Reflector makes changes to online story commenting

In an attempt to better facilitate commenting on current topics, readers will only be able to submit comments for stories less than 14 days old. The changes went into effect last night. Web programmer David Allen noted that, "some of our more frequent readers or more astute comment writers may have noticed the changes already."
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


In an attempt to better facilitate commenting on current topics,  readers will only be able to submit comments for stories less than 14 days old.  The changes went into effect last night. 

Web programmer David Allen noted  that, "some of our more frequent readers  or more astute comment writers  may have noticed the changes already."


citizen (Anonymous)

Thank you.

yes and no (Ano...

i partially understand this change, but if there is a hot topic that has been discussed and is currently being discussed. why close the discussion?

me (Anonymous)

OK then why are there still some old topics under the "10 most commented on..." over to the right? Get rid of them!

Concerned (Anon...

Of all the horrible comments on the Brants I haven't heard anything on Tim Brant, how is he doing? He has to be going through a rough time.

comeon (Anonymous)

can we still slander people we have in the past?

Outsider (Anonymous)

Its good to have a limit on subjects that people our clueless about and only want to comment on to cause confusion and share their hate with everyone else.

JEF (Anonymous)

These forums merely help to reinforce the maxim: Opinions are the cheapest commodity in the world because everybody has one.


why are the Brants still in the top 10 most commented stories ? Trying to make sure everyone gets to read the crap your paper allowed to be posted on here. Then you change your online stories comments page, after you let this poor family be humiliated like you have. And the proof---it's still on the comment page. You should be sued and I pray this family will. Go get them, Brants, for all you can!

change (Anonymous)

The only change you should make is to take this off the internet. I cringe at the thought of my name or someone elses name put in the paper. All the cowards will come out and take pot shots from this platform that you allow. There is no accountability very much like your paper.

JEF (Anonymous)

In the words of the late U.S. Senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY), what you witnessing on these comment pages is for the most part the process of "defining deviancy down."


Omg--they finally after 1 1/2 months took down the Brants name! Guess the beer drinking sting in the park and jfs p*rn queen are bringing much more excitement, huh?? Oh, and lets not for get about the sister's, that page should have come down after the first negative comment in my opinion Reflector: too bad you are a little to late...for shame!!OMG I can't say p*rn, omg, It's your top story in your online comments, lol, there are you happy now, for all who wonder what that was all about, I could not post my comment because it had the word "P*RN" in it, look and the top commented story this week, this is too funny. Guess I'll try and post this again?? Wonder why people can call these sisters wh*res and sl*ts on here and not have to bleep out their words but I did for "PO*N", go figure, watch, I'll be back because they won't let me use sl*t or wh*re and I copied it straight from another page on here that allowed it. Well here I am again, 3rd. time I can't say the word sl*t or wh*re in a sentence but they let people use it freely to humiliate these two sister's on another comment site. What the h*ll is wrong with this picture?? R*FL*CT*R get your SH*T together already!!


RE: just wondering. I had the same thoughts with repect to this papers use of TITILATING PORNOGRAPHIC abbreviations in its sensationalized headlines, yet, blocking any attempts to use the shortened term for PORNOGRAPHIC in any readers comments. Odd. Form a standpoint of banwidth usage, wouldn't the abbreviation of PORNOGRAPHY make the site much more efficent? Anyway, PORNOGRAPHIC sounds more, well, graphic, dosen't it? Then again, nothing heres odd..............

P0RN ? (Anonymous)

Seems to work for me. P0RN. See, easy. P0RN, even P0RN0 !!

quit this (Anon...

This is a real contribution to journalism, allowing us cowardly low lifes to attack and slander anyone we want.
A fitting addition to the reflector...even the Journal, Americas worst newspaper, doesn't do this.

just wondering ...

To P*orn: What makes you special, lol. How can you say p*orn and not me. Lets see if it lets me this time??? ok, here I am back, it will not let me? What the h*ll is going on? Anyone, please?? And I am looking to my right and can see the top headline which contains the same word. Is this happening to anyone else?? Maybe Mr. Ashby knows who I am, which I'm sure he does, and he has a little problem with me so maybe that is why??

wonder no more ...

Only the Brandts are blocked from using certain words.

wonder no more ...

Like P0RN and WH0RE

re: just wonder...

use your 'zero' key...not the 'o' key. There ya go.


Comment removed due to its libelous content.

wwII (Anonymous)

wwII will be the shizzz!!!

ged (Anonymous)

to "just wondering " and to "wonder no more" it sounds like you need to take alittle break from all of this .. it seems that you are becoming alittle too paranoid about things and maybe it's time to increase your medications !!??

johnny bukakke ...

I'm all for an increase in the meds. eat'em like candy


I hope at least a few people read my comment before you deleted it! What is really surprizing is it was up there for several days before you caught it. Or maybe the carpet man caught it, huh?? Guess for the right amount of money you would keep it on here, right??