball rolling on the taj mahal campus? Now they are talking about laying of staff and cutting programs for ironically, nearly the same amount of money that was moved from the operations fund.


And thats exactly what they keep doing. Ask the voters for more money. Time to cut back already. We dont need a finance class to realize times are hard and money is not pouring in. They need to realize it too.

Truth or Fiction

Perkins moved operational money out and guess what? They got in trouble. I have stated that I have a very difficult time with Perkin's decision but I don't agree that education should suffer. The problem is that our State's funding of schools is at best inadequate and at worse unfair.

The headline, the article, was meant to insight. Controversy sells papers. The point is that Edison did nothing wrong in developing a three year plan for capital upkeep. I question if the reporter even understands school financing. If yes, then there is an issue regarding the press. If no, then education of said reporter is necessary and I would challenge the paper to look deeper into public education in Ohio. The article left the impression that the district has money to spend but they want more. Not true. The district was not asking for more money but simply allocating the money already provided to maintain its infrastructure.

Truth or Fiction

News flash. I have been informed by a reliable source that this article made a mistake in reporting the amounts by at least one decimal point. That would mean that a reported expenditure of $500K would acutally be $50k. A big difference and one that puts the wrong thought at the wrong time in people's minds. That may have been o.k. for Pravda in the old U.S.S.R. but I thought our press had an obligation to get it right!

Aaron Krause

We did not report the $500,000 figure. That was the Register.

Truth or Fiction


You are correct, it was in the Sandusky Register and I believe it was an error and not intentional. The unfortunate fact is that people are talking about how Edison is spending $500k on baseball fields. I can say this because I have heard it in Sandusky. You are well aware that headlines set the tone and the first lines of the article solidify the mood.

It is unfortunate but I am sure this will affect their levy campaign to the negative. I still challenge you to acutally investigate how schools are funded in Ohio and compare this with neighboring states such as Indiana. It may take some hard investigative work but could reap great rewards.

My apology to you.