Two arrested in Holiday Lakes home invasion

Sheriff says suspect were considered highly-dangerous, volatile individuals.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 17, 2013


Two Willard men were arrested Thursday in Michigan for their alleged role in a Holiday Lakes burglary Monday.

The suspects, Robert L. Hamman, 43, of 537 Dale Ave., and Jeffrey L. Patton, 42, of 405 Park St., are the suspects, arrested on burglary warrants.

Sheriff Dane Howard outlined the chain of events which began Monday.

"Our 9-1-1 dispatcher got a call at 8:55 a.m. Monday from a Holiday Lakes resident, which is near Willard," Howard said. "The caller advised she was asleep and was startled awake by individuals who voluntarily broke into her home."

Howard said a number of deputies and detectives responded to the scene.

"Early on, the victim provided a positive ID on Robert Hamman and during the investigation detectives secured information Jeffrey Patton was a suspect which led to the detective to be able to obtain warrants for the two for burglary," Howard said.

The sheriff said Detectives John Harris and Bill Duncan were assigned the case.

"After a great deal of work using investigative aides, we were able to determine the suspects had fled the area to Michigan," Howard said.

The sheriff then dispatched Duncan and Harris, at 4 a.m. Thursday, to travel to Macomb County, north of Detroit, and detain the suspects.

Hamman and Patton were located at a hotel. Duncan and Harris, along with 17 deputies from Macomb County, surrounded the hotel, but the suspects escaped out of a back entrance before the perimeter was secured.

Howard said a short time later, Hamman was arrested in a stolen pickup truck which was tracked by the vehicle's GPS.

Patton was arrested after being found wandering around a side street.

"There was a very significant manhunt for these two suspects," Howard said, not only on the day of the alleged crime, but in the days leading up to and on the day of arrest.

Howard said he has known Hamman and Patton for years. The sheriff said they both have extensive criminal histories.

"I've investigated these two when they were youngsters in Plymouth when I was a Plymouth officer," he said. "They've had a number of experiences with the law. This is not a surprise."

Howard said these two suspects were considered highly-dangerous, volatile individuals.

"These arrests would not have been possible without the assistance of Macomb County," the sheriff said. "We believe these were heroin-based crimes since evidence of heroin abuse was recovered in the hotel room."

Howard said the suspects would have a hearing in Michigan and then be extradited back to Huron County to face charges.

The sheriff said nothing was stolen from the Holiday Lakes residence because the victim had confronted the suspects in the act, causing them to flee.



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