Norwalk school board hears proposed Latchkey program (UPDATED)

Before- and after-school childcare program could be coming to Norwalk.
Cary Ashby
Apr 7, 2013


Could a before- and after-school childcare program be coming to Norwalk?

Norwalk City Schools board members and administrators heard a presentation about the independently-run Norwalk Latchkey program at a recent meeting. Licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, the child care program is for kindergartners through fifth-graders.

The proposed Norwalk Latchkey program is a non-profit program that would run independently of Norwalk City Schools. There is no cost to the district, but the parents would pay a fee for their students to participate. Also, there would be paid workers with teaching or care-giving experience.

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swiss family

I did read the article, but it has been awhile ago. I don't know if it is a good idea or a bad idea, but I am always cautious of anything that claims to be"FREE"

I do remember the discussion after it was in the paper, and I am not clear now, but I thought that it was proposed to be held in a school building, if I am not mistaken... if that is the case... then I am guessing that there will be no lights, or heat or air conditioning, because electricity and heat cost money, tax money , so it could not be classified as "Free"

I wonder how all of the after school babysitters feel about their incomes being reduced, NOT that, this is my biggest concern, after all I have seen several babysitters, who have about 12 kids in their control (and I use that term very loosely)and not a single adult supervisor in sight, they are just in a fenced yard with several dogs, and all of the droppings that goes with several healthy dogs.

The other children that are left there are out terrorizing the neighborhood... heck I have seen some of the babysat kids, about 5 blocks away from where they are supposed to be, and destroying some of the neighbors property, and still no adult in sight.. I witnessed 2 young boys whittling down a stick, making a sharp point on the end with their obviously sharp knives.. which they were making to do something destructive I am sure, and no adult around.So the thought of some people losing the money, oops, I mean the kids that they are supposedly watching, if they are no longer available to them would be fine with me...I guess I need to hear what they mean when they say that this will be "free"


Unless you consider your tax dollars FREE, then this isn't a FREE program.


Wow amazing you've seen all that,swiss army! And what did you do about it? Anything? Pity the poor child if I catch them doing something destructive! But, personally, I believe in allowing kids the opportunity to be kids and playing outside and walk around and being normal instead of planting their butts in front of the TV or video game etc. As for the latchkey program- don't we have the Learning Zone and the Haven?And will this latchkey program only be during the school year or year round? I personally think it's a good idea. Oh wait, that's right, we have the "taxpaying public" that don't want their dollars to be used for something having to do with the kids or schools. I am sssooo sorry ,I honestly forgot about you guys! Shame on me! Did you happen to think that keeping them occupied with something positive is a plus for our kids? Bet that never crossed anyone's mind!

swiss family

please Happyf... please tell me what YOU would do about it???I also think that kids should be kids, and not plant their butts in front of a TV... BUT I feel that 8 and 9 year olds being 5-7-10 blocks away from where they are supposed to be, being watched , is not a good situation for anyone, ... not for the kids, not for the parents who are paying the sitter, and believing that the kids are being watched... not for the neighborhoods, and residents.. you know as well as I do that if you do not check on kids, any kids, and they are no where near their sitter, they will get into trouble, and that is usually destruction of some kind, it could be someone's garden, could be a street sign, could be throwing things down the sewers that does not belong down there.. it could be shoplifting etc.. you remember all of the trouble kids that are not watched get into...So please Happyf... with your wisdom and insight.. what would you do???... oh and the kids that do stay in their yard, are either out in the fenced in yard, with 4 dogs... where no one has ever cleaned up their excrement.. ever... or they are playing in the front yard, by the road, sometimes in the road, or climbing the tree in the boulevard that reaches out over the road...I have seen kids as young as 5 or 6 sitting in the front of the house with no adult in sight...Please bestow you infinite wisdom on us all... what would you do????

swiss family

happyf.... I think the point that you might be missing is that it seems as though they are talking about this program, which I am not sure so far is a good or bad idea... but what I do think , is that the school board right now has been teetering with the idea of asking for a levy to get more funds for the school, they did just take it off this upcoming ballot, but you can pretty much bet , it will be on the next one... so they are asking for more money for the schools, and now they are discussing a "FREE" program where the kids will be in the school building, which now costs for heat and lights, and a/c and so many other misc stuff, so where is this money coming from to run this??? from the schools?? the same schools that were going to ask for more money because they could not afford what they have now???? something does NOT add up here my opinion


'I believe in allowing kids the opportunity to be kids and playing outside and walk around and being normal instead of planting their butts in front of the TV or video game etc."

Were you referring to latchkey kids, or a certain NR blogger who apparently doesn't have a job, doesn't attend council or board meetings, yet "knows it all" and thinks he has all the facts based on the free online version of the NR?