Second 'Kitchen Nightmares' episode featuring Mill Street Bistro airs

Did you watch Friday night's episode? If so, give us your thoughts.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 11, 2013


The first episode featuring Mill Street Bistro owner Joe Nagy and "Kitchen Nightmares" Chef Gordan Ramsey going toe-to-toe generated quite a buzz. The second Mill Street Bistro episode of the FOX show aired tonight.

Here is one review so far: ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ dethrones dictator at ‘Mill Street Bistro, Part 2’

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... i think you have the terms Famous and Infamous mixed up there... just because you are known by a bunch of people, that doesn't mean they'll all like up sign their praises... i'd rather be liked by a few, than hated by a million... just saying...


Any fool with money can open a business. It only becomes an accomplishment when it becomes a sustainable success, my friend.


I just had to add, I wouldn't say Joe is living his dream, I would put it more like Joe is living in his Nightmare.


Yea, why would anyone feel the need to beg the question on why the show is called "Kitchen Nighmares"? :)

Swamp Fox

Last evening went to Sortino's Little Italy Ristorante, Sandusky, not fine dining but great dining and value. Joe could learn from this owner, he knows his demographics. Last evening he greeted us, made us feel welcomed,told us the history of the special, it was a recipe he found on a trip to Rome and then went about serving his guests. Observed him great almost everyone, brought drinks out, bussed tables and in general helped his staff. Standing room only, he even offers free appetizers in the lower level while waiting for a table. Personal observation best Italian in the area.

Mr. Touchdown

Best Italian in the area without a doubt! I've never seen anyone who wasn't greeted by George. Super nice guy & my wife liked the bathroom too,lol.


one BIG thing i did notice,there is allot of overweight people in norwalk going out to eat


I make at least a bi-weekly trek to see George at Sortinos. Besides him being a friend since childhood, he knows how to make all us "kids" feel welcome, comfortable, and his recipes are excellent. That's how you run a restaurant.


I'm thinking Bluto's. Good food half the price.


i just think Joe has unrealistic expectations about his restaurant. IF he wants to be a fine dining establishment he either has to put his crap food in a place that has a high enough well paid population to survive on the one time business from the customers, or he needs a menu with good enough food quality to draw people in. he has neither. people keep saying that this area can't support a $30 a plat establishment and i think, "if samurai steak house and Nagoya can do it being direct competitors within 30 miles of each other, than Joe must be doing something wrong." Samurai and Nagoy have amazing menus, the food quality spot on 99 out of 100 visits, the staff is friendly, and no one gets berated for not liking something... joe has no direct competition when it comes to the fine dinning atmosphere, so he should really be running away with the prize on that... he's miles from cleveland and toledo, and if his food was as good as he says it is he'd have the same draw as nagoya, which was so packed last weekend that if you got there at 5pm and didnt have reservation, you didnt eat until 8 because they were completely booked. have you seen that place? its 10 miles away from anything residential, Joe's place is in the middle of a residential block...

if he's not going to raise the bar on food quality and guest services, he needs to drop the price to make the experience tolerable. if he wants to act like the tyrant king of his miserable kingdom, he needs to take it elsewhere.


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'Kitchen Nightmares' dethrones dictator at 'Mill Street Bistro, Part 2'


how much of that was real and how much was just hype to sell the show


Thanks for the names of a few new spots to grab a bite guys.
Red Gables
Bar North
Samurai Steak House
J Bistro

Maria Fortunata Viti

I ate there twice. First: group of ladies on Sat. night, 1/2 filled room in the overflow section. Wait staff excellent. Took a long time, but attributed it to the how many people were there. Food was cold and overcooked/tough. Second: Girlfriend had Groupon Coupon $50 cash value turned into $100. Had to use whole coupon, no change would be returned. So thought ok, glass of wine, apps, entree, and dessert. We sat in main room right behind waitresses Welcome Stand. Wine glasses weren't filled to all other restaurants normal levels, apps were ok, but not exciting for price. 2 main complaints. #1, Since we were talking & catching up on what's been happening in each others lives, it took us awhile to realize it had been over 30 since we had finished apps. We asked waitress, she got this look like, "uh oh". She went over to this man and motioned our way while whispering and he marches into the kitchen. It dawned on me then this was the cook for our meal and he had been talking up a storm to the other table as waitress brought them their entree. For 30 minutes he had been standing beside table leaning on their booth seat, gesturing, telling stories, watching them eat, twice I heard him ask how they liked their food. And I had thought he was just a friend from somewhere else that had been dining. He had forgotten there wasn't just one table but 2 he was supposed to cook for. Us! 29 min. later we received our entree. Tough Elk by the way.
Ok. #2 for dessert we ordered Bananas Foster which I had never tried, my friend had. Prepared table -side the waitress did a good job. I took one bite, slide down throat and at first was delicious. Then 3 sec went by and I started getting this bitter salty taste in my mouth. I immediately took a bite of ice cream. Since I thought this was normal, I tried 1/2 sauce, bananas, and ice cream on same spoon; same reaction. I resorted to just eating the ice cream w/no sauce or bananas. It was dreadful. I hated to tell my friend and her think I just didn't realize good food & my palate was lacking. But looking at her plate, it was same as mine; only ice cream gone. We told waitress when she returned, but she just shrugged her shoulders. No % off. I will never return. Sadly, what a waste of a beautiful intimate restaurant. I'd love to be able to have a nice evening out, so JN can you please sell the place ?


IMHO, since Joe refuses to take Chef Ramsay's advice, I'd give the Mill Street Bistro about 6 more months . . . . what a shame.


I sometimes believe that these reality shows are staged and if they arent and all this stuff was real, then I will never eat at this place!! Joe wasnt exactly a shining endorsement of the people in this area to the rest of the country. Especially when he bragged about having a glass of whine with his Goat at the end of a hard!! I like watching Chef Ramsey and I am hopeful that his show is aty least half "for real", but on the other hand if it is......Joe wont be in business long....I have never been a cook, never even worked in a restaurant, even I know you cant put raw onions in that soup...scary stuff!!!


This guy is a pure idiot. And he should probably go outta business since this show. I would never eat there and would never recommend the place to anyone that i know. Thats for sure.


I feel really bad for the staff. JN is a textbook psychopath. I don't mean that as an insult, just a statement of fact.


I was excited to check out the Bistro with Chef Ramsay's improvements but will never eat there as long as Joe's in the kitchen....YUK!