Mom 'flips out' at deadbeat dad going to Daytona 500

Woman says ex-husband owes more than $9,700 in child support
Aaron Krause
Mar 18, 2013


Former Huron County resident Crystal Hennigan feels she's a burden on her mother.

The Dinton, Iowa resident has had torn rotator cuffs on both sides and has been unable to work since 2009.

Hennigan is living off her mother's income of roughly $1,200 a month. That money also must go toward paying utility bills, groceries, clothing and gasoline for a 2000 Chevrolet four-door.

Hennigan said her ex-husband, Kurtis Wolford, is supposed to pay her $249 in child support for their 20-year-old daughter, Courtney.

While Hennigan received three payments from her ex-husband in February, she hadn't received any money from him for six years before that.

"My ex-husband owes me over $9,700 in child support," she said. "Ohio child support does not seem to be doing all that they can to get my money. He also owes the state over $30,000."

Hennigan said she became furious when she saw a photograph of her ex-husband at the Daytona 500.

"I flipped; I was screaming," said Hennigan, who heard it costs about $1,500 to attend the race for six days.

Hennigan said if Wolford would pay his child support, she wouldn't have to be so dependent on her mother.

"At least I could put gas in the truck instead of mom having to do it all the time," she said. "There are times I can't get to the doctor because Mom does not have gas money."

Hennigan said her daughter is paying for her own college education through grants and loans. Hennigan said at first, college officials wanted her to assume financial responsibility for the loans.

Hennigan said she wanted to, but couldn't.

"I'm not financially in a situation that I could," she said.

As she explained to her daughter, she's "living off of grandma."

Officials with the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services declined to talk about this case.

While criminal charges could be filed, many times prosecutors do not go after deadbeat parents until the amount owed exceeds $10,000.

In March 2012, Wolford declined to speak on his own behalf before Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway sentenced him to 11 months in prison for dealing heroin July 13, 2011.

Wolford, now 46, was willing to be part of a risk reduction program while behind bars. That meant he could get substance abuse treatment and be released from prison after serving 80 percent of his term.

He earlier went to prison for burglary and child endangering convictions. Prior to July 2011, Wolford's last felony conviction was in February 1987.

Hennigan, who has no way of contacting Wolford, said she doesn't know what her next step is.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Staff writer Cary Ashby contributed to this story.



This guy was driving truck for the past ten years, he got laid off for winter months because stone haulers shut down Dec to March. just like you ,they pulled his license, so hey didnt have one to start drivin again in spring. When you loose your license it get really hard from there. Tell me how you would do it..


if he was laid off unemployment should have been takin cs out of his check, so no license suspension should have been activated. sounds like either he didnt answer that question honestly to unemployment or unemployment dropped the ball!?!


Maybe she should have found a better man to have kids with and quit begging the government to clean up her mess.


February 1987. She had the child with a felon. How did she think it would turn out?


Just because someones mother or father is a felon doesn't mean the child will be. I didn't know that my sons father had a record like he did until to late, some people change and some don't and never will. I know people with felonies who are great parents because they have changed their lives. The past of someone doesn't always mean it will be their future as well.


I didnt say the child would turn out to be one. I was saying he wasnt the best choice to have a kid with since he is a loser with a record. People on both sides need to take responsibility for their actions. He should take care of his kids and she should have better taste in men and stop begging the government to get involved in our homes taking what little "rights" we have left.


Ohh sorry i took it the other way..that is right tho!


who cares what about all the credit card companys people owe? Sounds like someone needs to get over it! There are just as many dead beat moms running around as there is men. running around selling there foodstamps using the government anyway they can. just another woman looking for a pitty party! Get real and work alittle harder don't ask for a pitty party. everyone owes somebody but life goes on so move on. Sounds like the newspaper over in Norwalk needs to lay off some jobs if this is all you guys can find to print!


RIGHT! If women would only get with hard working honest men there wouldnt be this problem and boys will have to grow up to be real men or be lonely.


I would LOVE to see my exhusband plastered all over the newspapers for not paying child support!! So everyone would know he is a dead beat daddy!! He was fired from his job of over 13 years for stealing, our son has lost all insurance including dental and braces will be needed this year! I as his parent will see to it that everything he needs is provided to him but this does not give his daddy the right to stop having to pay as well! Finally after no child support for 6 months they have suspended his drivers license and i understand court is next for a jail sentence, but that will be months down the road due to politics. My case is in sandusky county though!


so now it will be even harder for him to get a job. well done. choose better next time


votelibertarian: if the "choose better" is directed at me: when i married him 13 years ago he was a different man than now. 5yrs after the divorce is when this happened and i seen this life style starting a year prior to the divorce, ergo "the divorce". i received child support without incident, until his bad choices fully kicked in and he was caught! it was his choice to steal, nothing to do with my choices!! now, if that wasn't directed at me, then ignore all of the above and it is time all parents put on some big person pants and live up to the obligations on having a child!!!!


If this mother is so disabled she can't work she should be on disability. The child support should go directly to the daughter since she is in college now and sounds like she is supporting herself. I think it's BS that the support still goes to the mother after the kid is 18. It's the kid's money...not the mother's. And is this even news??


It is not the kid's money - it is back support ordered for the child which was not paid. It isn't spending money for the child; it is to go for necessities for the child. Like food.


Dont have kids with deadbeats.


Sometimes they don't turn out that way until after. I see child support as the child's money, yes it should go towards housing, daycare, food etc as well but what ever is left over should be the child's. I know people who get child support and spend it all on themselves (shoes, clothes, hair & nails...etc..)..


I agree with you NickiS. I see people on a daily basis charging smokes, beer etc on their cs cards. it is horrible and down right p****s me off! that money is to be for medical, clothing, school activities etc. what is left over is for the child and to be used for such wants if you are lucky enough to have anything left over!!


The right thing to do with it is give it to the child so she can use it for her support. It's stupid that the mother gets it after the kid is over 18.


I posted on here earlier, but I would like to add something, knowing full well that no matter what I write NOTHING is going to change. I have been divorced from my ex for 14 years and have paid my CS on time EVERY month, as it comes directly out of my paycheck. I recently lost my job and informed CS immediatly that I had lost my job and would not be able to pay. I was told basically, oh well, you have to pay regardless. My ex and her husband own a local business that, lets just say does VERY well and she works at the GM plant, whatever its called now....after ONE month of not paying I received a letter saying that if I didnt pay $800 in a week they would suspend my license. I went from making $25 hr to ZERO, CS does not care that I have paid religiously for 14 years, theyre whole existence is based upon how many good dads they can screw over. I then began making less money but paid as much as I can when I could, they then took $1,400 from my wife and mine income tax recently. All I can say is my son is almost 17, when he turns 18 he is walking out of his moms house cuz he hates it there, but who the heck has the money to go thru a custody battle, when hes 18 he can just walk out and come live with me....good luck to all you guys (and girls) who are somehow being screwed by this broken system full of crooks. The only thing you can do is take it.....


JohnDorian12: sorry to hear about your job lose! im not sure what county/state you live in but anytime there is a 10% increase or decrease in your/her income (sandusky county/ohio) you can have your cs case reviewed! since it sounds like she has a good paying job at this time and your income has been reduced you should check into it. keep in mind it is only the childs legal parents income that counts (no spouses)! it only takes a phone call and papers will be sent to you to fill out with income statement as well as her! it might be worth your time!?


I appreciate it, but I tried, the problem is my ex had it reviewed without my knowledge approximately 3 months before this happened, so when I VOLUNTARILY contacted CS and told them about my job, I was told it can only be reviewed every 2 years and since she did it a few months prior to this (again without me being contacted by ANYONE that she did this), there was no way to adjust it. So even though my income went from around 50k a year to zero, my CS stays the same for another year and half and OH BTW, I will be done paying in a year and half....its just messed up and if you are a woman, it is no wonder some of these lazy women make a living out of having kids, the Governement certainly does not give them any incentive to go out and work for sorry but i really dont feel sorry for this woman in this article....sometimes you have to know who youre going to bed with...


It shouldn't matter that she already had a review when you show the change in income by 10%. I;m sure you are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel that you will be relieved of support in a year and a half. But a lawyer can file a motion on your behalf and get it heard in front of a magistrate or court at any time. You don't have to depend on the CS agency. Subpoena the crap out of your ex. Get her bank records, her income, the business bank account and cross your fingers she would rather agree to an amount of cs than have her income brought up in court. Just be cautious (you only having a year and a half is not a long of a commitment)that paying child support would become a court order and not the doings of the cs bureau.
And it is true, there are lazy women making a living out of having kids. And as someone else posted every case IS DIFFERENT. And guidelines for visitation are just that. GUIDELINES. They don't apply accurately for every household. Judges and magistrates etc need to be trained to not be so bias. Justice & fairness is not prevalent in family courts.
In most cases I have become familiar with, a judge/magistrates mind is already made up in favor of the person RECEIVING the cs payments. Custody/child support/visitation should start out 50/50 then be negotiated with FACTS!


It shouldnt matter, but like you said, I only have another year and a half so Im just trying to ride out the storm. Plus in order to have a lawyer file a motion, that takes money, which since she took a huge chunk of my income tax, is money I dont have.....I did state earlier that every case should be looked at differently, but that would take too much work and we all know CS only do what they HAVE to do and that is THEIR jobs...but thanks...

Yall Make Me Sick

Nothing like being put on BLAST! Lets go racing boys!!!!!


This article is totally one-sided, and it's NOT news. And no, I don't know any of the parties involved.


which one is the guy in the picture?


HAHAHA!!! I was thinking the same thing!


Just to clarify, the county DOES charge a monthly poundage for administrative fees. It's not initially a large sum, but it does build quick however. I fell behind in my payments after returning to Sandusky from Toledo, and until I acquired employment, they tacked on fees for every payment I missed. For instance, once one pays the "ex-significant other" the arrears owed, now falls to paying back the service fees to the county. So, in theory, if this guy owes his ex-wife $9,700 in arrears, he could owe the county darn near that much in poundage.


...oh, and one more thing. Straight from the caseworkers mouth..."The money being paid to the custodial parent, is the custodial parents money. It's not owed to the child, but to the custodial parent who's spent out of pocket for the child." It is a reimbursement, not an entitlement.


I did not know that and I have been paying CS for 14+ years....but to be honest it doesnt surprise I said my ONLY peace of mind, is that once my son is 18 he hates his mom and step dad so much, he is walking out of the house and coming to live with me. I can not wait to be there and see the look on their faces as he walks out and there is NOTHING they can do. He will still be a senior in HS, but since he will be 18, not a THING they can do! Talk about SWEET revenge!! lol......I wish all fathers out there who continue to get literally crucified by the system as they continue to show favortism towards the mother NO MATTER WHAT luck, I have never been able to find a way to get even close to even with my ex with "Children Services" what a joke that name is .....I have tried several times to just get my visitation changed and was turned away because she fought it, knowing she would win, but who has the money to continue fighting???