Teen charged with failure to control following double fatality

Local 15-year-old was driving vehicle that caused crash which killed her grandparents.
Aaron Krause
Mar 22, 2013


A Greenwich teenager has been charged with failure to maintain reasonable control of a vehicle in connection with a Feb. 2 accident that killed her grandparents.

The grandparents, Rodney D. Williams, 69, and his wife, Betty L. Williams, 66, of 203 N. Main St., were passengers in the car driven by their granddaughter, Karlie Conaway, 15, of Greenwich.

"I have at this point of time charged (Conaway) with what I felt was appropriate in the matter," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer DeLand said.

DeLand, who handles juvenile cases, said she received all pertinent documents from the investigators, Lt. Douglas Hamman and Trooper Thomas Halko of the Norwalk post of the State Highway Patrol.

"I know they worked really hard," DeLand said.

Huron County Juvenile Court Administrator Chris Mushett said a hearing is scheduled for 3 p.m. Wednesday, April 17 in front of juvenile court judge Timothy Cardwell. Mushett said at that point, Conaway could admit to or deny the charge and announce that she wishes to retain an attorney.

The accident occurred on West Ohio 162, just west of Townline Road 79 in Fitchville Township.

At 2:18 p.m. Feb. 2, Conaway was westbound on Ohio 162. Troopers said the girl lost control, went left of center and was hit in the eastbound lane of Ohio 162 by the 1998 Ford Ranger pickup truck driven by Troy A. Green, 40, of 91 Birchpark Drive, New London.

Conaway's grandparents were pronounced deceased at the scene.

Paramedics transported Conaway and Green from the crash site to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with serious injuries. Green was later transferred to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo. He was not listed as a patient there on Thursday.

Conaway's condition has been unavailable.

Authorities have established Conaway has a temporary instruction permit, which allows her to be behind the wheel.


Reflector Staff Writer Cary Ashby contributed to this story.


future in jeopardy

What does the state get out of charging someone who has already been punished more than enough. It's adding insult to injury. Very Sad.


I was waiting to see what they were going to charge her with. Hopefully she only gets probation.. She has to live with the outcome. That's punishment enough.


Keep in mind there will most likely be pending litigation so the blame must rest with someone.


As if she wasn't being punished enough by life and what happened, now they want to waste time and money by trying to hand her a paper citation and then court proceedings. Way to go madam prosecuter. I think you should concentrate your efforts on the REAL criminals in this area rather than trying to twist the knife in a teens back that has lost enough due to her poor driving skills in the first place. #misplacedjustice


I hope they don't do to much with this girl god it was snowing and the roads where bad. to bad the girl wasn't a junkie than she would of got away with it .it is sad enoung she has to live with this but now she has to go through this in court too.


I seriously hope that she gets an attorney and fights this! If blame needs to be assigned then why wouldn't it be placed on the licensed drivers who gave her the permission? Granted, they are deceased but I bet they would have accepted that responsibility. Isn't one reason a person with a learner's permit can't drive alone is because he/she doesn't have the experience to know when to make these decisions? It was terrible out that afternoon & State Route 162 is awful during a winter storm. Besides this likely has NOTHING to do with this gal...If you follow the cases that actually get to trial in this county, you would notice that it's only the ones that require little work from that office. It was obvious to me that Leffler would go after her via the juvenile prosecutor- and before you are too hard on her, remember - Leffler is her boss....seems like an easy win for Huron County Prosecutor...This girl needs to fight this.

Most Wanted

Fight a failure to maintain a vehicle charge? Are you kidding? Let's look at this from Troy Green's families point of view. I totally feel for this girl and her families loss but let's not forget the innocent family that had absolutely nothing to do with this that was also involved. She did not control a vehicle. Sounds like a pretty fair and reasonable charge to me considering. "Authorities have established Conaway has a temporary instruction permit, which allows her to be behind the wheel."...This is the statement I keep seeing in every article. She was allowed to be behind the wheel, but with who? I'm betting she was not allowed to be behind the wheel with her grandparents. I'm betting it was one of her parents who signed to be responsible for her driving actions and signed to be in the front seat of any vehicle she drove during the time she had her "learning permit"...because she was learning to drive. Bottom line, someone has to be responsible for this for the Greens.


@most wanted.............AMEN!! thank you...I couldn't have said it better myself!!


I thought at 15 1/2 that you had to drive with a parent or legal guardian only. Were the grandparents legal guardians? Just wondering, and according to state law...So sad for everyone involved here.


wow! she was in-experienced and should not have been driving on snowy roads... plain and simple... now I know most of you will say something mean and nasty to me but thats ok... She failed to control that vehicle...

Yall Make Me Sick

Yes she was a new driver we all was at once. Maybe she should have had more practice with the different changes with weather snow rain(ect) BUT I'm also sure she didn't say as she got behind the wheel please snow today & I hope I lose control in the slush & kill my grandparents today to. It's called an ACCIDENT for a reason Not a on purpose!


And that's what you have insurance for....But what if you don't have enough insurance. The blame has to be placed on someone for the next step to take place... Litigation


@Yall..... it was ALREADY snowing with quite a bit of snow on the roads! it may have been an accident but it was an accident SHE got into.. NOT anyone else... geesh!


You people frighten me....The girl did not do this intentionally in way shape or form. You can throw balme in every direction but the out come remains the same. Yes...a simple win for the county prosecutor. This is what bothers me...Why did the County Prosectuor make the charges of failure to control? Why didn't the State Trooper write that citation when the accident occured?? This really puzzles me. If I go in the ditch due to icy roads...they charge me on the spot..and trust me, they will charge you on the spot also. This girl will have to live with this for the rest of her life. Not that it requires any punishment, but it will be punishment enough to all the negative people out there, who think she needs to be punished. Leave her alone...

Kottage Kat

There is far more to this than has been reported
Praying for you Troy and Laurie

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

And of all people, you would be the one to know this.


I have to admit I did forget that their was another family involved in this accident. My sincere apologies. I can understand now why there was the need to charge her if only for the other family's insurance company. I still think this is just a horrible situation and feel badly for all involved. My prayers for everyone. I hope she can heal spiritually.


Sad to say her legal problems are just starting. As is Troys recovery..


Failure to Control is pretty standard. Most every juvenile that is in any kind of accident no matter what is going to be charged with something and will likely loose their license for a period of time. Even if an adult is in an accident on a snow covered road, they will be charged with at least failure to control.
Somebody has to be charged with something for the insurance. Yes she has suffered the ultimate in loosing her grandparents so thankfully she wasn't charged with something worse. She was going to be charged with something, it was inevitable. Let her get through this and be supportive.
Prayers to the other individual in his recovery process as well.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

If the young lady had 'reasonable control' over her vehicle, the accident would not have happened.