Foursome facing charges after home invasion

Ex-girlfriend, current boyfriend and another man allegedly enter home and assault her ex; 3 children later removed from their residence.
Scott Seitz
Mar 5, 2013


Four Greenwich Township residents are facing a number of charges after an incident Friday night at a Fitchville Township residence.

Jeremy Sax, 34, Brittany Fernekees, 23, Larry Thornsberry, 35, and Treva Campbell, 29, who all live at 5034 Ohio 13, were arrested Saturday morning by Huron County sheriff deputies at their Greenwich Township home.

Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said the incident took place about 7:30 p.m. Friday.

"We received a call at 9:27 p.m. Friday from Fisher-Titus who said they had an assault victim at their emergency room with a head laceration," Querin said.

"Sgt. (Chuck) Summers spoke with the victim who indicated he wanted to file a police report that his house had been broken into and he had been robbed and assaulted," Querin said. "He said he had been robbed and assaulted with a firearm by several individuals.

"Now, the victim claimed they used a firearm, but deputies never found a firearm upon searching of the home," Querin said. "That doesn't mean one wasn't used."

Querin said the situation began to develop Friday when Fernekees, who used to date the victim, went to the U.S. 250 home in Fitchville Township to retrieve her laptop computer.

"Originally, only Brittany (Fernekees) went inside the residence to get the laptop," Querin said. "Later, Larry (Thornsberry) and Jeremy (Sax) came into the house without permission and began to assault the victim.

"The victim alleges he was beaten with a firearm and he was later treated for a head laceration and released," Querin said.

Querin said Sax, who was now reportedly dating Fernekees, also demanded $40 owed to him by the victim.

"The victim said they stole $400 from him but $400 was not recovered," Querin said.

Querin said when a group of officers arrived at the Greenwich Township home Saturday morning to arrest the four suspects, heroin, syringes and several spoons were also seized at the residence.

"Three children were also removed from the house and placed with relatives," Querin said, adding Children Services will conduct its own investigation in that matter.

Sax, Fernekees and Thornsberry are facing robbery and burglary charges, while Campbell is facing complicity to robbery and burglary. All four were arrested without incident.

Additional drug-related and child endangerment charges could be forthcoming, Querin added.


onegirlarmy,baby ruth!


Wow casper u must really like prison smdh n for kids to be in a home like that makes me sick!


Oh n I thought that Brittany was pregnant??? Maybe lost the baby due to drug activity in the body


Nope, she lied!


Looks like the girl on the left was hot at one time. But not this time.


Another Thornsberry in the paper......surprising.

Yall Make Me Sick

Last names don't make the people people make themselves. Don't judge others for the same last name! You must be God cause you act perfect.


No Im not God, and no Im not perfect. However, Im not out stealing from others like these loser did to support their drug habits. And for the record, there have been 3-4 people with this last name in the Norwalk paper over the last 6 months and its not because they saved a cat from a tree or helped an old lady across the street. Defend these losers some more, we are all use to it.



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swiss cheese kat

Tough guy. lmao


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four heroin junkies and $400 dollars gone i wonder where the money went; these four people have always been pieces of crap; rehab is not an option

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swiss cheese kat

These four are lucky it was not my house they broke into. Heroin junkies raising future heroin junkies should be put down.


How do you know all 4 were herion junkies?

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swiss cheese kat

look at the photos.




2 passed their upon booking drug testing, no drugs were in their systems!

Richard Cranium

I think Jeremy Sax and Treva Campbell are bro/sis. They used to live at the trailer park (go figure) on St. Mary's. They used to cause a lot of problems back then. I guess they just evolved.




Yeah - go figure - Good one!


I love you Treva - I am so mad at your Bother and Brittany for doing this to you!


Yeah, because it's always someone elses fault!!!!!!!!!! HA!!


Well, I'm glad you "edited" your comment, trying to blame it on everyone else...........That's the problem with "JUNKIES" trying to make excuses for everyone else..................


kinda of funny that you are calling Treva a junkie, when upon being arrested and them drug testing her, she passed! No drugs in her system!


Yeah, that's the sad thing. Kasper has been bringing Thornsberry down to his level for years, and now he has done it to his own sister. Wendel and Treva would have been better off if they could have just gotten away like they did before. When Kasper is around, trouble will always follow.


Neck Tattoos are always a good sign

Bubble Buster

These incredible specimen are really making me want to get into drugs. I mean who doesn't want tattoos all over their face and neck? If they want to keep kids off drugs all they need to do is show these mug shots and compare them to clean people of the same age...and who smiles for the camera at this point in life? Ridiculousness.


Is it the heroin that makes people look like this or do they do heroin because they are already ugly??

Brock Lee