Culprit steals jewelry from local home

Victim reported a house key stored outside had been moved.
Cary Ashby
Mar 22, 2013


Authorities suspect a burglar used a key stored outside to gain entry to a rural Bellevue home.

The Young Road resident notified the Huron County Sheriff's Office at 3:17 p.m. Wednesday she was missing more than a dozen pieces of jewelry.

"There was no forced entry to the home," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

However, the victim reported a house key stored outside had been moved. Patrick said it's believed the culprit used the key to enter the woman's home.

The victim reported she was missing: A charm bracelet with six names on it, yellow gold ring, white gold diamond and turquoise ring, copper cup bracelet, Bellevue Redmen necklace, one gold pocket watch with "Charles Seamon 21st birthday" inscribed on it, a white gold woven bracelet, assorted hoop earrings, three stone rings and a silver and green grasshopper pin.

"That crime scene was processed by Detective (Bill) Duncan," Patrick said. "They talked to the husband and the wife."

Deputies are following up leads in the ongoing investigation.



Not much news coming out of the Sheriffs Dept. without the scanners working. Only what they spoon feeding the news media. This sounds like a inside job to me.