Can Mill Street Bistro owner survive round two on "Kitchen Nightmares'?

Joe Nagy takes a beating on the Fox TV show.
Joe Centers
Mar 5, 2013


EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is an excerpt of Joe Centers' column, which was published in Tuesday's Reflector.

The late, great former Norwalk mayor Louis Frey was a very colorful man who liked to say what was on his mind.

He really didn’t care too much what people said about him or what was written about him. He used to like to say something like this: “I don’t care what you write, but make sure you put it on the front page and spell my name right.”

A lot of people think front-page news is all that matters when you are in the promotion business. And Louis Frey liked to promote what he called the “finest damn little city in Ohio.”

Norwalk is on the big stage right now as the Mill Street Bistro is being featured in a two-part series on Fox’s “Kitchen Nightmares.”

If last Friday’s first part is any indication, this could be another long week for owner Joe Nagy and the restaurant. The second part airs at 8 p.m. Friday on Fox.

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Swamp Fox

Lets wait until after Friday's episode, lets see if he changed his attitude towards his employees and customers. Did he at least listen to the suggestions Chef Ramsey will make and institute them. If not his his business will be closed within the year.

David Deerest.

This was filmed last summer...he's still open for business. I'd say some people just don't know what good food is and they must be the ones eating there. Never gave him a dime, never will. I hope he has to close up shop. Those servers whine that they need their job...if no one is coming in, how do you make it on 2 bucks an hour without tips anyway? I never understood the logic behind some of the things these staff members do to hold on to a loser job.


If you can get 4 tables a night at say $80 each, and say you get tipped 20% that comes to $64 per night. Multiply by 5 day work week comes to $320 in tips. Plus the small pay check. Probably about $10-$12 an hour after all said and done. Better than most places in town. Only thing going for it though. I would say that is the olny reason the put up with a blowhard egomanic. My opinion.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).

Estrella Damm

The place should be running in top shape after Michael Salvidor was brought in.


@Estrella..... NOW THATS FUNNY!!!


But he will insist all the people are wrong and the place is a 5 star eatery with Emeril cooking there! BAM!!!

former local

I have never understood why restaurants don't have to pay the same minimum wage as everyone else. Tips are based on the excellence of the server as a bonus. Tips shouldn't be used to help the restaurant owner save money.


Because then the world would be full of waitresses. Fyi....if the waitresses don't make enough in tips, plus their $3.45 per hour or whatever it is, the employer has to make up the difference. In other words.....if a waitress works 40hrs per week and makes zero tips, the employer pays them normal minimum wages.


Well he didn't change a bit. Weeks after Ramsey left Joe was running him (Ramsey)into the ground, saying the man was a fake, a phoney, who didn't know s**t.
Good Luck my friend.


How does someone become a Certified Chef- which takes years in the field, schooling, hardwork, owns how many restaurants in the biggest and best cities in this country- but doesn't know sh*t? Oh that's right! The faker who has never been certified at anything, owns a B.S. place in a town that no ones knows about outside of 50 miles from here said so!! What a out of touch with reality person Joe has to be. Wow. I can't believe he actually believes the lines of crap he The place is so bad the cops won't even wait outside for the bar to close to follow people leaving!!

jack langhals

Was that a reality show or a sitcom?The next one will be for real,right ?

Michael Saviador

Well Estrella, not that you have the slightest clue about REALITY tv, but im sure you had you're lawn chair parked outside next to everyone else trying to get a glimpse. Do me a favor, rub two wooden buffalo nickle's together and go to Wendy's where you belong...I dont care if your family got fired or quit or you just are mad because you couldn't get a seat, just keep your mind as open as it is because you & I both know you're gonna be watching Friday to see what happens just praying that Joe caves in and that the place falls apart. Guess what, Its still there. The business did well since then in SPITE of Fox trying to make a mockery of YOUR city...they solicited anyone or thing they could find to throw Norwalk under the bus, but at least you have Wendy's. Save your spare change also because you will need it when you pick up your Pabst Blue Ribbon to sit on your thirdhand couch and watch the episode.


Wendy's food is better.


@ammcrmm - Not only is Wendy's food better - all the others in Norwalk are also. The Bistro is on the bottom.

Estrella Damm

No family that works there. Did attend the filming. Did go there before and after the filming. Will never be back, not impressed. I am fine with the house I live in, the furniture that I own and the beer that I drink.


Michael, you make it sound like it's Estrella's fault that Joe's place sucks. I personally prefer McDonald's over Wendy's and both places over yours...or I mean Joe's


Well there Mikey, I have an idea about reality, after all, we were there weren't we!! It doesn't matter what you say, everyone saw you talking about your master Joe on national tv, and now your crawling up his ass? To funny, after all, how many times did he cut you down and yell at you? Hell, he told me a bunch of s**t about you after he fired you the last time!! Don't be a B**ch!! Especially now, you should already know the man has no respect for you! What are ya doing, tag teaming ole skinny?


@michael/joe/whoever - please elaborate on how and why Fox is trying to make a mockery of Norwalk . . . thanks.

Michael Saviador

Do you really think that Fox's co-producers such as Lindsay and Adam don't research the area and then solicit any form of drama they can find for their "show"? ill bet my bottom dollar that Joe comes out on top, they dug so hard for a storyline that they actually discriminated the entire area. I love Norwalk, but im not very happy about how they depicted Joe and the community as a whole. Yeah he can be called arrogant and what have you, I'd be arrogant as well if I came from the bottom to the top and actually brought interest to the area other than negative stories about children or drugs.


Pat yourself on the back some more Joe

swiss family

Michael Salvador.. I would be willing to take that bet.. If by "on top" you mean that business is doing well, and has improved since the taping and the staff is still there and are happy and loving working for the new "Joe"... I already know how many of the staff in the show no longer work there... and trust me.. when your staff walks out on you, leaving you stranded and scrambling to find anyone who will stay and put up with the abuse, that is NOT "coming out on top..."

Happy Hermit

This brings up a good point. How many of the Staff that were there for the taping are still there??

swiss family


Swamp Fox

An American says "How many of the Staff that were there for the taping are still there?" Answer Joe and his alter ego Michael.


Welcome back Michael, I think. I like how your trying to now make it appear as though Fox is the bad guy here, and they are actually attacking Norwalk and its citizens. I'll give you one small bit of credit, you are relentless.


Actually it sounded kinda gross to me when Mr. Nagy said: "Farm-to-fork."

What; no cooking in between?

IMO, among his obvious myriad other issues, he needs a better catch phrase.

Kinda reminded me of Bob Evans: Taste of the Farm. It made me wonder what a farm tasted like. :)


Actually Mr. Sal, if you look at the stats for Norwalk the average income is $42,069 and the average house is $123,492. I think most of us can afford the cost of eating at your so called fine dining establishment. It is funny how you know the producers names on a first name basis. I didn't see ANYONE call the producers by name on here. So Joe or Mike or whoever, your just making a fool of yourself. Again. And again. And again. You seem to be jeolous of ANY place other than yours (or Joe's). Why is that? Can you not understand that we can and have eaten at that fake Bistro and EVERYONE exerpt you and Joe's cronies like the place...sorry...there may be a couple that liked it, but not many. Stop blaming everyone else for your downfall. Your right up there with the heroin addicts blaming everyone for there crap. Your place su@ks. Get over it and go someplace else that in you little mind would be better. We don't need you or want you here. Norwalk would be better with another Berry's, or Pressbox or-hate to say- even a Bob Even's. Goodbye.


wasp you're just wicked .. but still think I'm your biggest fan :)