Police: Woman tries to steal TVs from Walmart

Suspect released on bond.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 18, 2013


A Sandusky woman is facing a theft charge after an incident Friday at a Walmart in Norwalk.

Rachelle L. Wirsche, 27, of 1106 W. Market St., allegedly attempted to wheel several televisions out of the Westwind Drive business.

She was arrested by Norwalk police and transferred to the county jail, where she was released after posting bond.



Heck why walk out with 1.. go with several.....??? REALLY....someone was looking for a free meal and a cot, and some boo hoos from the society.. Must be upbringing, must be someone else's fault, society to blame..... HAS TO BE! are people really that "dum$, bold and confident to walk out with "several" tvs and get away with it?


NO...you have it wrong..Drugs made her do it. She was trying to support a habit. Don't you know by now if you claim drugs, you get to go to rehab for free (and keep doing drugs).

Brock Lee

sorry juge i forgot to pay


I would. Wow.

jack langhals

Best looking thief or druggy we have had for a long time !

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swiss cheese kat

Maybe she wasn't satisfied with here free obama phone. Friend her on facebook.


Hmmm. Which one did you mean? "here free" "hear free" or "her free"
@swiss cheese, Your comment is curdled.

Yall Make Me Sick